Piper was attacked by Pika and Camilla while he was napping yesterday afternoon. Both Camilla and Pika decided to use PP as a mattress. As you can see... Camilla seems to enjoy PP's fluffiness a lot.. hehehehhe

Where is Dommy?
Happy 52nd Birthday to You Malaysia.

I believe in myself and i believe in the people. We are One.
Today is our nation's 52nd year of Independence.

Like old married couples, we have all lived in harmony for 52 years.. which is a long time. We have tolerated and respected each other's religion and ways of life. Why now do we become pawns of dirty corrupted politicians. People who instigate hate in you. And break you all apart.

A sombre day. A scaled down celebration. But why?

We have a big melting pot of a very diverse cultured rich people in our country. We even have a very wonderful range of food because of our diverse culture. A mix and a match of each spice of cultural background brings a whole new dish.

It doesn't really matter who's at the top. It matters that the person at the top remains fair and just in all his dealings to each and every Malaysian. It matters that he rules with fairness. It matters that corruption should be swept out (wishful thinking but still.. we wish). To remain at the top, you have to clean up your own act. Respect is always earned.

Greed always always breaks a person in the end. Its all just about greed and power. Don't forget the people while you have power.

Don't forget Yasmin and all her hard work to bring you One Malaysia.

We are Malaysians. We are One. Be proud of that and let the Jalur Gemilang fly high with pride.


Hey! Even the big giant Google didn't forget our 52nd birthday :) How cool is that :)

The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong. ~ Mahatma Gandhi
Here's the lil furry fella who followed us home :) Yes... PP's home this week :D and we have had lotsa fun today just lying on the floor and napping together. (that explains the non-post this whole day)

This is PP's favourite spot... below me and beside my chair.. with his head and nose near the legs of the chair. I don't even dare move or roll the chair when he's under there. *LOL*

He loves to stick his body near your legs if you are sitting on the floor. And promptly falls asleep or roll over for a tummy rub. Blissful creature.

One fine day, i picked up a pen and found out that i have somehow forgotten how to write *LOL* I used the computer on most of my work... i am on the computer most of the day (not literally ON)... and i only type letters on email.

When i found out i forgot how to move the pen... i panicked. Oh man! Do i have to go back to school again? And start from kindy and learn how to write my ABCs. That kinda freaked me out.

And so i started to write again on paper. Over time i slowly start to write normally again. Hey! I didn't forget.. i just kinda needed some practise :D But my writing is still very much like urmm.. a doctor's handwriting. No one can very well read it except of course myself.

One of my bosses writes like that too. She scribbles all over a piece of paper and you kinda have to turn and turn the paper around to decipher what she wrote. It is like some weird code... *LOL* (ops! I hope she is not reading this) After working for her and the others for eons, i am proud to say that i finally am able to read what she writes. Else i would be sacked by now. But i think no one else can read my "flawless writings" hahhahahahahaha

And so... i am glad i have my mighty orange.

my mighty orange

We use the mouse quite a lot in our line of work. We are like at a gaming center... with the furious click click clicks... hehhehehehee... The keyboard is like my piano.

When i was at the office last week... i had to use some other mouse which was HUGE. (no pun intended for the "big huge mouse") Its double the size of my mighty orange. My hands are not exactly big... so i find it tiring and at the end of the day, my shoulders start to ache. I wonder if it was the big mouse that was causing the ache. Or maybe i was just tired.

The other yellow mouse on another system was with a faulty scroller. When i went to buy a mouse for my colleague, i stood staring at two mouse for quite a while. One was an wireless optical mouse which was going for a steal and the other one was the one like mine.. colourful and wired. I didn't know which one will fit my colleague's hand so i ended up buying a wireless mouse because it was about the same size as her yellow mouse :D

The mouse is something quite personal. Some people like them big... some like me.. like the small lighter mouse. What about you? Do you use the wireless optical mouse? Or the huge mouse? Or the tiny colourful mouse like mine? Or mouseless?

I am however so glad to be back home and back to my own mighty orange. It might be small but it sure is fast and packs a punch. (free advertisement for microsoft) *LOL*
We just got back in yesterday morning and its been like a roller coaster ride at work ;) Will be posting soon! Thanks to all who dropped by and drop all the lovely comments.

