Dearest Friends and Furries,

We are going to be hitting the road (OUCH!) later this afternoon to be with family for Christmas. We want to take this opportunity to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and May the New Year brings lots of goodness and happiness to everyone.

If you are getting a new pet for someone this Christmas, do check out the SPCA or shelters for dogs. There are so many who deserves a second chance and a forever home. Don't buy a brand new dog. Give the ones at the shelters a chance.

Thank you for always dropping by to leave your comments. We appreciate your friendship and love.

See you all next year! Take care and be safe on the roads.

with love,
Dommy, Piper and Anny
Our apologies for not posting much lately. We are on a roll here. Dommy and Piper are rolling in the beds.. left right left right.. hehehe. I am however trying to roll left and right to try and finish the Sketchbook Project 2011.

It has been quite a fun experience scrawling away on the sketchbook dead in the night with Pete singing in the background. Yes.. its always Pete singing.. *LOL* I wonder when he'll be out with his next album. Hurry up Pete.

I rediscovered something which i lost when i started using the computers. It has been cow years working on the computers. On some days, i forget how to hold a pen and write like a normal person should.

The funny stuffs usually end up in my drawings. My mind is more cartoony and cottony than anything else. Most of the pages are cartoony.. *LOL* But its been nice to draw again. I'm still trying to get back in the groove of things.. and trying to hold a brush without shaking like jelly-o. In my old age, my hands shake more and my eyes blurr out when i draw too late in the night.. hehehehe

Hope you all enjoy the drawings below. Don't laugh too loud ya :) The drawings are quite rough on the edges. My hands keep shaking. The shaking is probably due to all the chicken legs that i've consumed all my life.

Tomorrow.. we'll show you our Christmas tree... i'll try to get both furries to pose. We finally put it up last Saturday. YehooooooooooOOOoo.

smoking monsters

coffee love
When he sleeps, he exudes peace all around. That is one of the reasons why we should always let sleeping dogs lie. Sometimes he has dreams and he goes "yip yippp yipp*. On most days, he just snores like an old train chugging down the railroad.

I wonder if they dream when they sleep. Do they dream of chasing cats up trees or barking at the mailman or probably dreaming of a big delicious bone to savour.

He has almost outgrown his little red bed. It is fun to see them fit themselves in their beds and try to get comfortable.

All he wants for Christmas are tummy rubs.
Tails a wagging.. du du du... tails a wagging.. du du du... that is a happy tail from the top dog :) He's still top dog around here (i think). Status haven't changed yet. And so.. the tails are a wagging happily from the little one.

We haven't been up to much around here. Just lazing around and tails a wagging. du du duuu
Christmas is just round the next corner... and our tree is not up yet. Tails a wagging.. du du du

We don't get real christmas trees around here. The only real christmas trees are brought in by IKEA each year. Year in and year out, we'll drag out the old plastic tree.. put up the same ole decorations.. and maybe a few more new stuffs :) Are we a wee bit late for the christmas tree? I am probably too old and lazy for christmas this year... perhaps.

The only thing that is quite christmas around here is dad singing to his christmas carols.

My niece was around last week... and i torture her to do all the household chores.. *LOL* She even washed the pot for me one day. I bet she'll treasure her home more after this. But we did have a good time together.

She is a wonderful girl. She loves to bake and cook. And she wanted to make icing for cupcakes but i was too lazy. So she settled for colourful dots for her topping.

 We made some cupcakes but stuffed all 16 of them in one tray... and all of them cakes overflowed and fight for space.
It was funny to see them overflowing like that. *LOL*

We went to see Narnia in the cinemas. It was in 3D. Like the old fool that i am.. this is the first time i saw a movie in 3D (where have i been all this time right?) *LOL* It was a nice movie with the kids.

Try taking pictures with a crummie phone in a cinema and you get darkness all around ;)
i have been taking pictures only with my crummie phone lately.. *LOL* 

Piper had a bit of a tummy ache from lying on the cool floors everyday. A bit of wind got into his tummy and he was a poot pooting away.
Here he is feeling sick last week.

We would be going off on the road to Piper's home next week to celebrate christmas in Kuala Lumpur with my family till the new year.. (i think).

Hah! I hear fireworks outside? Hmmm... i wonder what was that for?

This year has gone by extremely fast... with a lot of changes. As change is always good, we are now slowing down now to catch up on our breath and prepare for the new year.

I never do resolutions to welcome the new year. Maybe when i was a kid, i probably did.. and forgot all about them by January. We should just be happy and live each day as it is our last. Keep good friends and family close and furry buddies closer. Do good and be nice to the little people... and it will be a wonderful year ahead. Own lesser things and live a simpler life.

Loads of money don't usually guarantee happiness. Having people around you and feeling that you belong and loved is a gurantee that you will have a fulfilling life.

ROOOARRRRR... i am the top dog!

I am still hearing fireworks now. Hmmm... someone smuggled in quite a bit of fireworks. Is it the new year already?
Living life with two furries is wonderful. Both fight for attention and both wants a piece of what you are eating too. It used to be 1/2 a cookie to Dom when i am eating a cookie and now our cookie distribution has to be 1/3 for each of us. *LOL*

Going on car rides, both fight to be in front too. Somehow sitting in front with me brings a bigger smile on their faces. The one in front usually grins and grins while the one at the back sulks. Sometimes they take turns but usually Dom gets to sit in front as he's more well behaved. Piper will usually sit at the back because he loves to bark at my ears when we nearing home. He gets very excited to get home even though we are just going out for a short errand.

Since he's been missing his mommy a lot lately... we decided to upgrade his status at home and made him the "top dog" here. Things sure are changing around here. Big smiles on the little fella's face.

Living the life of a top dog. Being top dog at home means...
  1. I get to sleep on fluffy big cushions while some other curly underdog gets to sleep on the floor. He's lucky he's getting carpet and not cold hard floors.
Being top dog when we go out means...
  1. I get to ride in front with her and get all the nice sights and aircon at full blast.
Being the downgraded dog when we go out means...
  1. Curly now rides at the back. Just lookit his sad face.
Being top dog when we go out means...
  1. I get stroked and chatted while she is driving. And sometimes she tells me i am cute and i get stroked and loved more. Sometimes she slips in a tummy rub too when we are at the traffic lights.
Let's sneak a peek at the downgraded dog behind. Isn't that a rejected sad dog. Lookit that sad sad face. Give us a smile now Curly. He's keeping mum. No amount of prodding will crack a smile on that face.

Being a top dog means... i get toys when she goes out to get us pet supplies.

All the Curly gets is his old green blankie which is rather smelly. Poor Curly

Being top dog means... i get to go in between her working chair and sleep whenever and wherever i want. And she is not suppose to move a limb else she rolls over my beeyoootiful nose. But thats the place i always hide when there's thunder and rain.

** My dear furries and children, DO NOT try this at home. This is just an example to show you all of the when and where.

This used to be me and my seat. I always get to sit in front and be the co-driver. I always get to go on rides and keep her company. Now no more. No more. I have been downgraded.

Hey Piper.. when are you going home to your mommy?