We are finally going on the road today :) Hopefully great weather and smooth ride to take us safely to our destination. We wish everyone and all our friends here a Merry Berry Berry Christmas and A Wooonderful Woofy New Year!

Our apologies to our EC droppers. We won't be dropping any cards till next year.

Stay safe.. have fun.. don't drink and drive. If you are drinking coffee or milo.. you can of course drive ^.^"

Since we cannot completely wean ourselves off the internet... we would be testing mobile blogging while we are away. Hopefully we will be posting some decent pictures with our crummy mobile phone.

We'll be mo-blogging from http://www.mo-boomoohoo.blogspot.com/

Gotta go now. We need to catch some shuteye to wake up bright and early tomorrow.

Cya next year! Bye byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
As we promised... we made our old man a wee bit happier today. We finally put up the christmas tree :) Shame on us for making our papa wait so long for the tree to be up.

He grinned. We shifted some furniture around the hall to fit in the tree :) The three of us scooted around here and there trying to look busy while cleaning up the mess. It has been raining the whole morning and almost whole afternoon too. None of our laundry got dried.

Dommy.. urmm.. Dommy did try to help. But his main job was to be the protector of our christmas tree. He got the best seat in the house now. He's awfully proud of that.

We are clearing up here.. and going on the road by Sunday. Hopefully i can wean off some internet time and snooze. I'm still expected in the office next week.

Our tree is just 5 feet (shorty) but its a "green tree" and it is recycled every single year. We are doing our bit for the environment :) Sustainable living. For every tree you chop off, plant a tree or two back.

Here are some shots. My hands are a bit shaky lately... urmm.. it has been shaky all this time i think.. hahahahhahaa.. plus i am always too lazy for tripods and flash.

The great protector of the tree snoozing on his job!
Have a blissful fluffy Christmas friends! Happy Fluffyyyyyy Friday :) *woooooooooooof*

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I'll Be Home For Christmas ~ Karen Carpenter

A song to boost up our Christmas spirits :)

I got something to own up now. Today's the 17th December... and our Christmas tree is not up. *LOL*

We are not going to be home for Christmas this year. But that's not really a valid reason not to put up the tree and make my old man happy. I'm just lazy. Really.

My batteries are finally depleted and i'm just bumming around these few days :) Its kinda fun just bumming around.

Every home needs an anchor. Mommies are always the anchor in a home. The anchor keeps everyone and everything in place. The anchor decides on things to be done for the home. The anchor keeps the home alive and filled with laughter.

We lost our anchor in 2007. Ever since then, we all keep going off somewhere for Christmas.. hahhahaa. We run away. Christmas reminded us too much of our anchor. Even last year, i put up the Christmas tree with only Dommy by my side. I scooted off too after that.

What is Christmas without a tree?

Well.. i hope to put up our Christmas tree tomorrow since Boy came back tonite. We always need a kid around when the tree is up. After our tree is up, we'll be going off on our road trip :)

Christmas is the only time of the year when i really take a break. We have our yearly shutdown and i hope to get some alcohol to drown myself... hahhahahaha Its been a while since i had a drink and i have been thirsty :D

Hopefully... i'll have a picture to share with you guys tomorrow of our tree... or any tree :D

Karen Carpenter was a wonderful part of my childhood memories :) We grew up listening to her quite a lot. She has such an angelic voice. May she rest in peace.
The only bird is surely a lonely bird. But... it did get a great view up there and a wonderful sunset to gaze with a little breeze to sum it all up as an end to a wonderful day.

That image also marks our last image for the year for BooMooHoo :) They close shop earlier over there because their job is done for the year. We'll come back with more to share with you all next year hopefully with better improvements in image handling and more portraits.

Here's a slide of our 365 images for the year... some are crummy.. but it has been a wonderful experimental experience. A special thanks to Yun for his many tips to help us improve.

We are a work in progress :)

Ipoh is a small town. Basically i don't have many friends here. But i do have lots of family around. At 11pm on a Friday night... it would be a different adventure if i am in Kuala Lumpur :) But at 11pm in Ipoh... i heard Papa locking the main gate and doors. It was getting late.

