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Happy Howloooweeeeeeen

Stay safe and away from the door bells.. and hope you all get through this day with lotta nommies.

We do not celebrate Howloooweeen in my country and i am saved from a such and such a costume... but my cow will not let the day go by without poking fun on my expense. So she went on Google+ photo edit Halloween special and did this for me.

Should i bite her or should i bite her? I should right?


Today is also my niece's birthday. She is 14th today. How they grow very fast. I remember the time when she was just a tiny tot that loves to sing chinese oldies. She used to only speak in Mandarin and i can't speak a word of Mandarin. It was very funny to have conversations with this tiny tot way back then.

She is wonderful artist. And she's gonna be great one day.

Happy Birthday dear Rachel

We had cake yesterday and they have gone back to the city. Now its all quiet here at home again.

Have a great day everyone and stay safe furries.

the cow

I've been avoiding doing a post today as Dom and i were just lying on the floor doing nothing. Doing nothing is a good thing sometimes. But since he is snoring and fast asleep now, i guess i can bore all of you good people with a long winded post. I don't do weekend posts very well. The laziness just gets into all of them bones when Friday evening drops by.

We got a few things to share with you.

No 1. Mayzie and Brudder Ranger
Our good friend Mayzie and Brudder Ranger is hosting a Rescue Me Week from the 7 - 11 November 2011. You can win a donation for your rescue from Mayzie and Brudder Ranger's momma. The kind hearted lady has decided to donate 100 green papers EACH to the rescue of your choice. FIVE lucky names outta everybuddy who pawticipated will stand a chance to win. Do pawticipate ya... click on the picture below to hop over to read all about it. 

No 2. Sugar the Golden Retriever
You all know Sugar right? Sugar Sima. The one with the golden smile and the super dooper nommies. Her momma is always sharing all her super dooper recipes with us on Tuesdays. Sugar's momma just came up with a book all about Sugar and his chipmunk friend Fred. Kiddies will surely love this book. We just ordered one for our Mr Jaiboo who will be coming home soon. We know he will surely love this book. Hop over to Sugar's side if you wanna check the book out ya.

Here's a picture of Curly. Its about a month old. We took this on 27th September. His fur has grown quite fast and he's all curly again.

Since we came home a month ago, we started Dom on the raw diet and kibbles. We did not take his kibbles out completely because when we need to send him for boarding, it is easier for the boarders to feed him. We have only tried raw chicken for him as its easily available at the wet markets.

We get an assorted mix of chicken backs, chicken breast meat and drumsticks. His weekly meats doesn't quite add up to much compared to the time when i buy him canned food to mix with his kibbles. Sometimes the chicken seller gives me an extra piece or two.

He enjoys his mealtimes. We lay a huge piece of newspaper to put his bowl on. He has learned to eat within the perimeter of the paper and hardly get the raw meat out of range :)

We haven't introduce other meats to him yet. We give him some boiled carrots, pumpkin or sweet potatoes to go with the meats. He has his kibbles during lunch and his raw meal in the evenings. He used to have only one meal but we broke it down to two meals at 1/2 portions each time.

He has developed muscles. Yes... quite strange. Even the vet was concerned with the tightness on his back but she later ruled it out as muscles. His eyes do not have much of the gooey stuffs in the mornings. His ears are actually quite clean surprisingly. Usually his ears will kind of stink by the end of the week.

We are just in our first month of the raw diet. If he is getting better with this diet, it would be great.

I watch him when he sleeps. Afraid that his murmur will get to him someday. We did not restart the medicine for his heart after the prednisone month. My vet just told me to bring him in if he's not well and monitor him and we'll be okay.

The vet we went to while we were in Kuala Lumpur did save his life. Somehow he made some right calls and Dom was lucky. We were lucky to find a vet who is very passionate in his field. He took time to answer all our questions. Sit us down and draw us diagrams on his white board to make us understand. Even though there were a lot of people waiting outside, he just took his time to explain and treat each furry fella who comes by with care.

We also met the resident doggy at the practise. His name is Dino. He is most friendly and would just lie down beside you if you give him a tummy rub.


Dom was not too amused by Dino lying there waiting for tummy rubs.. hehehe

If we could bring him home with us, we would.

