Brown Fluffy: What do you got there?

Brown & White Fluffy: Lemme take another sniff

BF: I think i smell a hamburger

BWF: Don't be silly.. how can it be a hamburger

BF: What is it then?

BWF: Its its the wind... its too windy here at the pier. I urmm urmm... farted.

BF: Gosh! This is not the time and place to pass wind. We are on Sniff Patrol duty.

BWF: *blush*

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With Pete singing in the background, i begin to collect my thoughts for the day.

Why is it when you have loads of work, the internet decides to move at snails pace? Supa doooopaaa slowwwwwww.. damn.

Why does our local internet provider have to make me use double/triple the time to finish up my work when i could do it in 1/3 of the time IF if doesn't crawl.. bummer

Why does Piper have to park himself and his nose right beside the roller wheels of my chair. I have to remain like a statue when i am working *LOL* He must be wanting a very FLAT nose soon if he keeps on parking his nose beside the wheel of my chair. Maybe i should change my chair to the non-wheels chair. Either its a flat nose or a bad back.. hehehehehee I'll leave it up to Piper

Why is it when you want to take something from another room but when you walk into that room, you completely forgottten why you are there in the first place. Oh bummer... memory loss.

Pete has to pipe down a bit now. He is making me sing along with him and it is not helping with this post... hehehhehe

Ahhhhhh well... i might as well sing along with him :) So much for ranting :p

Good news! Boy is coming home on Friday. Can't wait for him to be home. We have all missed him around here. Even Dommy.

Dommy was all smiles when we went to see Boy is another state last Sunday. Yes.. we took Dommy along and have to hide him under a blanket when we went through the security check at the gates of the campus.

He has grown up a bit. Now he knows how to wash his own clothes and iron them too. He don't even have dark rings on his eyes. He used to have panda eyes because he keeps very late nights playing games on the computer. Now he has to sleep early as he is sharing a room with 3 other strangers.

They do grow up and buck up when the situation arises. Time for me to sleep too. No point doing any more work when the line crawls :) Goodnight folks!
It all started late last year. It was my birthday and feeling a bit on the generous side, i decided to give myself a big present and book a holiday for the following year :) Strange? We poor sods cannot book holidays on the dot and go the next day. We got to plan way ahead and hopefully keep enough money for the trip months down the road.

Air Asia was having a bit of a sale back then and i got a bit excited when i manage to log in to some cheap fares on Air Asia X. A flurry of phone calls later and i got my youngest sister to tag along and we decided to take my dad too. My dad loves to travel. He loves to go places. He don't quite like to sit at home and watch the days go by.

He always wanted to go to Australia and New Zealand. New Zealand is still a bit too expensive for me to take him yet. I do hate those tours with our local tour companies. They do cost a bomb and after 7 or 10 days tour, you don't even know what you have seen or visited. These planned tours just rushed you through the countries and make pitstops to let you take pictures. You don't enjoy the city and its essence if you go on a wild tour. I am more of a lonely planet traveller. I like to explore a city my own way.

Before the month of May came, i went through many travel reviews on Melbourne and tried to look for a affordable and safe place to stay. After many hours of reading Trip Advisor reviews, i found an small apartment to rent for our 6 days in the city.

As Melbourne is a english speaking country, we should have no worries. As long as we open our mouth to ask, we should be fine.

When the day came for us to begin our Australian adventure, we just grinned and jumped into a taxi to take us to the LCCT Terminal. Each with a camera, we looked quite like the touristy trio. Travelling light but with enough thick jackets as it is autumn in Melbourne.

Checking in was a breeze at LCCT Terminal. We had some lunch and went straight in after that to sit near the gates just in case the plane decides to leave without us. *LOL* Kiasu kiasi.

Among the three of us, i was the only one who has travelled on Air Asia before. So i assured sis and dad that it will be fine. You just have to walk on the tarmac, so keep the hand luggage light. You sure don't want to struggle/topple over with a heavy hand luggage when you are climbing up the steps to get on the plane... hehehehe

It was a 8 hour flight to Melbourne. The stewardess & stewards on Air Asia were most helpful and friendly. We were on the same flight with the CEO of Air Asia X and he was gracious enough to upgrade the seat of some fellow who happen to have his birthday on that day. He even had a small contest on board the plane to upgrade two more folks to the more comfortable sleeper seats. Quite a nice chap. During the flight, he walked up and down and chatted with some folks.

The seats were a bit tight but all in all, if you can sleep or read on the plane, Air Asia is a good option to fly to see places. Affordable and everyone can fly now because of Air Asia.

Alright now. Air Asia is not paying me anything to sing praises about them here :)

We reached Melbourne at about 12.45am and went through the usual checks. Australia is very strict with food and stuffs. We decided to declare our maggi mee in cups as there was a sign that says... "Declare all dry food stuffs".