Me and my big mouth and my hungry growling tummy.
I holler out... "Who wanna go Mc Donalds??"
First person/fur/dog to jump up was Curly.. *LOL*

Like he can understand the word Mc Donalds.. hahahhahahahhaa and what i was saying. He saw me taking out my money purse and he knows i am going somewhere. He had the "take me with you eyes". It is the puppy pleading eyes.

He ran out quickly and skidded around the bends.. hahahhahaa.. it is funny to see him run in his curly wurly self.

Since we are going to the drive-thru, i quickly pack him in the car. Told him to lie low just in case my dad sees that he is in the car too. I told dad to come along as well since its so warm in the house. He was about to go to sleep.. hehhehehee

Boy was grinning as usual. A Mc Flurry on a warm day is a must. A midnight snack is an added advantage because he is still keeping late nights for his last paper on Monday. Usually he'll come out rummaging for food at about 12.

We got chocolate sundae, sundae and mc flurry, a happy meal (with a toy for Jai) and some nuggets. Quite a feast for late nights.

Everyone was stuffed and quite happy.

I almost nearly ran over a dog. Silly dog was crossing a road very slowly... and it was a dark road. The doggie was almost wanting to lie down on the road. Maybe the road is cooler in the nights. Good thing i was driving like an old lady :) I don't quite like to drive so much at night now.

Good night folks :) Catch you all tomorrow.
Here's a series of pictures i got from Jai this morning :) This are some of his vacation pictures. The view out from his grandmama's window. Its a delightful sight. The yellow birds and their nest. I think Jai's mommy or daddy is a pretty good photographer too.

I couldn't very well keep the pictures all to myself. I haveta to share it all with you here. Enjoy the yellow birds.

Jai is going to be one soon! I cannot believe how time flies. Just seems like yesterday when he was in my arms.

He cannot make it back for Christmas this year but he will be coming in January to celebrate Chinese New Year and papa's birthday.

Lilypie 1st Birthday Ticker

At about this time last year, i was getting ready to go over to welcome Jai. My baggage was overloaded. Thank god I had a pretty good negotiator with me at the airport while i was checking in. *LOL* Trust a woman to travel light.. hahahhahahaa.. But it was all gifts from home to welcome him to this world. And lotta herbs for my sister's confinement.

Basically its quite hard to find the usual herbs for confinement over there. It would probably cost a bomb if we were to buy the stuffs there. As a chinese, confinement after birth is an important process which has to be followed closely. Else, the new mother will have aches and pain in her joints for the rest of her life. It is very painful when you get older. My eldest sister is suffering now because she refuse to follow the confinement process properly.

Can't wait for the day when he comes home for real.
Nessa from Nessa Mumblings tagged me on this meme recently. Since its a beeeyooootiful Friday and this is a simple meme (thanks to Marzie)... i'll do it quickly. Thanks Ness. Have a safe trip home.

chicken rice, chocolate cake, satay, rendang, my mommy's cooking, nancy's butter cake, cupcakes, plain milk chocolate, chicken rice, pepper crabs, mcds, steam crabs, yum yummmm errr.. did i mention chicken rice?

noodles in the morning.

to the beach.

to hoity toity places where fake encounters are made *LOL*

it drizzles.

people are undecisive.

Dommy's face in the morning.

annoying loud people.

people complain about every single thing in their lives.. hahahhahahahaha

pete singing... raindrops outside my window, waves clashing at the beach and the pitter patter of little feet!
Piper wanted to join Auntie Marzie's Fluffy Friday too. This is Piper when he was 3. He was pretty fluffy then. It takes a good one hour to blow-dry him after his bath. It was pretty exhausting.. *LOL*

Piper is wondering when Pebbles gonna come over to play...

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Some funnies came in from my office just now. How about some Thursday laughs?

Some of the best answers from exam papers in Britain :

Taken from "F In Exams: The Best Test Paper Blunders" by Richard Benson

It Makes No Difference ~ The Band

I was reading a piece at Pete's. An excellent piece as always.

Caught this pretty neat number from his side which i've never heard of before. Thought i'll share it with you guys :)

It rained quite hard yesterday evening and the thunder triggered off the main switch many times. Its suddenly quite warm over here now in this part of the world. Someone's clanging some cymbals in my head. Wait till i catch up with that bugger.

Have a neat Thursday.

C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S - Jim Reeves

Christmas has always been special even when we were little. We don't have a christmas tree then but we still sing christmas songs each december and wait for good ole santa to come in the big big bus (yes bus! and not a sleigh) with the carolers from the church.