Sometimes we get a bit lucky. Sometimes we meet the right people.

After one month, we can finally take a breather because Dom is taking less medicine. He is happier and round :) We hope we will have many many more years with him.

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Its 8.30pm here and we are just about to get ready for bed. Well... Dom is. He is already snoozing while waiting for me to finish up here.

Its Monday again. I was just talking to my boss the other day and we were both commenting on how fast time flies around this time of the year. We could almost smell Christmas just round the corner. We both agreed that it might be the age thing as time sure flies when you are older. I've been working for this man since forever. When he asked me how long i've been working for him, i just really don't know as its been too long.

We are already working on things for 2012 and we are into March 2012. Considering the time frame we have, we are kinda late for events in 2012 if we are just in March. Its crazy to work so far ahead in time when we don't even know what tomorrow will bring.

I read a beautiful article on The Perfect Day with your dog. A very touching article on spending a perfect day with your furry family fellow. A day that is just about your furry friend and nothing else.

Sometimes i take for granted that Dom will be with me forever or at least for a very long time. But after his long sickies few months ago, i have learned to appreciate his love more and spend more time with him. I also read a lot more about his diet and his food and how all that can help give me many more days of grace with him.

He has taught me many things in his own quiet curly furry self. His love for me is most patient. He waits and waits for me without getting angry. When i am done with my work, he jumps up with so much joy that i finally have time to play with him. He never did once abandon me.

How can we have a perfect day for our furry fellow. I for one will have to off my mobile, the internet, the tv and the computer. A day spent just lazing around with my furry fellow. A day all about him and just him. I think he would like that a lot.

He just came by my table and told me.. "enough work on the computer already".. hehehhehe.. yes yes.. he tells me in his own quiet way. With his most endearing eyes.

The Perfect Day should go for all loved ones too. I know a lot of older folks around here would like that too. A day spent just talking, spending time without holding on to your mobile and looking at the screen the minute it vibrates. We have sometimes somehow evolved and include too much of our online existence into our real life to notice the ones around us that wants our time more. I do have to mend some of my ways ^.^

Curly needs to go for a leak now. He's back at my table looking at me.. hehehhehee.. Catch you all again soon.

he's like the sun
Hey there. We have been sleeping...lazy.. i mean SHE has been lazy with them posting on blogger. She is stuck busy with some stuffs at work that is probably testing her patience for as far as Tibet. I heard her calling someone the stoopids yesterday. Its not very nice to call people the stoopids but i guess my cow just finally broke under pressure. So... TGIF!

Anyways... even though SHE looked BUSY... she still have had time to play with me.. some.. and with Photoshop more. I don't know why i get the SOME and Photoshop is getting the MORE. I think i am gonna just go bite this fella called Photoshoppy. If i can find the fella.

This Photoshoppy is finally coming to its senses and gave me some pictures of my handsome self.

If you have a polaroid camera, it is much easier. We love polaroids but we don't have the camera at the moment. It is also a bit expensive to keep shots in polaroids. It is however quite fun to see it come out from the camera a minute after the photo is taken.

These can be done with the photoshop actions if you are polaroid dreamers like my cow. It can also be done with some mobile phone apps :)

If you would like a photo of your lovely self in a polaroid with your name on it, you can just send your picture to my cow at

She will do one for you with your name on it or i will bite her ankles if she don't.

Since SHE love Pip more than she love me, she did one for Pip too.

Let's all have a great weekend... stay safe and have loads of fun. Catch you all again soon.

We only went to the vampires vet on Saturday for my results. We were supposed to go on a Friday but my cow was needed at work. I was going YahooooooOOO and a YahoooOOOOO and a woooOOOOOOFFFF.

Come Saturday and she remembered. She tricked me into the car. I thought we were going for car rides. I got tricked again... and we ended up at the vampires.

I was shivering and shivering and refusing to get down and this time i gave her a hard time. I jumped from seat to seat and she was like a crazy cow opening this door and that door. I think the vampires were laughing at her behind the glass doors.

I was finally nailed down caught and carried into them vampire's vet's office.

Dommy: Be with me will ya. These vampires are no good people. They just want my blood. All of my blood.

The cow: We are just here for the results. No more blood taking okay.

