A very strange day today. We got up very early today as its Tuesday. It is strangely very dark. My dad gave me a holler from the porch and ask me to off the porch lights while giving me an earful about wasting electricity before he left for his morning walks. I didn't hear much of what he said as i was half awake. But it was strangely very dark at 7am. I was waiting for Aini. Even by 7.30 am, we still have the lights on in the whole house. Good thing my dad was not back yet.. else...

Dommy and i went for a long walk to check out his peemails. He left a lot of them along the way for his friends. We met up with Joejer. Poor lil fella is having very bad arthritis. Some mornings, he cannot go for his walks anymore. For a tiny fella, he is still full of life. Very old. His eyes are all cloudy whitish grey. Cataract. He is one of Dommy's friends here. They both greet each other happily each time they meet. Even if they meet 2 or 3 times along the way, same enthusiasm like they have not met for a very long time. In actual fact, they did meet about a few minutes ago on another lane.

A lot of clouds... a little bit of a drizzle today. Not too warm but smoky air... something somewhere must be burning.

We have a bit of a lull at work today. Off we went to play catchup with some of our fellow bloggers. We have missed a lot of posts. Catching up on the reading.

We got to Georgia Lil Pea's blog. This doggie and her typist always makes us laugh. She is becoming such a good girl lately. If you have not met GLP yet, you should stop by and check her out.

Her Typist has quite a big influence on me sometimes. A picture of a pan of eggs on her post today got me frying eggs for lunch. *LOL* A mere coincidence actually. Dad was out with his friend. And when he is out, i usually get a bit lazy and opt for an easy lunch. When he is around, he usually MUST HAVE rice for lunch. And he must have lunch before 1pm else he'll kick a fuss. Usually we get a takeaway. Chicken rice or rice with dishes. Its easy. I don't cook lunch. I only do dinners.

The thing with them eggs is... we have a lot of eggs. Almost a dozen and a half of eggs from December. Before we left for our holidays, we bought too many eggs as i wanted to do some cakes for Christmas with my niece. But as work got piled up last minute before the shutdown, all the eggs were left unattended and forgotten till we came home. Poor girl was waiting for me to bake with her.

Transformer Tabby

Ever since we came home, my dad's been asking me every other day... are the eggs still okay? Can we still eat them... can we can we can we... Everyday he asks me the same questions for a whole week. Finally today... i took a few eggs out.. and make a hugeeeeeeeee omelette. They were still okay :) Since i got too ambitious and broke too many eggs, we all had some eggs. I had mine with bread. Dom has his with his kibs. Even the cats in the garden had some too with their kitteh kat kibs. Everyone was feeling a bit eggy after that. Transformer Tabby seems to love eggs. Charlie Chaps doesn't quite like eggs.

Charlie Chaps

My dad went out in the afternoon and came back with... yes.. you guessed it right. Another 10 new eggs. He told me he don't wanna eat the old eggs as he says they might already have gone bad. *burp* We (Dommy, me and them kitteh kats) were secretly burping eggs. We only have 5 more old eggs. From the chicken to the stores, how long can eggs stay fresh before they expired and go runny?

Dad has gone kapoots now. He is watching his favourite show on TV. Just for Laughs, GAGS. He is crazy about the show. Sometimes he laughs so loud i can even hear him from back here. Like this one below.

This show put him in a very good mood everytime.

We went to the vet in Kuala Lumpur in December to let him check on Dom since we are there. They took some blood from him and the results were good. He was due for a blood test in December. We decided to do it with the vet in Kuala Lumpur as he is better at getting a sample and he is quick. Dom is  doing well so far and the thyroid medicine is helping him. He looks good today. We are most grateful to the vet for saving his life back in August.

Sometimes when he sleeps, he shudders and twitch. Sometimes he breathes rapidly for a moment. I stop to watch him for a while. Like an old machine, it has some jerks.

I am back into the drill of things. With Chinese New Year less than two weeks away, some work has to be done quickly. We will be on the road again next week to Kuala Lumpur to be with family for the celebrations. And there's some cakes that need to be baked. Hopefully i can get it done this time else i'll end up with too many sticks of butter in the freezer.

Chinese New Year is a bit quiet now that my mom is no longer around. We still have our reunion dinners with my siblings. Usually we eat out at some chinese restaurants. Mom used to cook all these dishes. I miss those. She was a very very good cook.

My friend checks into the hospital tomorrow to get her chemo port fixed on her chest. She has to stay a night and her chemotherapy will begin on Thursday. We had a long chat yesterday. Usually we'll call each other for updates when it is almost time to sleep. We had some laughs over old stuffs. She is afraid. I would be too.