Not many pictures this time but loads of stories :D

Its a wee bit late today... will tell ya some tomorrow. Goodnite!

p/s: Another little furry fella tagged along and came home with us :D We had so much pee.. opps! I mean we had so much fun we forgot to keep up here :) Till tomorrow... opss! today :)
We are going on a roadtrip with grandpa and Boy. I get to go too :)

See you all soon next week.. be safe... be happy... be woof... drink lotta water and be well :)


... i see your face.

Papa is talking to Dommy. *LOL* Everytime he sits down at the table to have a snack, Dommy will quickly run and sit beside him. The minute he hears someone pulling the chair at the table to sit down to eat... or the sound of tupperwares opening or plastic bags, he jumps up and quickly scoot to where the food is... *LOL* He has supersonic ears. Even when he's in deep slumber... at the sound of plastic bags, he'll open one of his eyes to check. He's always hungry.

With those pleading eyes, dad always shares his snacks with him. He is my dad's best friend when it comes to sharing food. He is also my dad's best friend when he goes out for walks.

I noticed that dad's been taking him out for car rides too. hmmm... this is goote!

Well, he was supposed to be mom and dad's dog/friend/pet/companion/protector/bodyguard. Until i came home and pamper him more, he decided to stick to me because i don't scold him... *LOL* And i feed him most of the time. And he prefers girls/women :D

Ahh... my silly curly moo. What would life be without you.
Papa and Boy is watching some war movie in the hall. He's been watching the movie for the last hour or so.. hehehhehehee.. And its LOUD. I have helicopters flying overhead and a barrage of bullets off and on... and its so real. *LOL*

We do not exactly have a home theatre system here... but the tv is so LOUD... my neighbours can hear it all around. Can you imagine what would it be like if i have a home theatre system? My neighbours will have the cops at my door.. hhahahahahhaha

Now i hear a car whizzing by very fast... more helicopters flying... someone screaminggggg in pain.. aiyaaaaaaaaaaaa...

More bullets... i am feeling like i am at war here.

Dad's hearing must be getting bad. My head is pounding like a drum now. Even Dommy's ears keep twitching. The sound must be harder on his ears. Maybe i should get a room all fixed up with sound proof system :)

If i get deaf before i am 50... its all their fault! If you can't beat them... maybe join them? *LOL*
Thursday already? Oh boy... i am in deep poo :D Here i am doing the Soppy Love Song on a Wednesday and kaboom! now its 15:02 on a Thursday. How did time speed up so fast. Must be the work of them yellow blinking faces.

My nephew Boy (we all call him Boy for some reason unknown to me still) is having his SPM exams this year. Whole lotta stress and studying. He decided to move into my working+sleeping room to study so that i can keep a eye on him and keep him company. We bought a cheap plastic foldable table and he set up office beside Dommy.

Dommy have to move his bed nearer to my table but thats where he sleeps most of the time. His poang is now nearer and nearer to the door. Soon... his chair will be outta the door *LOL* Poor Dommy.

Boy and i usually have weird conversations while he is studying. He was asking me.. "If I fart near Dommy, would Dommy be able to smell it?" *LOL* One of the other things that came up was this...

Boy: Do dogs fart?

Me: Yes they do

Boy: I don't think so.. how can dogs fart..

Me: They do they do... though i never hear them

Boy: You sure or not?

Me: Yes la.. let's bet.. how much?

Boy: 10 cents

Me: cheapo.

Boy: Are the fart smelly?

Me: I don't know le... ask Dom la..

Boy: Dommy.. do you fart?

Dommy: Playtime? Woof!

Boy: See... even Dommy says no.

We seek the almighty Google after that to prove our point... hehehe. Here's the results below courtesy from www.pets.ca

Flatulence in dogs - dog farting - treating dog farts

and Yes.. i am 10 cents richer today :)

Cure The Common Cold ! - Free videos are just a click away

Everyone around me seems to be having some flu or nasty fever. We even went down to KL last weekend to visit my nephew who was sick with flu and fever for a week. Thank God he is getting better now. Even Jai's mommy was having the flu.

My aunt send me the remedy above that involves onion and sugar for a quick fix for flu. Its a home remedy that works. She was so excited and told me it worked on her, her daughter and my another kid. Its a easy simple home remedy.

Onions, garlic and ginger.. stuffs from the kitchen are all wonder medicines with less side effects.

The above remedy is NOT a cure for h1n1 but it works fine for the common cold. Do try it if you have the flu.