Dommy: Are you sure? They look like they want my blood.

The cow: Just results and stop shaking will you.

I was made to wait and i had to lie down on this cold metal thingy. Won't you be afraid if you were me. I am just a Curly with a weak heart you know. Why do you make me wait and shiver and make my heart go faster and faster. I got a murmur you know.

The door. My escape route... How do i open the dooorrrrrrrrrrrrrr... HELPPPPPPPPP!

Don't take my bloooooooooooood pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Don't take my bloooooooddddd.

YAY! We are done. Can we go get some ice-cream please.

They took all my blood.. All of my blood. I am so drained... The vampires took all my blood.

I am so tired i can't even open my eyes. I'll let my cow continue this post.


Dommy's bloodworks was good overall. He can go off the prednisone. His blood platelets has gone up a lot which is a good thing. His liver markings are not too great. Could be the prednisone that he was taking for a month.

The vets had a hard time taking another tube of blood from him this time as they need to check on his thyroid. They couldn't test with the earlier sample they took the other day as he has to have the medicine at least 4 - 6 hours before a blood sample is taken. I kinda messed up the timing in the earlier bloodworks and so i subjected him to another blood donation drive to the vampires. Poor guy. He was fidgetting so much, they got to get two vets in to get a sample. He was looking at me with the saddest eyes and telling me HELP ME HELP ME.

We also checked his eyes as i've noticed there are some grey areas. He's in the early stages of cataract. As the vet says, he'll see shapes but he cannot see very well now. Cataract operation is not an option as it is very expensive here and we do not want to subject him to so much pain and discomfort. As long as he is happy and eating well, we will enjoy our days of grace with him.

Thank you all for crossing your fingers, toes and paws. You are all great people. We are thankful to you for keeping Dommy in your thoughts and prayers.

He's back to being a robust dog at 8.4kgs today.

Dommy's cow.
We were just about to go to the hall and off the computers when we heard grandpa singing to the tune of his favourite show on tv. GAGS. He just love that show and could laugh really loud. The reason we are staying back here in the room is because we do not want to go deaf. When my dad watches the tv.. its really loud. He's a bit hard on hearing as one of his ears are a bit off. But when his show GAGS is on... the tv is even louder. I can even hear the whole show and i am at the back of the house :) His laughter is loudest. *LOL* Only 30mins of pure laughter for this old man.

Dommy is curly all over again. His fur grows very very fast. He'll be back to his unkempt self in maybe another week or so. He sure loves his curls. And the grass and the garden. He is no more looking like a schnauzer. He's all poodle wooly curly again.

We are just taking more photos of Dommy lately... and his feline friends in the garden too. We usually go out during lunch to seek out some cats for a quick shoot in the garden as the sun is very nice and bright.

We have built a small collection of his feline buddies over the years. I think cats are better models. They love to be photographed and they actually pose for you. They don't move a limb and they even tuck in their little tummies... they do they do.

Dommy however is very hard to be photographed. He is hardly still for a moment except when he is sleeping. He can be "treat" photographed but his tail can't stop moving and his busy curly self is usually all over the place. He is however a joy to be photographed as you end up laughing at his silly self more than anything else.

We are getting more shaky photos lately as the hands are not as steady as it used to. Its the age thing. Wait... i think my hands were never quite steady. I hate the tripods too. We do shoot blind occasionally. We get pleasant surprises sometimes.

Photography used to be a very expensive hobby when i was in college. I had to work part time to buy films and photographic paper. Not so much now. With everything going digital, you can take thousands of pictures and not worry a thing about cost. You just got to make sure you have a pretty good external drive to drop everything in. And back it up too :)

We are off to the vets tomorrow for Dommy's results. He doesn't know he's going again to be poked and prodded. Poor guy. He is actually looking much better and his appetite is good lately. As long as he is eating well, i am not too worried.

We are gonna go watch some tv now. We are on them computers for the whole day now. Time to let it rest. Catch you all again tomorrow. Have a great day today.

He is such a angel when he sleeps.
You guys have been going Awwwwwwww over Mr P's picture on the last post. How come you all never go Awwwwwwwwwwww over mine. I am just as adorable you know. Sometimes i can be super adorable too.