Santa will bring with him lotta sweets for the whole neighbourhood kids. Some younger kids will be so scared of santa somehow.. *LOL* Some years we get big big santas that go booming ho ho ho.. and on some years.. the santa's a bit thin. But we still love that part of christmas :)

The last time the carolers came to our house to sing was a few years back when mom was still around. They had a good time challenging the motion sensor reindeer toy that we hanged on the door. When they reached a higher pitch.. the "clapping motion reindeer" will go HO HO HO and break off into a christmas song on its own. The carolers sang louder and louder to set the reindeer off. Everyone had a good laugh and lotta fun that night.

Jim Reeves is very much a part of our Christmas. We only had that one cassette by Jim Reeves for christmas carols way back then. Every Christmas, Jim will come out from the drawers and sing again :) Jim was even in the car when we go out. I think i still kinda like his christmas carols.

Christmas is just round the next bend. Dommy and i will probably take leave soon here and be off on our Christmas break and hopefully wean off some internet time :)

Auntie Marzie of Meow Diaries just launched her first Fluffy Friday and tagged us with this meme. We are a wee bit late for Fluffy Friday but since this is her first Fluffy.. we'll be joining it too :)

Pebbles is just showing her tail on her side. Dommy decided to kick it off with his curly fluffy tail too :D A different tail spins a different tale ^.^

Thanks for tagging us with this meme Marzie.. and our love to Phoebe, Benji & Chubbs!

Share your fluffy friends with us every Friday! Whether it's a favourite stuffed toy or an adorable pet - basically anything fluffy, we'd love to see your pictures! Leave ONLY the POST URL here and grab the Fluffy Friday badge at Meow Diaries. All links are reserved STRICTLY for Fluffy Friday participants and any unrelated links will be deleted.

A lot of things can cross the mind at this hour of the night ^.^ I probably should be in bed now.. but since its a Saturday already, i guess i should just leave my thoughts here. And i just had a big cuppa coffee at the market for dinner :)

Dommy's a snooooooooooozing away beside me. He's such a peaceful sight. I love taking pics of him a snoozing away. I can take pictures of the same subject over and over again but its always gives a different feel.

Why do some of us love our dogs so much? We probably love them more than our family or friends. It just happens i guess. Quite unexplainable.

Some people were commenting about this girl from their office. They say that she's obsessed with her dog. She's sad when her dog is sick. She can't eat or sleep well when her dog was hospitalised. She spent most of her time with her dog when she's not working. She can rush home during lunchtime just to feed her dog when there's no one at home.

But i don't consider that an obsession. She's just taking care of the friend that loves her most. She always felt alone i guess. Somehow her dog made her felt accepted. She is loved very much by her dog. She tails her everywhere like a shadow.

Over here in my country... people rear dogs mostly to guard their homes. Dogs are sometimes tied up their whole lives at the porch. They become the furry alarms. The dogs bark at whatever they sense that are suspicious outside the gate. In another country, it would probably be dog abuse. They don't love their dogs. They just want them to send out a big BOO! to the suspicious characters.

But mindsets are changing. People are being educated about dogcare and humane actions. You can't change the whole world overnight. But a little goes a long way.

A few weeks back, one of my colleague's nephew took his own life. He was just 17. He probably felt alone. Maybe he couldn't cope with his studies. But no one noticed that he was alone. No one saw that he was sad. No one knew he was going to end his life. Its always just a split second decision.

Everyone wants to feel accepted in a way. Most people just want to be loved.

It got me thinking about a lot of things. I stopped blogging too. I felt sad inside. At 17, he is still very much a child. This is the worst thing that could happen to any parent. You just wonder where you went wrong.

It did freaked me out a lot. I have a 17 year old here with me. Sometimes i don't know what goes on in his head. I try to spend more time talking to him. I just tell him.. be happy. That's what life is all about. Just be happy.

You may have the fanciest car or the most expensive bag in the whole world, its not permanent. You may acquire a lot of things in your life, but that's not permanent too. Love is however... constant.

Well... this curly below me sure knows how to be happy. He can sit by me the whole day... and when i give him a glance, he'll jump up in glee. How not to love him more.

