Clueless.. i am clueless on most days. Especially clueless in the mornings when i am not wide awake yet.

For the past few weeks, i have been getting up at 6am. For me... 6am is like the best time to sleep. But hell no... both Dommy and Piper are like birds. They are early birds. They both sleep in their own beds in my room. But a tiny movement from me.. or a turn, will get them both excited. They would think that its morning even though it could be 3am. They would get all excited to get up and shake their butts and eager to go out with the "i need to pee look".

The reason i get up at 6am is to get myself ready to send my nephew off to college before i start work myself at home. I could let him drive himself to college but he just got his licence a few months back. The early morning traffic is horrendous on the highway. And you have flying empty lorries on all three lanes of the highway rushing off to the port. Most of the time, he is not even awake yet to drive. Yes.. i think i pamper him too much. *LOL* But he's only 17.

To get to his college takes about 30 minutes and to get back to the house.. another 30 minutes. It takes me about an hour to and fro. Sometimes it takes about an hour and a half for me to get home to turn on the yellow blinkers.

On some days, i'll drop by the wet market near his college and get some grubs and stuffs to cook for dinner later in the day. Probably take me about 15mins to do a very fast marketing.. hahhahahaha I get fresh fruits... fresh meat and some vegetables too. The breafast and nasi lemak at the market is not too bad either. They come in very big portions for a steal.

Some days i get a bit hoity toity for my own good :) Usually i'll pass by McDonalds, KFC, Dunkin Donuts on the highway. They seem to call out to me with their bright colourful signboards. Come come come and get some donuts.. or come and get McDonalds breakfast.. :) I don't quite like KFC in the morning.. hahaha

I love McDonalds breakfast. But the coffee is crappy as hell. Arabica coffee... yucks! Its just bitter. Even with sugar, it kind of leaves a dark aftertaste in your mouth.

Today i went to pump some petrol and walla... Dunkin Donuts seems to be sending some positive vibes to me. I needed a sugar fix and and and i fell prey to the lovely donuts on the tray. Donuts and i go a long way. I have a mighty sweet tooth and one of the reasons why i don't really have much teeth left on me *LOL*

Since no one in this household fancy donuts except me, i only got two dreamy donuts. Yum yummmmm :) When i was about to pay.. i was going.. urmm.. maybe i could use a fancy coffee. I decided to give myself a big treat. Walking to the car, i grin like a silly goose while clutching the two soft donuts in the bag and the coffee in the other hand.

When i reach my car, i automatically put my cuppa of coffee on the roof of my car while i search for my keys in my pockets :D I drove off slowly and the donuts seem to be screaming at me.. EAT ME EAT ME... Being the glutton that i am... i parked my car a few meters away and quickly munch on one of the soft donuts. Yummmmmmmmmm. Then it hit me.. where's my coffee?

Damn! I must have left it on the roof of my car. I quickly got out of my car... and walla! There sits my beautiful coffee. Not a drop missing. It was just clinging on for dear life when i drove that few meters. *LOL* Good thing i drive like an old lady and i didn't make any sharp turns. I think the cars around me would be thinking why this idiot is driving around with her coffee on the roof.

The donuts did save the day and the coffee. Dunkin Donut's coffee is better.. nicer.. smoother.. urmm.. urmm.. maybe coffee that is "saved" taste like a million bucks.. hehehhee.. Not that i know how a million bucks taste like.

The internet service here is crawling like a snail this week. Is it me or is everyone experiencing exceptionally slow internet speed? I am crawling at 1Mbps.. hahahahahaa... It is almost an impossible feat to do any updates on heavy websites. Ah well... i think i'll go read a book for now. This slow speed is driving me up the wall.

Oh.. i am currently reading this. How to Behave So Your Dog Behaves by Sophia Yin.

I got it from Borders on Monday. We are just a few pages into the book. Both Dommy and i are reading it together ;p This book might help me to understand my dogs better and their behaviours. It is suppose to teach me how to behave so that my dogs behaves :) The book was going for a steal :D

I was searching for Emila's My Mother's Garden in Borders. I couldn't find the book that Emila wrote and illustrated in Borders yet. But its available at Kinokuniya. Maybe i'll go drop by Kinokuniya soon :)

If you have a kid, this book would be a wonderful book for him/her. Its beautifully illustrated and i just can't wait to get my hands on it. Visit her e-shop to get it if you are overseas and interested to buy it. Here's the link. My Mother's Garden @ Emila's Littleshop
Cobwebs.. hehehehe.. I see cobwebs here. Updating this site seems to have taken a backseat lately :)

I have been
  • busy (not quite a good excuse)
  • lazy (sounds more like it)
A nomad's life is more apt. Lately we have been travelling up down quite a bit. Just when things are more settled, we have to up and go again. Things won't be much settled anyways. That's the fun part of life. If it gets too settled, i'll probably be bored to death.

In a week or so, Boy is moving to another state to start his studies in a college. Just when he has started making new friends and getting settled in his new surroundings here, he has to change and move to another state again. *LOL* Well.. that is part and parcel of life. Change is always good. We should always embrace change with an open heart.

