opps!.. here's me with my nose stuck on the table's leg at PP's house... halp halppppp!
unstuck me.. get me outta this stickiness.. halp halp..

all i did was go near the table legs... and here i am. STUCK! as a lamb in a meadow
halp halpppppppppppppppppppppppppppp

*poof* finally.. manage to pull myself off..

never go near table legs...
they just draws you near... you know tables... they draw you like magnets..
sometimes they tempt you with some crumbs and table scraps...
when you get too near... they catch you by the nose!

hear ye! hear ye!
that was a scary experience...
i was still shaking below... my head keeps shaking... and s ha k i ng
i am almost hidden in the bright sunlight...
smarty pants eh!

hear ye! hear ye!

goodnite doggies.. i am off to lalaland.

I got myself stuck in a purple circle.. and everything went black and white on the outside...
Seems weird.. woof!

Gotcha there!

I kinda like to lie on this big purple circle in PP's house :D its soft and big and soft and warm on the cold floor and soft.. and its really soft.. did i say that it was the softest thing ever...

Anyways... PP's house is very nice and cool. I dun get itchy backs here.

here's me outta the purple circle... and all the colors came back on... weird ha?
Seems magical... like a ON/OFF color mat.

Try it.. if you come to PP's house.

Time to sleepo... its been a looongoooo dayoooo...

gudnite people!

hip hip halidayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy... yippppeeeeeeeeeee..

I am going for haliday to PP's house.. hehehehehehee
guess he doesn't know i am coming... hmmmm....
i bet he'll be jumping for JOYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY when he sees me walking thru that door... huhuhahahahaha..

man i miss that guy! PP waiiiiiiiiiiitt waitttt... i am comingggggggggggg...

now.. sleep first.. so i'll have lotta energy for my excursion tomorrow :D
calling me sang kancil eh... u waitttttttttttttt.... wait till this kancil jump on you!

i'll have energy double O when i take my powernap now :D
gudnite friends! PP.. i am comingggggggggggggg

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Dommy also wanted one Slogan done for him... Copycat! awoooooooooooooof!

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Found this on Emila's web :D it is cooooooooooool!

Greetings from KL. Here's a latest shot of me.. mr tua pui... in my new home.
Mummy took this pic for me... and i look like I am wearing green contact lenses...

hmm.. got to remind her not to flash the flashlights on my eyes the next time.. or mebbe a side view at an angle would sorta cut out the green eyes. I think.

I'm just a doggie.. i don't think too much.. all i need to do.. is lie on my back n pray for a tummy rub.

I'm just a doggie.. everybody loves me... I'm just a doggie..

i wonder how is Dommy... heard he had a crew cut today... and now kinda look like a sang kancil. hehhehehheee.. wooooooooooooooooooooooffff!
These people need help... rescued animals.


All animals or humans for that matter need love. All they need is love and they will love u back double triple and more.

I was adopted too last year. Now i am just happy being with my new family.
They loved me like their own and i am now a part of a big big family.

I still miss my brother Moet. Hope he is happy with his new family too.
We got separated from the last stop... and Marilyn has been wonderful in making sure we are placed in good families. I miss Marilyn too. She's such a wonderful woman. So Yoko Ono... lovely black long hair. Maybe i'll go visit her when i go down for a holiday.

Maybe next year i'll meet my brother at the K9 doggie show at Bandar Utama. I missed it this year. :(

So people, before you consider buying a puppy or a pedigree.. from a breeder or a puppy mill... try and check out this place http://www.rescue2rehome.blogspot.com/
or the SPCA's around your area. Chances are, you'll fall head over heels in love with one. I did.