Remember to put it aside for 12 to 24 hours. Drink the juice from the melted sugar after that.

Here's a link for home remedies which i found earlier.

Prevention is always better than cure. Keep your hands clean. Air the house. Don't be too paranoid and don't forget to still live a good life.

Play The Game ~ Queen

Cool song eh? I don't know when my Wednesdays turned into Soppy Love Song Days.. *LOL* Anyways hope you love this song. I am going thru a Queen+y phase.

The intro to this song is supa super cool. Its like a star trek moment *LOL*

Ok ok.. i better get back to work else the yellow blinking faces would be red instead of sweet cute yellows.
... we have stew to warm our tummies.

This evening brings a nice nice rain to cool down the house, water all the trees and plants in the garden and made me real lazy to cook :)

So i made a pot of chicken stew. Here are the main characters... tadaaaaaaaaaaa!
  1. Some pieces of chicken (i used the chicken thighs which are deboned by the nice auntie at the market)... cut the chicken to smaller pieces and marinate with some salt and pepper + a wee bit of corn flour to soften it.
  2. carrots, tomatoes, potatoes and a ms sweet potato
  3. big red onion, some cloves of garlic and a knob of ginger
  4. 2-3 pieces of dry chili (we had some dried chili from China that my aunt gave me.. which is really really hot.. i only used 2 pieces :o
  5. 1 piece of fresh parsley leaf (my uncle gave me a pot and told me its parsley) but it sure does not look like the parsley i know... hmmmm.. i'll take a picture of it tomorrow and show you guys.. mebbe someone can tell me what it is.. :)
  6. some dried spices.. urmmm.. i just put some rosemary and basil.. i didn't know which to use.. so i use both.. hahahhahahaha
  7. some oysters sauce and some tomato sauce
I think that sums up the characters for the pot of stew. You can add other vegetables or celery sticks or whatever that you like.

Here's how i cook my stew.
  1. Put some oil on a wok... put no (3) and stir stir stir... :)
  2. When its smelling fragrant... put in no (1) and stir stir stir... add a few drops of sesame oil, a pinch of salt and some coarse pepper + no (4) too.
  3. Dump in no (2) and stir stir stir too... add a wee bit of water so it doesn't get stuck.. my cooking gets stuck all the time *LOL*
  4. Transfer the stuffs on the wok into a pot... and add in enough water to cover all them stuffs. While letting it boil, go out and play with Dommy for a while but don't water the plants... (cos that will take too long)
  5. Come back to you pot of gurgling stuffs and poke the potatoes and carrots.. if they are cooked n softer than earlier... add in no (7). Oyster sauce should be added only after the stuffs are cooked. (don't ask me why.. that's what my aunt told me)
  6. Put in no (5) and (6)... boil for a while and that's the end :)

The colour doesn't look very appealing.. hehhehehe but it tasted ok la. You can eat it with bread or white rice. Dad had it with rice and a bit of bread. I had it with rice cos i am a rice person (i go weak without rice). Boy had it with bread only.

I don't like to put too much tomato sauce cos it will make it too tangy. You can add loads of other stuffs in as well. Do share with us your version of a homemade stew :)

Mine turns out quite differently each time *LOL* I am never consistent when it comes to cooking. Today's one was surprisingly sweeter than usual. Maybe it was the ms sweet potato :D

Happy trying.
Its been a really tiring weekend for both Anny and i. We only came home this morning. But i have had one of the happiest days in my life. My whole family went with me to Dogathon. Here i am with a wet head.. cos Anny sprinked water all over my head to cool me down. It was a really very hot day. She'll post more on our day at the park another day. Goodnite folks :)

I think this Goldie is too tired from the heat...

happy smiling Dalmation

more happy doggies at Dogathon 2009 here
My Poodle Club at Dogathon 2009

Here i am with some of my poodle friends and Amber at Dogathon 2009.

Can you see Amber? She's the pretty girl in white in the middle. I am checking out the pretty brownie beside me :) Can you find me? We all kinda look alike.

I think i am one of the few regular poodles there. Most of them are the toy poodles and they are very pretty in the nice dresses and shoes.

I had a wonderful swell time with grandpa, PP and the rest of my family at Dogathon. I didn't find Moey but I met a whole lotta new friends. More photos soon :) woof!