3 years ago, i uprooted and moved back home to be with dad and Boy. Taking care of them as best i could or know how. It was quite an experience and a teenage kid does teach you loads of things.. hahhahahaa.. I tried to be more of a friend to him than to nag the life out of him. But waking him up in the morning to get to school was a chore. He could probably sleep through the loudest alarm clock. Even with 10 alarm clocks, i doubt he'll even hear one of them ringing.

Both Boy and i plus Dommy went back home last weekend to check on our home in Ipoh. The whole house was still intact. hehehehe The whole garden was quite a disaster.. hahahahhaa Overgrown grass, lot of leaves on the ground and dandelions which was lovely in a way. The rain has kept the garden nicely watered and most of the plants survived.

Short papaya tree. This is a short papaya tree.. which fruits quite fast. We'll have some ripe ones to eat on our next trip home :)

My jatrophas are still thriving. This is a pretty hardy plant. The future of biodiesel production? Maybe... :)

These are supposed to be catnips.. *LOL* But i had some papays seeds in the pots. I guess the papayas override the catnips in the pots. This is what happens when you don't have green fingers.

We went to the church to see mom. Poor mom haven't had a candle lit for her for weeks. The really nice old florist at the church had yellow orchids for us. He only charges peanuts for a bunch. It was nice to be home. To the familiar surroundings. To the quaint life of Ipoh.

On our way back to Kuala Lumpur on Sunday evening, it rained and rained. At one point, it rained so hard that i couldn't very well see the car in front of me. I really hate driving in the rain. Especially when i have precious cargo.

The storms can be pretty vicious. In my heart, i was going.. should i stop or should i go on ahead. With fear (yes.. i am a scardy cat), i moved on. I know my mom will keep me safe and get me to my destination.

In life, we will encounter many storms. Storms as in problems or storms as in the storm itself. If we keep on going and moving ahead, the storm will ease eventually.
Our special thanks to our fellow bloggers here who answered our last Fluffy Friday question correctly ;) Thank you so much for the funny comments :D

Last weekend was spoooooooOOOOOkey for little ole me. I got fixed. Its all a conspiracy i tell you. (oh.. i borrow this liner from Uncle Spiffy).

Mommy quietly took me out while the whooooooooooooooole household was asleep. She just said "let's go"... and i fell into her trap. I thought she was taking me for a car ride. Spending more time with me.. bonding time. I knew it. I just knew it. All car rides always end up at the vet or the groomers. Next time i won't budge and get into her car anymore. I'll even growl. They are afraid when i growl.

Before i knew what was happening, i was at this vet's place. And after a while... i was woozy. And if i can remember anything of that day... it was wooozy. My throat was dry and i was woozzzzzzzy.

Its all a conspiracy i tell you. They got me fixed without asking my permission. There was just a lot of buzz buzz around... and there goes the end of my bloodline. No more little Pipettes running around. Can you believe that.

At least i am treated like a king these few days :) Ahhh... i am sure they have their reasons. I shall not be mad at my humans.


Piper was fixed/neutered last Saturday. We deliberated for quite a while. Few years actually. *LOL* We were afraid that something might happen to him if we got him neutered. Or he might not be able to take the medicine because he's so tiny.

When he was little, we thought about having little Pipers when he was old enough to mate. But over the years, we never got around to finding him a girlfriend/wife/mate.

Shitzus are wonderful companions. Small and compact. You can even fit them into a bag and carry them around. They are hard-headed... stubborn but they are really very loving creatures.

Piper mixed with more humans than dogs... till Dom came along. The only friend he knew is Dom... and Brandy.. he was more afraid of Brandy as she was too big and fast.

We hardly let him go out to mix with other dogs as he's quite a fiesty little creature and always wanting to get into fights with other dogs... hahhahaaa. When a bigger dog barks at him, he barks back. Forgetting his size. The bigger dog could just jump on him and that will be the end of him. He keeps forgetting he's tiny.

He has an air about him.. he comes off as arrogant sometimes. They were the companion dogs of chinese royalty in ancient times.

Getting your dogs neutered / spayed is important if you do not intend to breed. It is your responsibility as a pet owner. This is to prevent unwanted litters and overpopulation. Just take a walk to the Furry Friends Farm, PAWS or the SPCA. You will see how overpopulated they are.

If you are looking for a dog/cat, give these places a chance. Get a rescued dog/cat. Rescued dogs/cats are more loving and can be re-trained when there is love in their new home.

Dom is a rescued dog. He is one of the most faithful and obedient dog i know. Even though he likes to bark quite suddenly sometimes, he has his reasons. He has very sharp ears. The slightest sound and it will send him in a frenzy to secure the house and the family *LOL*. He is most protective of us.

Got to take them out for their walks now :) Here's a picture of them walking together earlier :) Have a great evening ahead.