Have a great weekend folks. Goodnight to all of you. The caffeine is finally weaning off me -.-

The first light of dawn
Dispels the darkest night.
There is always hope.
~ george j carroll

(haiku adapted from AuthorsDen.com)
All alone. I am all alone. Mummy's off for a meeting far far away. Daddy's off doing business far far away. Grandpa is not well.. so he cannot come down to take care of me. Anny's rushing for Christmas shutdown, she cannot come down to take care of me. Boy is busy with his exams.. so he cannot take care of me too. Boooooohooooooooooooo... i am all alone.. i tell you... all alone.

Mummy sent me off for boarding at this new place yesterday. When i reached there in the late evening, it was all dark and cold. All the other doggies are fast asleep. Good thing Mummy remembered to bring my Pikachu along. My Pikachu will take care of me.

Anny's been trying to check the online cctv but she only drew blanks yesterday night. Today she tried again and still cannot see a thing. Finally she got through and saw some images. But all she saw was some goldies playing around and my Pikachu on top of our room. She didn't see me.

I'm gonna stand in front of the camera tomorrow so that Anny can see me tomorrow. I wonder which camera should i stand in front of. Maybe i'm too small to be caught on the camera. The lights are out at 8pm. All doggies have to sleep and keep quiet.

I made some friends today. Mummy called to check on me and they told her that i am disturbing some female doggies here. I am innocent.. innocent i tell you. *wOOOOoof* Well.. a doggies gotta make some friends rite?

I hope mummy and daddy comes back home soon. I am beginning to miss them and my home. I think the next door doggie could be wondering where i went. He usually calls out to me.


all alone.. all alone... i miss my mummy
Before i forget about this again... here's Piper, Dommy & me giving great thanks to our top droppers and all droppers too for November. Thanks a lotta lotta for dropping by to comment and view our humble site.

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horaits! Thanks again from the deep bottom of my heart... and from Dommy's heart... and and Piper's heart too :)

You and I Both - Jason Mraz

One of my favourites... and well... i am finally out of words ^0^

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When you get idle, time just take advantage and press on the fast forward button :)

We had a loooong weekend last week... and i got idle. I kinda conveniently forgot i have a blog again and just decided to let my computer have a looong weekend too to let it rest. Sorta like giving thanks to the mighty computer :) The amount of hours this poor computer has to put in... it would probably sue me for overworking it if it could.

Hmm.. so what kinda happened last weekend. It was all a blurr *LOL* And no.. i didn't get drunk.

Friday was a sleep-in. Saturday came and a shorter sleep-in and sis & family was home to see dad who was under the weather. With the constant rainfall and the mighty cool nites, dad finally got sick last week. And when he gets sick, he is a wee bit crabby.

But i blamed it on the butter cookies, a whole bag of "heong peah" and the other crunchy stuffs he was munching when he is watching tv. And the time he stood in the garden trimming the plants when it was drizzling a little. The rain ++ the munchies.. and he ended up with a very sore throat and a mighty cold.

The antibiotics from the doctor didn't work and so my aunts came by and came up with their own home remedies. The onion, the cooling drinks and the reminders (for me) to boil this and that.

I quietly took the can of butter cookies, taped it down and hide it in the backroom *LOL* Just in case my dad go munching on too many cookies and got sick again when he is getting better now.

Sis came home and bought a whole lotta stuffs for him. Hazeline snow for the sore nose.. vicks.. some packets of chinese meds for the cough (and reminders for me to boil)... and two big bags of cookies. *LOL* Does she not know that the cookies were one of the culprits in the first place. I wanted to bang her head. Urmm.. but it was really nice of her. Ok ok.. i take back the bang her head.

Dad is on the road to recovery already. Don't even ask me what single thing cured him.. cos he took too many things. Even a mug of beer at the wedding dinner he attended yesterday because his brothers and sisters who were with him yesterday told him that his body is heaty.

The cures range from many coconut drinks he had, onions, antibiotics, lemon drinks, salt for gargling.. urmm.. chinese herbs... honey... and a host of a lot of other stuffs. But i think it was probably the kids that cured him.

When the kids comes home, especially Rachel, dad is extra happy. He just grins when he heard them arriving. Poor sis and family had to be stuck in really bad traffic going back to KL yesterday. It took them about 5 hours + to reach their destination. Usually it will only take 2 hours. I did tell them to leave early but sis being the optimistic person refuses to believe me that there would be much traffic.. hahahahahahhahaa Good thing the hubby was driving.