Date: 16th August 2009 (this Sunday)
Time: 6.30am - 2pm
Place: Bukit Ekspo, UPM

Its the time of the year again. Time to bring out your doggies and let them mingle and sniff. Whole lotta fun expected. Doggies big, small, toy, huge, miniature... all the sizes you can imagine... they will be there.

If you love dogs... BE THERE!
If you love photography... BE THERE!
If you love your dogs... TAKE THEM THERE!
but if you have the flu... DON'T BE THERE!

Don't forget to bring some water & snacks for your dogs.
Don't forget to bag your doggie's poo after they have done their business.

I wonder if Dommy's brother Moey will be there. Have loads of fun and take loads of pics for us ya!

** Dogathon 2008 was endorsed by the Malaysia Book of Records as the Biggest Gathering of Dogs in Malaysia.
My colleagues drop me quite a lot of funnies in emails all the time. They are very kind and try to entertain me knowing that i am working alone. Most of the time, i don't really feel alone sitting here. I have my yahoo... and lotta blinking smiling yellow faces blinking back at me.

I catch up on the news in the office from all the blinking yellow faces.. and i do have a lot of blinking yellow faces staring back at me *LOL* Its like i am in the office. The office news (gossips would not be apt to use here.. hehehe) sometimes travels faster to me than to some folks in the office too. Ahhhh.. i am loved :D

They keep me entertained and up to date. Even when i was working in the office, we do chat/discuss or play on yahoo. Are we becoming too dependent on the yellow blinkers? Oh my... are we becoming too virtual? hehehhehehee

Anyways.. my beeyootiful colleague send me this today. I thought it was pretty funny... and urmm.. urmmm... i would probably do some of the things on that list too if i am bored shopping.. *LOL*

I wonder if Spiffy does this in Tescos every Sunday... hmmm...

Here's why you shouldn't drag your boyfriend/husband shopping if he's not interested :)

click on pic to read

Somebody to Love ~ Queen

This is my all time favourite song to blast when i am working. When i need the inspiration to move... Queen is the one.

I don't hear the world... i don't the beep beep from the postman, i don't hear a woof from the curly moo... i don't hear a single thing except Freddie Mercury screaming in my ears... *LOL*

Its kinda fun to blast it and its just you and Freddie screaming away. Ok.. that don't sound quite right.. hahhahahaha

But the thing is to be IN the music, play some air guitar and you will be quite inspired to do great :) Some of the craziness of me. Great music moves the soul.

When Life Hands You Lemons...
  1. throw them back and tell Life to keep them lemons.
  2. make some lemon juice.
  3. urmm.. take out the tequila and some salt too. Yamseng! Yamseng!
  4. cut it open and squirt them lemons in Life's eye :)
When all the above don't work... do what Dommy does best...

i'm snooooooooooozing in the rain.. until we meet again ;)

Nobody's Child ~ Karen Young

Papa is listening to this right now :D Today he is not wearing his headphones :D lot more songs to share with you and me.

We used to listen to this song quite often when we were growing up. We do love to sing along to this song. Especially when we got scolded or practically have a bad day, this rhyme usually comes up automatically.. so emo.

Sometimes children go through tough times and when parents get really angry, harsh words do come out unintentionally. If they can still sing like my sisters and i about it, i guess they will be ok. But if they keep it all pent up inside and be quiet about it, then it will not be quite healthy in the long run.

I know i am not a parent to comment but before you open your mouths to yell at your kids, do count to 10... mebbe in the process, half of the harsh words would be gone by then.
Tis is me :) Piper.

Hi Pebbles. I've seen all your pictures and videos. I think you are super adorable and pretty. We should probably get together sometime and maybe go out on a date? Drop me a doggy mail.

I might be going to the Dogathon if my mummy and daddy is free this weekend. So don't miss the Dogathon. Its a wonderful place to sniff sniff and check out some new friends. I heard that its going to be a big fun carnival.

Hope to see ya soon. If the spaceman gets bored of you, do ask him to FedEx you over. I could use a friend for walks and talks and woofs. Cya!


TGIF ~ Lonestar

TGIF. Fridays always brings a big silly grin on both Dom and my face :) Have a great weekend ahead folks :) PP's coming back tomorrow.. YehoooooooooooooooooOOOOOOoooOOOOOOOO

Are these dandelions? I used to call them fairy flowers when i was a kid. They come in purple and white. They are like a kind of weed :) Lately i found them in one of the pots. I've been going to that pot almost everyday and blowing them.. *LOL* Looking at them was like a blast to the past.