They asked us to take out the stuff we wanted to declare. We took out our maggi mee and a fellow came by to check all the ingredients on the maggi mee and finally released our precious noodles. *LOL* There was a chap who had all the stuffs in his bag lined up on the table. Every single thing in his bag was taken out and lined out. He was asked a whole lot of questions. Poor guy. My dad got a bit spooked. hehehhehehee

Next was trying to find a cab on a cold cold morning. The airport seem to be sleeping. Not many folks around. We manage to hail a cab and off we went. Cab driver looks a bit hurried. When we told him where we wanted to go, he never keyed in the street name on the GPS thingy he had on his car. He keep asking.. which road which road... and drove on. That was the start of our adventure.
Billy is a steam train and one of the finest preserved steam railways in the world. It still runs on its original track from Belgrave to Gembrook through the Dandenong Ranges.

Puffing Billy is operated by volunteers. We had a chance to be on the Puffing Billy last week. Billy sure was a whole lot of fun.

Our ride took us from Belgrave up to Menzie's Creek. It was a wonderful experience to be on an old steam train in an older railway station run by wonderful volunteers. If you are in Melbourne, don't forget to lookup Billy. 

This way to Billy... Old Monbulk Road

Volunteers are always welcome at Puffing Billy

this way please...

 this is David, our tour guide from APT

  the volunteers at Puffing Billy

 chugga chugga choo choo... and away goes Billy puffing away

thru the Dandenong Ranges...
it is perfectly legal to hang your feet out of the train

we did what David asked us to do :)
sis and i hang our feet outta the train too :D

This is Billy.. up close and personal. Isn't he a handsome chap ;)

If you want to find out more about Billy, do visit their site at

Defying Gravity ~ Glee version

Here i was watching tv and Glee. Then i heard this song which was sung by Kurt and Rachel. I thought Kurt sounded pretty good on this. Loved his boyish charm.

Its been a while since i caught up with my tv time :) Glee was a nice comeback to tv. We just came back three days ago from our short holiday with dad.

Dommy was sick with a bout of diarrhea when we took him back from the pet boarding place. Even though he was sick, he was still so happy and excited to see us, i guess he forgot about his sickness. It is a joy to see him when we went to pick him up. His joyful welcome back which he showered to us made me felt bad for leaving him for so many days.

The guy at the pet boarders place mentioned that Dommy was just sitting at the couch and looking at the door for those few days he was there. In his mind he must have thought that we have dumped him and never coming back. Now he tails me like my shadow.. hahahahahaha At least he had Piper to keep him company. Poor Piper was worried sick too and just hid in a corner and refused to mix with the other dogs.

Even though we brought their own food to the pet boarders place, Dommy still came back with diarrhea. I guess he must be stressed and dehydrated. And he didn't get to go for his walks. A bit of straining on the poo side and not enough fluids probably made him sick.

He's getting better now. I boiled some rice water for him which he gladly drank to line his guts. Yesterday he had some rice with carrots and potatoes. Hopefully he'll be back to normal self soon. I'll have to take him to his vet next week for his yearly distemper jabs or when he's back to his normal self. Now he's on house arrest.

Good thing Piper was okay and his poo was all nice and not runny.

I've been a bit under the weather too since yesterday. Must have caught the flu bug when i was back in the office to collect some of my old debris and to say my goodbyes to my two colleagues who will be moving back home to work too.

It will be lonely to work at home in the beginning. But with the traffic getting from bad to worse in Kuala Lumpur, it is a better option to work at home and save on petrol and stuffs. Working at home is not all that bad. We get to manage our time better and the quality of life can be better.

Its all about self discipline when you work at home. I am sure both my colleagues will enjoy their time at home. I was at one of my colleague's house to help her setup her system today. We fixed everything but the printer. For the life of me, i couldn't get it to print. *LOL* It must have been the wind in my head and my woozy head.

I did have had a wonderful holiday with my dad and my sister. We went here there and everywhere. Going on a holiday with my father was a wonderful experience and we have many happy memories to keep. I guess my sister who is in a foreign land now is waiting for me to tell our travel stories. I'll keep my holiday memories here too as my memory is failing me each day *LOL* I gotta go get myself some gingko biloba to help with the memory department.

Let me start by telling you about Billy.

Defying Gravity is a song from the musical "Wicked". Defying gravity is also about flying against convention and finding your own self and way even when you are told that you can't.
We are going off on a short trip tomorrow :) Without our doggies this time. Both of them will be going off to their "hotel" tomorrow morning. Hopefully they will meet some cute doggies there or find a girlfriend or two... hehehhee.. Knowing Dommy and his ever busy nature, he'll be sniffing every doggie out. *LOL*

Before we go... we want to have a tiny little contest here. It will be tiny.

Here are some so called rules...
  1. Each person can only make 2 guesses.
  2. The first 3 person who gets it correct will get a souvenir :) 
  3. Anyone from anywhere in the world can take part.
  4. My colleagues are NOT allowed to take part because they know where i will be.
  5. Leave me your guesses on this post
  6. Comments will be under moderation.. :p
Have fun. I'll bring you the winners something fluffy... and cute.