I bet he'll be grinning more when Jai comes home. He probably won't be able to sleep for days counting down to Jai's arrival.

Oh ya.. i did go to the dinner which i was trying to get out from with excuses. The food was great.. just a tad salty. The bride was beautiful. The groom was grinning. I sat with a lot of aunts and uncles which were my neighbours. I had my own aunt beside me. It wasn't so bad after all. I do not know the groom personally as he was way much younger than me when we were little. But it was a great wedding dinner.

Sitting with my aunt and taking care of her kinda reminds me of my own mum. I kinda missed mom suddenly and the mother daughter chats. When i sat with mom during wedding dinners, we will usually whisper and she'll point out who's the people around us. These neighbours kinda watched me grow up... but i've been away from home for so long... it is always just a friendly nod and a smile when i see them now. My mom knows them all. She would have enjoyed this dinner.

The weather's real bad nowadays. The flu is making a U-turn and coming back to strike. So brace yourselves. Wash your hands before you eat or touch your face. Don't get wet in the rain and drink lotta water. You sure don't want to be sick for Christmas.

Back to work for now. Lotta pies for me to do. Oh bummer. Have a great Monday ahead :) Someone is going I HATE MONDAY on their status line... hahahhahahaa
I am thankful for
  • eyes to see the beauty of each new day
  • the ability to walk anywhere and everywhere i want to go
  • a pair of ears to listen
  • a mouth to speak when spoken to
  • hands to touch and feel
  • a father who still needs me
  • dommy on a sunny + a rainy day
  • pp for his soft cuddles
  • a blob of furry smiley yellow
  • sisters that love me
  • kids that roll on the bed with me to giggle & chat
  • Jai for the experience of a lifetime
  • stormy as the all weather friend
  • my friends who are always there for me
  • the extended circle of family
  • food that keeps coming from my extended families
  • coffee in the morning :p
  • disasters in the kitchen
  • people that are willing to eat what i cook
  • enough food each day
  • birds in the garden
  • butterflies to remind me of childhood
  • flowers that my mom left us
  • papayas when i was trying for catnips
  • a wonderful & understanding boss
  • Anamaa & Puci
  • a super duper fast computer
  • a very helpful Suedoo
  • a new glass cup
  • enough dough in my pockets
  • a curly for the roll-abouts
  • wonderful people who become my friends in the virtual world
  • matches to light a candle
  • comics & Mattias that cracks me up everyday
  • a jacket to wear on a cold day
  • a warm room to sleep tonite
  • a roof over my head
  • laughter in the rain
  • poot poot conversations with the one
  • the mosquito who keeps flying in front of my face :)
  • ice-cream when its warm
  • dommy to share my food
  • sleep
  • dreams to keep me happy
  • mummy for her love
I have much much more to be thankful for... can't really list them all here. I am also thankful too to my readers who keep coming back to leave me comments. Thank you and i am forever grateful for your kind thoughts.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your loved ones!
Some pictures & funnies roll in today from my colleagues in the office. I wanna share these few with you :) Especially love the happy ellie.

poor doggy is hungry

happy Ellie :)


kinda censored part of what the gorilla wanted to show you.. ^.^

** Credit goes to whomever the pictures belong to. Our apologies. We do not know the source of the pictures as it came through the email.
Today is Piper's Moomie's birthday. PP is back to being the only furkid in the house as Kuning has gone back home. No more tantrums from PP and he's back to his old self again.. happy and running about with a smile. He wasn't very happy when Kuning was around as the love for him was divided. Doggies can count too.

Here's Kuning bidding everyone farewell. She'll be back soon :)

Kuning drove herself home ^.^
(she's just test driving PP's car)

In my days of daze... i forgot to post about PP's birthday. Piper is officially 5 years old since last Friday. His birthday falls on the 20th November. (that would be 5x7=35 wow! an adult in human years)

I am sorry lil one. I didn't forget. I just forgot to post about you. Five years and this lil shitzu is running our lives. *lol*

My first three years with him was joyful. He takes care of me when i am sick and vice versa. He comes and sleep by my side. I remember him coming in and checking on me off and on. He was like a lil nurse. He wakes me up like an alarm clock every Sunday like clockwork. It is unconditional love... it is.