We do a lot of fake cooking (masak-masak) with our plastic cooking utensils in the garden when we were kids. My cousins and sisters, we play a lot of make-believe games when we were young. There was no computers around way back then. Our outdoor "cooking" involve a person to go pluck the stuffs from the garden (thats marketing) and bringing it back to cook *LOL* Its like a big urmm.. open kitchen kinda cooking concept :D

I was lucky cos i have sisters and cousins to play with. Most of our games involve our imagination. We draw our own paper dolls and sis will help design loads of clothes for the dollies. (i still have my Sally) She'll come out with lots of dresses for our dollies. She should have taken up fashion design.

Sometimes we'll line up the chairs in the hall and pretend its a train... we can play for quite a while too.

When we go back to see grandma in Taiping, we'll pull the chairs in her hall and make a train too.. hahahhahaa.. i have more cousins to play with there.

All make believe games and boardgames. Our big red monopoly and scrabble is still around. Some blissful childhood memories sparked by the dandelions in our garden.
Today's been quite a weird day. I woke up early but fell back to sleep after letting Dommy out for a leak. Emails... loads of it came in through the phone. Its been silent since i slept yesterday. Sis called and i didn't hear a thing too *LOL*

Sometimes i like a little silence. My tiny brain is so wrecked by the noises i hear each day. I only find silence at this hour of the night. When the whole household sleeps. Only the silent tabs of the keyboard entertained me now.

My Papa's hearing is getting bad. Each time he has the tv on, its getting loud and louder. *LOL* When he's not looking, i turn it 2 notch lower. But its really his house, he can have the tv as loud as he wants. I was just telling Papa just now... the door is gonna break away and fall off soon. He keeps banging the doors shut. I think he doesn't hear it so loudly. My face cringe each time the door bangs shut. Even Dommy's face contorts. *LOL*

I don't like to tell my dad what to do in his own house. Its not right. I don't know why it slipped out from my mouth just now. But i just told him that the door is going to fall off soon.. hahhahahaha

He always tells me that, when you are old, its good to have your own home. Dad always tells mom that if he should go first, he told mom never to sell the house. Just in case no one takes care of you, you'll always have your own home.

No one can tell you what to do and what not to do in your own home. I know he feels out of place when he is in my sisters houses. He doesn't know where to sit and what not to do and afraid that he'll mess up. I always watch my dad. When he comes home, he grins and say... ahhhhhhhh.. home. We are back home. Then he'll say.. there's no place like home. Then he'll go and turn his tv loud and louder and pour hot water in the sinks.

My papa is a very funny man. He likes to joke a lot and he has a fine selection of oldies in his mind. He loves to sing and wishes he can play the guitar. Worked hard all his life and still don't have much money on him. But enough to buy me breakfast and lunch too :)

He lives a lonely life now since mom left. They used to go everywhere together. They were like siamese twins. Even though there's three of us staying in this house, he says he's a very lonely man. I am working most of the time and if i am not working, i would be cooking.. or sleeping *LOL* and the blogging too.. hahahaa

Blogging is to save my sanity. Writing down things do make things better and let you see things in a new perspective. Its a way of finding out more about yourself.

He looks forward to weekends when my sisters make it home. He always seem happier when the kids are back. He was already smiling when my little sis called today and said that she's coming home this week. Not much to make an old man smile.

When you get to his age and your other half decides to go before you, it takes a while to get used to being alone. Your friends are dropping off like flies and you attend more funerals than weddings. I guess in the end, everyone ends up alone somehow.

Everyone have their quirks. I am not without any quirks too. Its a daily struggle to blend with each other because we are three different generations of people living in one house plus a dog... hahaha.. Thank God for the dog ;)
3.50pm , Thursday, August 6th 2009

Yet another life is claimed. 14 and counting.

People are dropping dead like flies and with the haze quite bad where i am, i see the situation getting worse.

People are still ignorant about it because it hasn't hit them yet.

Do wash your hands, don't go into crowded places if you can avoid it. Keep your small children at home and your old folks too. Get plenty of rest, be active and physically fit, manage your stress, drink lotta fluids, and eat good nutritious food.