This is Mr. P way back in the ole days when there were no color pictures. He's just one year old then. That's really a loooooooooooong time ago. Now he's an old cow like my cow. He looks so darn adorable here. Now he cannot do adorable. He's old. Really... he is old. He's gonna be 7 soon.

My cow has not been cooking for me lately. She just gives me chicken and some carrots. From chicken backs to chicken drumsticks. She just serves them raw with my kibbles. I think she is just plain lazy but the chicken does taste very good. I love to munch on the bones and they go krek krok krek krok. She says my breath don't smell like the sewer now. Hmmmm...

She also checks my poo regularly as she is my poo scooper. I sometimes do my business in the garden and sometimes on our walks. When she scoops the poo, she kinds of takes a minute to analyse it. She's weird. I know. Who goes around checking other people's poo right?

She says that my poo is more compact now. And beautiful. How do you rate poo as beautiful. Only she can call it beautiful. Hmmm... Sometimes when she doesn't scoop my poo in the garden, it turns white overnight. I got them white poos.

I am now on 50% on raw and 50% kibbles. I get an occational fish which i share with Transformer Tabby. Sometimes Charlie Chaps gets a slice too. Transformer Tabby needs more fish as she's thin like a stick.

Here's Transformer Tabby. She's awfully thin. I don't steal her food all the time. Just sometimes when she is done eating. But she's still thin even though she eats all the time. We make sure she has 2 meals a day. Sometimes 3. I share my chicken and fishes with her. She is the only cat i like in my garden. The rest i just chase them away or up the mango tree because sometimes they bob me on the head. Transformer Tabby is my friend. She never bobs me on the head.

I went to them vampire v-e-t-s today and they stole my blood. They took a wholeeeeeeeeeee tube of blood for them checks as i'm done with my course of prednisone. I was also poked on them ears for blood to check for e-platys. Even though i am on a tick medicine, i still get an occational tick or two as i love to roll on them grass. Its the season, the vampires vet said. This year's been an extremely bad tick season here in our country.

Vampire is afraid that i will bite.. *LOL*
because my stupid cow says that i might if i am poked and prod too long

i went to a new vampire v-e-t as she was refered to by the nice v-e-t in Kuala Lumpur. She is nice and i could like her you know. That is until she took the termometer and stuck it up my behind. Then she listened to my heart to check on my murmur.

I've kind of developed a kind of tightness on my back. It could be muscles but its kind of tight on both side and my cow got worried. She was afraid that it might be my kidneys that are swelled up. But i don't feel any pain when she pressed it. I didn't flinch. The vampire pressed it too and then she took out this machine on wheels to scan my back. She put a lot of gel on my tummy and back and scan here and there and turn me around. I was not too happy about them gels and turning round and round.

My blood tests will be out tomorrow and i will have to go to them vampires again on Friday to discuss on my follow up course of treatment.

The good news is, my weight has gone up to 8.4kgs. I was 7.9kgs on my last v-e-t visit. My cow's been finding it hard to lift me up now. She says i am like a ton of bricks. She's such a weakling. I am as light as a feather. I used to weigh 9.3kgs before i got sick.

As my lazy cow do not cook for me anymore, she's gonna go and cut up some nice yummy chicken for me now. Its my dinner time and i am famished.

I sure hope that i don't need to be on too many medicine after this. Prednisone, if taken for too long can screw up my liver. I do want to live a long time. I don't think my cow can make it without me to nag her and to keep her busy. She is such a weakling you know.

Sure hope my bloodworks come out beautiful. Have a most beautiful day everyone. I know i will.


“I am not afraid of tomorrow, 
for I have seen yesterday 
and I love today.”
~ William Allen White

Today is World Smile Day
Here i am trying... really trying to make you smile. 
Will you smile and make someone smile in return?





I sure hope i did make you smile.
I got to borrow some dentures from the internets cos i got a bad set of teeth.
Now i have a beeyoooooooootiful smile.

"Do an act of kindness. Help one person smile."

Do join our buddies
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“Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose.” ~ Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs Stanford Commencement Speech 2005
"Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma — which is living with the results of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary."

Words from a genius. I remember this speech when i first heard it on youtube some time ago. I want to keep on remembering it. A most powerful speech. He shall be missed greatly.