Our walks
Mommy and Anny's been whispering quite a bit these few days. They have the "knowing look". I don't know what they know but something fishy is happening here. They've been looking at me with a "knowing look". They were saying something about a fix-it. I don't really know what they are trying to fix. But when the say the word "fix-it"... their attention turns to me.

What are they trying to fix about me? I am way fluffy enough.. and i have been in my best behaviour lately. What's with the "knowing looks". They are spooking me.

They been extremely nice to me. I've been getting lotta tummy rubs and hugs too.

What are they trying to fix? Oh woe is me.


Can anyone guess what we are trying to fix (about Piper) this weekend? We'll give you a banner link here if you guess it correctly :)

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Sometimes my dad sends us emails. Even if he is sitting in the next room or in another country like right now... he still shares his mails.

I bet he is counting the days till he can come home and drive around in his rocket. Old folks love their freedom. They always want to come home. Back to their own beds and the comforts of their safe surroundings and friends. How many miles he may travel and how many new places he sees, the minute he reaches home, he'll break out in a smile and just whisper.. HOME.

Well... he shouldn't worry too much. Home is always here. And home he will be soon.

Here's one email he sent yesterday. Good one to share with all of you here.

There are only two things to worry about;
Either you are well or you are sick.
If you are well, then there is nothing to worry about;
But if you are sick there are only two things to worry about;
Whether you will get well, or whether you will die.
If you get well, there is nothing to worry about;
But if you die, there are only two things to worry about;
Whether you go to heaven or hell.
If you go to heaven there is nothing to worry about;
And if you go to hell you'll be so busy shaking hands with old friends, you won't have time to worry.
So... Why Worry?
Are you a coffee addict? I am i am and i am. Not the usual starbucks kind of coffee addiction. Its the any coffee kind of addiction. But its still under control :) My hands do not shake yet... if i don't have my coffee fix. If i get to that point of shaky hands addiction, i'll need to be detoxed.

Too much of a good thing is not good. Anything in moderation is fine.

Usually i'll have a cuppa in the morning.. the wake me up coffee that glids into my stomach and coats everything and sends a big grin up to my silly face. One more in the late afternoon if i get too sleepy to work. Too many coffees do make me sluggish in the end. So i try to keep it at two. Coffee does stain my teeth more and more. Its beyond repairable. But i am way too old to be bothered by that now :D

I had a caramel macchiato yesterday. Fancy name and fancy coffee. I was at Starbucks. I can't really tell the difference between a latte or a macchiato. To me... coffee is coffee.

Each time they ask me for the size of my coffee.. i would like.. urmm... and look at the picture again *LOL* If it was simply Small, Regular or Large like McDonalds.. it would be easier. They have Tall, Venti or Grande but Tall is not the tallest cup of coffee. They sure confuse me each and everytime i go there. I can never seem to remember their cup sizes.

When this bunch of friends and i catch up for a chat, it is usually a long chat. When i was working in Kuala Lumpur, we would meet almost every week. To find new places/things to eat or chat for hours on end. I don't know why we have so much to talk about... hahhahahaa

I have a few friends.. a few good friends. I've known them for quite a long time. Some are married and some are still single and hanging like me. We have grown quite old over the years. We still giggle like a bunch of morons. We still talk too loud sometimes too.

Our conversations lasted about 5 hours. Just the four of us. We talked about the weirdest things sometimes. One minute we were talking about pregnancy and childbirth and confinement... and then one of them was telling me about the Roomba she just bought for her small apartment. We had a good laugh over that because the apartment is so small. A roomba is quite useless because all she did when she turned it on was to watch it move and following it closely with her eyes to check if it misses a spot. It would be much easier to just sweep the floor *LOL*

Then we talked about parents and siblings and then it was about some mop from cosway that comes with a pail and costs a bomb.... and then it was babies milk from soya milk to breast milk to cows milk and handphones. Then it was about kindergardens and schools.. hehhehehe Then it was a debate about private schools and national schools.

We could be talking for another 12 hours if time permits. The coffee did help :) We sure do have a lot to talk about. I haven't been much of a friend since i moved back to Ipoh three years ago. I hardly had much time to go out. I don't even make an effort to go out at all except to the market or to get dog/household supplies. I should make more time for them. They are my closest friends.

But with really good friends... you can always pick up from where you left off :)

Do you love coffee as much as i do? My favourite coffee is still Kopi Cap Gajah (one elephant and not the one with two elephants).. quite a famous coffee from my hometown. Somehow.. that coffee is evergreen. I got the picture here in my computer somewhere... i'll look for it tomorrow :)
Sometimes we see two little fellas running around here. This is Piper and his brother Pupa. They love to sleep close to each other and sometimes they form a cute little heart shape :) We can't really tell them apart as they are identical.

Piper gets confused sometimes when he sees his double *LOL* He won't bark at it. He will just sit close and am glad for the company when there's no one in the house or when there's heavy rain and thunder. For a tiny little dog, he is quite brave to stay all alone at home while his mommy and daddy goes out to bring the bacon home.

Can you tell them apart? Which is Piper and which is Pupa? Happy Fluffy Friday everyone!

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