Read up about the A(H1N1)/Swine Flu. There's many many info on it on the web.

Preventing the Flu: Good Health Habits Can Help Stop Germs


World Health Organization
Pretty maids in a row... urmm... i mean pretty mangoes in a row :)

Today i went to the market and mangoes were going for a steal. I bought 5 of them and a small ripe papaya. The old makcik at the market gave me a lot of small belimbings for a sour dish. I think they are called belimbing buluh or belimbing asam but they are very nice and sour. We cooked it with bean paste and eagle eye chilis..urrmm.. i mean bird's eye chilis.. hhahahahaha It practically opens up your tummy for more rice.

I only wanted a handful but she gave me a bagful.. hehehehee It must be my lucky day. This lady's been selling her wares on a small table since i was a a little kid. I see her when i used to go to the market with my mom.

When i go to the market now, i usually only buys from the ones my mom used to frequent. Its a habit i guess. Dad always reminds me to only buy fish from that particular shop because its from Taiping. When we eat dinner and if we have fish, he'll ask me again if i bought from the Taiping guy. If i said no, i'll be in trouble. Because he'll say the fish is smelly and not fresh. *LOL* He'll probably not eat it too.

My colleague said i am EVIL. It is because i showed her the picture below and went yum yum yummmmmmmmmmmm.. hahhahahaa.. She loves mangoes too like me.


I am a glutton. I finished one whole mango all by myself *lol* Don't blame me... there's no one around and the mangoes were all just lined up on the floor and calling me.. Eat Us Eat Us... and so i did. If dad and Boy don't come back soon, i'll be operating on the next mango soon.

Its been a pleasure sharing my eaten mango seed with you Esther :p

Times Of Your Life ~ Paul Anka

I haven't been posting much of my papa's songs lately even though he's still singing with Youtube everyday :) It is because he found the use of headphones *LOL*

I couldn't listen to what he is listening to anymore. But sometimes, he will turn on the speakers loudly and share his music with me.

Hope you'll like this too :)

more on Paul Anka here on www.paulanka.com

Does this look like some alien eggs? Or mebbe roe? hehehhee

The above is the pom or poms that is outta its shell... finally :) Its sweet with a bit of tangy feeling... but you kinda gotta grab a bunch and pop them in your mouth to get juices. It makes a krek krok krek krok sound when u pop a bunch in your mouth. If you only eat one at a time like kuaci... it will just be a squirt of juice.. hahhahahaa It would be almost tiring to eat them one at a time.

For one fruit... you'll have a few hundred pom arils. Its a lot to eat on one seating. But if you blend it to make juices, one fruit is not enough :) Rozie says that if you mix it in some yogurt... its very nice.

Dommy doesn't like it.. he just played with it for a while.. attacked it.. but gave up when he couldn't open it *LOL*

Its a very very warm hazy day today. Weather like this just makes us sick. Remember to drink more juices, eat more fruits... and hope the flu doesn't hit you.

I think he's pissed. He don't even wanna look at me or the Pom now.. *LOL*

WoooooooooooooooooooooooooooOOOOOO... Are you spooked yet?

I am a Obi-Wan Kenobi Wannabe *woof*

Quit taking pictures now Anny... i am getting cold. My fur is getting tangled and i am beginning to look silly in this yellow towel hoodie thingy.

Please get me all towel and blown dry pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee (even though i hate the sound of the hairdryer)... i wanna be fluffy and dry again.

I think i'll be due for the groomers soon. Oh boy... i better go hide somewhere next week.

Brickfields. Some people shudder when they hear Brickfields. They give me the big doe eyes and like a scary mouse, they go.. you are going to work THERE? I was going WHY? What's wrong with Brickfields. There's YMCA... it shouldn't be all that bad ya? And so my journey with geeky man continued there.

First day i reported there, i was greeted by this thin girl with a big smile. I nearly ran out of breath walking up two flights of steps or was it three. The stairs are dark and dingy... and i reached a lawyers firm first before i reached our office. Our office was hidden in a backroom behind the lawyers firm.

Since the computer was hooked in the front room, they made me sit there. The old boss used to sit there. He is a very nice man. He said, you sit here. Don't you worry about it. There's no other available power point to hook up your system. It feels weird to be sitting in a room. I was just the artist.. *LOL* Everytime the main door opens, the suppliers will look my way and nod their head to acknowledge me. It was where the old boss used to sit. So they must be thinking i am the new boss.. hahahhahaa.. sometimes i run and hide behind the shelf each time i hear a knock.