We are hoping for some miracles. Some divine intervention perhaps. Believing in miracles give people hope. We are hopeful she'll be well again soon. One day at a time. She's lucky to have her whole family beside her. Their support will be most important in her recovery. We want to thank all of you for your kind words, thoughts and prayers. She is lucky to have all of you who keep her in your prayers. You are all very kind people to be praying for a total stranger. The bloggieworld is indeed a very kind kind circle of friends. Thank you so much for your kindness.

"Hope" is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul
And sings the tune without the words
And never stops at all

And sweetest in the Gale is heard
And sore must be the storm
That could abash the little Bird
That kept so many warm

I've heard it in the chillest land
And on the strangest Sea
Yet, never, in Extremity,
It asked a crumb of Me.

~ Emily Dickinson
The beauty of doing nothing. Bel far niente.

A week has gone by and we are going into the 2nd week of January 2012. We are still doing nothing much. We haven't caught up with most of you yet. Our apologies for the slack.

Before we carry on, we want to wish all of you a very Happy New Year. We hope the new year brings with it a lot of good in everything you need and enough for everyone to make it through a happy and healthy year.

We hope our buddy little Pip will get well soon too. You know Pip. The one with the big heart. The little guy is all heart. The sweetest fella around.

Get Well Soon Pip. We are still keeping all our toes, paws, fingers crossed for you.

My 2011 ended on a mellow note. I was sick with strep throat for the last two weeks of December. It was a pretty quiet end to my 2011 as i could hardly speak except for some squeaks. *LOL* Even swallowing my saliva was quite painful. It was a good way to quiet down and get some rest to end the year.

Being in Kuala Lumpur with family for Christmas, and most of the time in bed nursing the squeak was nice in a way. I did nothing. Just hanging around with Curly and Mr. P. They were my two nursing aides. I didn't have to go anywhere too.

Christmas came and went... Christmas tree was up and down. The one at home here was just taken down this afternoon. All packed and stored back.

Jaiboo didn't get to come home for Christmas and his 3rd birthday. Hopefully they can make the trip in February next month. Dad is still waiting patiently for the little guy to come back. Poor Jai was waiting for his grandpa to come for his birthday party last Sunday. He still doesn't understand that we are many many thousand miles away. We'll have another big party for him when they are home.

All Curly got for Christmas was a stuffie with a heart. Its still in very good condition. Curly is not a stuffie destroyer. He sleeps with it every single night. Hopefully this stuffie will help him with his separation anxiety issues.

Mr P got a stuffie for Christmas too. He has a collection of many stuffies now all over the floor. But he usually only likes his old old Pikachu. That is still his favourite and his best friend.

Christmas eve lunch with family. This year's chicken turned out better and prettier as i was not the cook. *LOL* We were lucky to have a close friend who didn't mind slaving in the kitchen to bring us a most wonderful lunch. He only comes by to cook every Christmas.

To some of you who were worried about Piper getting boxed up and shipped off... do not worry. He was just napping in the box. He was being boxed up too for some other reasons. That will be a story for another day. He seemed to love the box a lot. Maybe he does think that he is a kitteh kat.

I spent the 31st of December with my best buddies. We went for a huge dinner at some Thai restaurant in a very remote side of Jinjang. The food was really good but i didn't take much of it as my throat was still quite sore. I still sounded like some mouse with squeaks.

11 years ago, i spent my countdown with these same people. We were lucky to be able to gather again and enjoy some fireworks that night by the highway. All the cars just stopped on a busy highway and everyone got out of their cars to watch the fireworks when it was 12. It was insane.

Halfway through the fireworks, one of my friends showed us a picture on her mobile. Earlier that morning, she was at the hospital to do some tests. The doctor ordered a biopsy immediately when he saw the condition of the lump on her breast. She's has been diagnosed with Stage 3 cancer.

Her doctor told her that she's a wee bit late in coming for treatment. They cannot do surgery to remove the lump now. She has to starts chemotherapy next week. Her doctor told her that its not the end of the world. Her life has just begun.

She's an awfully healthy person. If you look at her, you will never know that she's sick. She works very hard and very very long hours ever since she was 19. She takes care of her family and all her siblings. I knew her when i was 20. She's one of my best buddies. We have been through many ups and downs together. We have done many silly things together too. She was the one that dropped everything and scooted off with me to Malacca on my birthday last year.

She's like my sister... my sibling. I can tell her many things and share many of my secrets. I trust her with my life as i know that she will never let me down. She has never let me down too. Whenever we asked for help, she's the first one who will drop everything and come.

Cancer is treatable these days if you are not too late. Chemotherapy is hell. Anyone who has gone through that will tell you so. Through it all, she is still trying to put up a brave front. She called and asked me about the chemo port. She asked me.. what the hell is that. Should i put it in?? We joked about the chemo port and wondered if it will work like the ipod. I hope it plays some good music.

We are in different cities. Still 2 hours apart. If i could only have one wish, i wish that she will be cured.

I am basically doing nothing. I am the master of doing nothing this week as i have not digested all the current news yet. My apologies for being away and very distant.