Shitzu's are pretty loving creatures. They just love tummy rubs and just love to sleep near you. They love the human contact. They love to be pampered. And they don't like to share their love... especially not with other doggies.

Doggies are mighty forgiving i am sure. I'll bring you a big greenie when i see you soon PP. Happy Birthday to you my lil sis and a beeeeeeelated one to you PP.

where's my cake
Turmeric and i go a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong way. Lately, i've been using a wee bit of turmeric in some of the things that i cook. Turmeric is actually quite good for us. Its quite a common spice in Asian cooking.

My favourite is marinating chicken with turmeric and salt. After a while, just fry it and add a dash of light soya sauce. A simple dish which has a very aromatic smell to it. I love its simplicity and the aroma that turmeric adds to the chicken.

Mom used to make it too. Her chicken are cut in small pieces. Dainty dishes. My stuffs are cut never daintly.. hahahhahaha.. I am always in a rush for time. Sis will always complain about the size of the carrots and potatoes in my dishes *LOL* She will complain that i am trying to choke them all.

I remember my yoga master telling me that he bathes with turmeric. I didn't really have a chance to ask him properly on the benefits. Circumstances that surround the very life of mine... and i had to stop classes and go home. He's still the best yoga teacher i had. I haven't found one quite like him here. He has charisma.

Stormy gave me a recipe last week which i didn't follow properly as usual. Its quite hard for a cook to teach me as i don't follow instructions properly. *LOL* It was just another simple dish. But as usual, i did it my way.. and it tasted yucky.. hahahhahahaa.. It was also because i didn't have a certain dark sweet sauce.

Last weekend i got a big huge bottle of the dark sauce as i couldn't find the smaller bottle on the shelves. This time i was a little bit smarter and cook in smaller portions :)

And because of the dark sauce... it was a helluva of a success. Stormy was blinking proud of me and the master chef could only salivate over the pics *LOL*

nice or not? it was a bit sweet... but the sauce made it really nice. Now this sauce is kinda like my besty sauce.. hahhahahahhaa

Oh ya.. i marinated the chicken with turmeric too.. hehehhe.. and a tad of chili powder and salt. The end good results went to the "secret sauce".

Guess what is the secret sauce... :)

I kinda stumbled upon this 20 Health Benefits of Tumeric a while ago. Go check it out if you wanna find out more about turmeric.
This is a common sight when its 3.30pm here. Dad will have his tea break and there's the faithful Curly. Usually he'll get some share of whatever dad's eating at that hour.

Dommy's favourite sounds of the hour are... plastic bags... or ziplock bags... or opening of the food cover.. or.. the dragging of the dining hall chairs. He will know that someone's eating or munching something and he wants a share too.

Even when he's fast asleep... the slightest sound of plastic bags would awake him *LOL* Such a hungry creature.

Everyone's been commenting that he's a bit heavy too. Time for a diet. He cannot afford to get too fat... his legs will not be able to support his body weight. But he looks healthier now... don't you think?

Maybe i should take him to the vet and let him have his say :)
It jingles

Ahhhhhhhhhhh... i know Christmas is just weeeeeee right there :) I'm all decked in ma best jingle blue and waiting for my big greenie treat on Christmas day. That is if someone remembers to get us our greenies.

As the internet was crawling slower than a snail today, Anny decide enough is enough. She says i stink. Stink? What has slow internet speed got anything to do with me stinking?

I think i smell just fine. With a touch of doggy breath. When Lester came by yesterday, he didn't say i stink. He was just too happy having super races with me in the garden. And so... off to the bath i went.

Usually i have my bath on Saturdays or Sundays. But last weekend, there was a lot of family around, no one got around to giving me a bath.. can you believe it? They were all just chattering away endlessly. So you see, it was not my fault if she thinks i stink.

Monday came by.. and she got busy and it was gloomy. She was afraid that i might catch a cold in the rainy day. Tuesday came... and she was too tired cos she had to wake up real early to wait for Aini. Wednesday came by... and still no bath. Thursday came... and she says i stink??