There was basically just four of us working in that office.. later on we had five. The office was the main backbone of the company because our database is stored there. Come to think of it now, its a mighty dangerous place to put the database office. But as people say, the most dangerous place is usually the safest place.

When i first started working in Brickfields... Sentral was not even up yet. There was just this vast empty land up front from our office which is Sentral today. There were talks that something big was coming up right in front of our office. There was not even Monorial way back then. But today, the KL Monorial's last stop is smack right in between the shophouses few doors away from my old office.

We always come to work very early way back then. We would be in at about 7am... before the skies are bright, we would be in and with breakfast in hand. Sometimes we stop at the market and get our breakfast and walked happily to office. One of my colleagues will usually pack two half boil eggs and she'll come up swinging her half boil eggs. Sometimes the eggs will hit the wall while she is coming up and she'll come up with a bag of smashed eggs but she will still sieve thru the shells and eat it. *LOL* We'll only leave about 7pm or when its dark.. it was like our second home.

We had a new colleague that came one early morning to report to work. She knocked a few times, both my colleague and i was peeping at her from the peep hole and refuse to open the door for her. She started to look pissed. We both just giggled in darkness and peeped at her. After a while... we slipped A4 paper under the door to her... many pieces... she got pissed and started to walk away... Both of us rolled in laughter and finally open the door for her. First day of work for her and a bit of ragging from both of us. She never liked this office. But she stayed on with us. She hated this office because it was ugly.. hahhahahahhaa.. We did try to change her mindset but she never really got close to us and Brickfields.

We will walk everywhere all over Brickfields for lunch. Brickfields do have the best coffee with fresh cow's milk. The best coffee i tasted so far. The stall is under a tree and it is served in a steel mug with another steel plate under it. Maybe the environment lends an extra feel good feeling to that cup of coffee :)

Our office is not pretty. We just have the basics. Computers, microwave, water dispenser and a fridge. Old furniture... and dark stairs. hahhahahahahhaaa We never felt afraid. We have Dinty's Pub downstairs. But we never go drinking there.. hahhahahaa.. we sure don't want to get drunk near the place we work.

Once we had a dude who walked into our office and asked us where's the toilet. He used the toilet and promptly went out.. *LOL* He was at the lawyer's firm in front and came to the back to use the toilet. Funnily he thought our office was the toilet.. hahahhahahahahhaa.. Good thing he didn't give my colleague sitting in the main room 20cents for toilet use. We were all just as startled when he walked in and use the toilet and went out. He had a startled look too. hahhahahaha We had a good laugh over that and decided to lock the main door in the future.

We were usually poor and almost penniless before the month's end. Then we'll buy canned food and share among ourselves with a loaf of bread. They will follow me to KLCC to cash my paycheck every month's end and we'll have something nice to eat there... hehehhehee

The office was our sanctuary for many years. We do have another hoity toity office in another part of town. Nicer office with better furniture but we always loved our Brickfields. No one bothered us there. We just do our work happily.

We filled this big white wall with clippings and drawings of stuffs. People who open the door to the office were often taken aback by the stuffs we stuck on the wall.. hahhahahaha I learnt a few tamil words and some urmm.. swear words too.. *LOL* I wrote all the tamil words that was taught by my suster on the wall with pictures so that i remember. We have decorations for every festive season. We bought our first Christmas tree & fatty snowman for the office and my colleagues dragged it all the way from Petaling Street.

After working there for a good many years, we moved to another place. Sentral was coming up slowly when we left Brickfields. My geeky boss commented that my English was having a tinge of Indian in it. He said.. i put you too long in Brickfields *LOL* I think he doesn't realise Malaysians all speak like that.. hahhahahaa Its just Malaysian LAH.

I have many happy memories of Brickfields with my co-workers. It was one of the happiest days of my life. I am still working with two of them.
It all started there... 15 years ago. I met this tall geeky guy at Parkroyal for an interview. He showed me a few brochures and asked me.. do you know how to do this. I said yes. Next question he asked me was... do you want to leave your company and worked for me? Then i said... urmm.. no.. *LOL* He must be wondering why i am going for the interview if i do not want the job. Then i told him, maybe someday i will work for you. But not today.