I'll even leave you a bit of a cookie trail on my mobile blog :) Join my tiny contest!
A series of thoughts.. hehhehee.. yea yea.. it will be a super long post since i have not been posting for quite a while. Brace yourself if you are/would be reading on :)

Congratulations to Bain and Myra. 
Their baby boy Ash came into this world on Mother's Day. I bet Bain will be a great 24/7 daddy and won't have much time to blog anymore. May you both enjoy your blessing. I am sure Ash will fill up all your hours and your days but the journey will be a wonderful one.

Mother's Day... i am late for my Mother's Day post but here's wishing all mommies out there a Wonderful Happy Mother's Day. Hope all of you have had a great one with your loved ones yesterday.

Oh... my godson the Mr Jaiboo bought me a pair of blue shoes for Mother's Day. It is a lovely blue and the kind of shoes that i usually am in. He sure have good taste considering that he's just 1+ *lol*

bluey from jaiboo

If i am never to be a mother in this life, i am still very much blessed with lotta children in my life. Even today i have a kid with me. I had to poke her face a couple of times to wake her up for school... hahhahahaa.. She is a very down to earth girl. Very well balanced and always friendly. Her mother has taught her well. I sent her off to school and picked up another kid... *LOL* My sister's kids are almost like my kids. They are always with me.

Boy went off to matriculation college today in another state. His parents and my father sent him off this morning. With a heavy heart, i said goodbye to him yesterday. He is almost like my son for three years. He tells me almost anything and everything. I have pampered him and given him whatever that i could give him without spoiling him too much. But he is always a good kid. Humble and never wasteful. He never asks for things but will secretly smile with joy when we get it for him. He's hardworking and quite shy. He's not quite ready for the world yet but he has to go out there and fend for himself one day. And the one day is now.. today.

From today, he has to do his own laundry, buy his own food.. wake up on his own (which i doubt he can) hahahahaa but i know he will survive and be a more independent person in a year from now. Sometimes when we keep them near to us, they will never grow up. They will always be dependent. They will fall and they will cry, but they will learn that love is always at home. They will learn to appreciate the ones at home more.

I remember my mom telling me, go.. go out and see the world. I went and was very happy to be free to do whatever i want for the first time. It was a joyous feeling at first. And slowly day by day, i miss my mom a lot. Each day, i'll collect all the coins so that i can call my mom on the payphone (we didn't have mobile phones back then). Sometimes i have to walk very far to find a payphone that work. Each time i hear her voice, i'll come back to my room and cry. Each month, i'll take the bus back to see her. What joyful weekends that were. Mom will cook all my favourite dishes.. and when Sunday comes, i'll have to leave again with a heavy heart.

I am sure Boy is tossing and turning in bed right now thinking about home. He has to share a room with three total strangers who will probably be his good buddies in a few weeks time. He'll learn to adapt and enjoy life in college. He'll also learn not to mix whites with dark colored clothes to wash... *LOL* He's a tough kid. Quiet on the outside but he quite strong on the inside.

In a few more days, my sister and i are taking my dad for holiday. We are going off to see Billy. This year is a year of travelling for my dad. This is his third holiday and its only May.. hahhahaa.. His brothers and sisters are almost envious of him. They haven't seen much of him this year.

He will be 70 soon. My father loves to travel. My mom, never like to travel. Everywhere we take her, she will tell us that it is the same. She only loves to be at home. But i am sure she will be with us in spirit when we take dad to his next holiday destination.

Dommy and Mr Piper will have to be checked into the pet "hotel". Hope they will have a wonderful time away from us and make some friends too while they are taking their break. Dom is like the extention of me. He tails me everywhere. When i go to the loo, he'll even get up from his snooze and get himself parked outside the toilet door. When i am working, he is parked right beside me. I should be quite thankful for such devoted companionship. And only a dog or a Dom could be that.

I'll end this post with a picture i took a few weeks back.

If you look closely, you will see a pair of tiny feet on top of an adult feet. My friend's son was so afraid of the sand getting in between his toes. It was his first time at the beach. He was standing on top of his mother's feet for quite a while before we finally coaxed him to come down. He only trusted his mother and his world was at his mother's feet. It also tells how grand a mother's love is.
Mother's love is deeper than ocean
Mother's lesson is bigger than the sky,
Mother's lap is more comfortable than the warm bed
Mother's tale is better than the best novel on this earth,
Mother's picture is more beautiful than a fascinating scenery
Mother's blessings are more powerful than the thousands of seas
Mother's shade is cooler than the shade of heavy laden trees,
Mother's light is brighter than the sun,
Mother's role is seventy times greater than the father,
Mother's place is more sacred than any shrine
Something i got in the mail the other day. Its is good to share with all of you.

This becomes effective May 1, 2010. The National Highway Safety Council has done extensive Testing on a newly Designed seat belt. Results show that accidents can be reduced by as much as 95% when the belt is properly installed. Correct Installation is illustrated below...

Its been three years since she left us. She is with us everyday of our lives and more. In ever loving memory of my beloved mom. May her soul rest in peace.