I see her taking all my bathing stuffs and rubber ducky. (urmm.. no rubber ducky.. it was just the rubber towel) There was the pail for the water.. the blue scoop... the scrubber... my two shampoos (why two? don't ask me).. my cloth to clean my eye... big yellow towel that taste like rubber... the hairdryer.. the ear drops.. the painful comb... the tea tree skin calm spray...my big chair for me to sit still when she is blow drying me.. her orange stool.. the green stool in the toilet.. the shower.. the water.. the heater.. the the the... urmm... i think i kinda covered everything. Oh ya. And me.

I ran quickly to my chair... and sit very still like a heavy rock when i see her getting all these stuffs ready. She came and try to carry me... but i sit harder and stiff up my body so maybe she'll give up and go away. But noooooooo... she scoop me up and nearly fell backwards. She mumbled that i am getting wayyyyyyyy too heavy and she's gonna put me on a diet soon. Oh nooooooooooo... i am not fat. I am just big boned... Urmm.. i am just.. full.

Well.. its a relief to have a bath after all. I feel lighter... fluffier than a sponge cake.. I am smelling like a million bucks now. I got more hugs and tummy rubs too.

When Boy came home, he even invited me to jump on Anny's bed. I had a big roll about and turn round and round. (I am usually not allowed on the bed... but they don't know that i jump on their beds when they go out and leave me all alone at home) especially grandpa's bed. I feel that his bed is the safest.

Here's me after my bath in my blue bed and wearing my jingle blue (not that i can tell colors). Don't i look smashing with the jingle blue?

Anyways.. TGIF tomorrow :) Hopefully Anny will take me for car rides come Saturday. Have a great evening and good night *woooooof*

Comfort food. A familiar scent. Simple easy inexpensive food which are usually comforting to one. A reminder of a happy childhood perhaps.

The most comforting food are usually cooked by a loved one. Usually a mom or grandma. Well.. sometimes daddy or grandpa.

When i was staying on my own in KL, the one thing that i missed most is my mom's cooking and of course her beautiful self. Each time i come home, she'll cook many things for me. Even an egg that she fried would be like heaven in my mouth.

I live for simple food. There are hundreds of things that my mom has cooked that still live in my memory because they are my comfort food. The scent.. the taste... the yumminess.. i can remember them like i've just eaten them yesterday.

Basically, i am not a very good cook myself. I meet more disasters than successes while cooking. Poor dad and Boy are my guinea pigs now. Dommy is not complaining much.

It used to be my younger sister when i was in KL. I'll come up with funny stuffs for her to eat for dinner. Sometimes it could be just 2 slices of bread with some tuna in them.. with a touch of grilling in the oven (i miss my oven).

My colleagues were my other guinea pigs. I would make muffins that are as hard as rocks.. but they will still eat them.. and try not to choke. *LOL* Sometimes when i get lucky, they will get to taste a better cake... but i hardly get lucky when it comes to cooking because i never follow instructions.

Never a stickler for regularities.. i don't know why i keep buying recipe books and never do follow one properly. I will choose the shortest recipe... with the least ingredients. Don't even try to tell me about making rendang tok. When i saw the list of ingredients, i just ran the other way.

When you don't really know how to cook very well like me, you must at least know how to make a good soup. Chinese basically drink lotta soups. Soups are good. Comforting on a rainy day and good on the tummy too if you are not feeling too well.

Since i work from home and am just a few steps from the kitchen, i usually boil my soups at 3pm in time for dinner. The soups takes about 3 hours to boil in slow fire. And i double-steam my soups like some gungho cook *LOL*

Double steaming soups the old way like how my mom used to do. Double steaming is good if you are at home to keep at eye on the stove. Double steaming seals in the liquids and the essence of the soup. Nothing gets lost and the soup is super delicious :) It is called "dan tong" (in Cantonese) meaning steam soup.

I'll share some nice soupy soup recipes with you if you like.. soon. But the recipes will not have exact measurements. *LOL* Look out for it ya :)

Maybe.. just maybe i should try cooking the rendang tok one of these days. How wrong can i go right? But my aunt says it took her four hours to cook it the last time. And she was at the stove stirring it all the time. She did mention it was tiring. *LOL*

I think i'll just stick with simple comfort food. Below is the double steaming soup. Its called The Old Cucumber Soup.

pekaboo pot.. i see you ^.^

the old one

Thanks for following my long windy story today. Boy is going to bed. Time for me to sleep too. Goodnite.