Fate always play tricks on me. A old friend called and ask me to join him to work for a new ad agency they are setting up. I went.. COOL! When can i start? And don't you want to interview me? He said.. no need to interview you la. You are my friend. I asked him.. who's the boss? He said... Surpriseeeeeeeeee. I was scratching my head. He said he has interviewed you before... so he does not need to see you again. And so fate brought us back together... and i finally signed up to work for geeky man.

Working at the ad agency was like signing up for cancer. AE's were smoking above our heads while talking among themselves. We were in this small office which was literally a smoking pit. Another girl and i were at the computers choking every single working day till the AE's and bosses left for meetings. By then we were smoked filled from top to toe. But it was fun. I was only supposed to be there for 6 months for training. But i made some good friends there. We spend long hours working because the agency was small. But i did learn a lot there. And no.. i didn't learn smoking.

My journey continued to Brickfields after the training. Brickfields. Brickfields brings many happy happy memories for me.

to be continued... (dad is grumbling.. its late..)

Saturdays should always be blissful like this... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZ

I have seen better days. Look at me. My colors are faded. My sides are torn. My insides are cracked. But she still loves me
~ The Teal Ones

That's my teal sneakers yapping away above. Together with my feet, i sometimes hear them complaining. The do make a fine pair of complainers. *LOL* No no no.. i have not gone nuts. Our feet do complain to us sometimes with aches and pains when we walk too much or when we wear the wrong kind of shoes.

I am quite a loyal kind of person because usually I wear only a pair of shoes all the time till its broken. I don't really like the hassle of changing different type of shoes. I don't require more shoes these days because the only place i go often is the market and back home to work.

I do have other shoes but they are collecting debris and cobwebs in some other place.. i think.. i don't remember where i left them :) maybe in my sisters houses.

Shoes... when it comes to shoes... i am pretty choosy. It could take me ages to find a pair that i like but when i do find it.. i will buy it straight away without a second thought. The shoes that strike my fancy are pretty weird looking if i remember them well.

There was this big brown heavy caterpillar boots which i wore everywhere i went. If i threw it at your head, you would probably faint from the knock. It isssssss heavy. And when i was wearing that pair, i was living on the 5th floor of a walkup apartment.. hahahhahaa... When i get to the fourth floor, i feel like 100 pounds tied to my feet. But one day, some moron just nicked my shoes from the porch and i never seen it again. Ever. It is a great conversation piece. The boots. People always look at my boots first before they look at my face. *LOL*

Then it was this black pair with white seams running all over the shoes. It was a Mary Janes... but a bit tougher looking. It kinda look like Ronald McDonald's shoes.. hahahhahaa.. just a wee bit smaller head on the front. I don't know why i liked it.. but i bought it when i set my eyes on it. I had that shoe for years. I even wore it to the beach and walked on the sand and the sea in it. Urrmm.. i was taking photographs... i didn't have any spare hands to take off my shoes.. hehhehehee

I have a pair of black boots with a bit of a heel. It makes me feel so much taller when i am wearing that :) I loved it cos its Kickers. I bought it because i wanted to have Kickers (its a lifelong dream to own a pair of Kickers)... hahahahaa.. But it was painful to be wearing that for long hours. Once i went dancing with it. After a while i felt like taking it off and just walk barefoot. Its still a good pair and now i only wear it for dinners so i can tower a few feet high :)

But i've always have many sneakers cos i find them easy to wear and i can run faster in it.. not that i'm running from the CIA or anything.. hehehe. I don't fall over so easily and my toes are protected if i am kicking some stones. I kinda have two left feet. Even when i am sober, my feet can go knocking on table feet and walls. I don't know how they do that. You can ask them if you see them.

My most loved sneakers is the one above. Its teal in color. My favourite color. With pink seams and a very sturdy base. Its a very good shoe to wear to the wet markets where its all slippery. And its a Converse. (my lifelong dream was to own a real Converse and this is my first pair)... hahaha..

I have many lifelong dreams to own certain pair of shoes. I haven't found a Camper that i like yet. But Campers in Malaysia is way too steep.

Maybe when i get to 50, i'll own my very first red Camper shoes :D That would be niceeeee... but i am still very choosy when it comes to shoes. My sister used to dread going shoe shopping with me. I'll end up buying nothing and she'll have shoes and shoes under her arms... ;)