“Lead us not into temptation. Just tell us where it is; we'll find it.” ~ Sam Levenson

My wicked cow tempted me with cookies when we did a shoot today. Usually i am not very cooperative when she wants to take my pictures. But she knows that i love a nom or two anytime of the day. Since i am still with a steroid coated tummy, it is not very nice of her to tempt me with food. She is wicked but she is all i've got when it comes to food.

But i think my eyes are most beautiful this time round. Don't you think so? *wink wink*

Oh.. she says to tell you guys that we are experimenting with Google+ lately. If you wanna see more of my beautiful eyes... find us on Google+. My cow uses the email anny.oon@gmail.com

If you miss me... or wanna see our daily going-ons and what my wicked cow is up to... join us at Google+ ya. We are still experimenting :)
This is me before i became a schnoodle. In the warmth of the morning sun, my cow took many pictures of me  before i become naked without them furs. I think i look like a lion here. *ROOOOOOOARRRRRRRRR*

SHE always likes me fluffy but SHE is always lazy.

I do love noodles especially pasta with my kibs and them juicy chickens.

When i was in Piper's home, Piper's daddy kept calling me Rod Stewart. I do not know who is Rod Stewart but i hear that he makes great music. I don't make music but being associated with a musicman is an honorable thing... i think.

Now they call me Tintin's dog. I don't know who is this Tintin. But if he has a dog, i wanna know him too. They say that Tintin's dog is very famous and he's Snowy. I wonder if he'll share his noms with me.

I am not hungry all the time now as my prednisone is tapered now. I am in my third week on prednisone. I think i have a prednisone coated stomach now. One more week and i shall have to go to a dreadful v-e-t to have my blood drawn for bloodworks. Hopefully there will be some marked improvements in my results and i can be off them steroids.

Its lonely here without Mr. P. There's no one to bark with me and no one to steal food from. I wonder how he is doing over there. There's only this annoying brown mini poodle that barks the whole entire day when i try to nap. Don't they know that when dogs bark, they are either lonely or need some hugs. They have this tiny poodle tied up the whole entire day. Won't you be barking if you are tied up the whole entire day. Silly neighbours. I'll go over later and send her a peemail.

All the cats came back to eat at the back garden the day we arrived. We are just missing Blue Eyes. Blue Eyes is the only one that my grandpa likes. I like Blue Eyes and Lil Tabby too. I wonder where he went. He is such an adventurous fella. He must be off on some great adventure.

This is Blue Eyes. If any of you see him... can you ask him to come back please.

The house is most quiet and SHE is a lazy cook now. She only cooks a whole pot of stuff and not many dishes. I think by month's end, both Grandpa and i will have to find some other people to cook for us. SHE has become a lazy dood.

I see my silly cow heading off to the kitchen now. I sure hope SHE cooks grandpa and i something delicious today. Wish us luck.
Hello there :) 
I am the new schnauzer in the house





It is me laa. Curly. Can you all still recognize me? I am now a schnauzer wannabe. I wanna be like my friends Yuki and Rocket and i wanna be like the handsome Oskar too.

I was at Sumomo's last Sunday to have my grooming session. Since my cow was lazy busy cooking working and didn't comb me too much these past few weeks, my ears were all tangled up. She just told the nice people at Sumomo's to shave it off and not try to untangle it as she says it would be too ouchie.

I was not suppose to bathe or go for grooming too as per my vet's advise these past weeks until i get better. But my v-e-t did tell her to give me a brush everyday. She literally just passed me the brush and ask me to comb myself. I am all paws... how do i use a comb with all paws.

Here's a side profile. Do i look handsome?

hehehehe.. here i am trying to look coy

Last one... can i pass off as a schnauzer? I am trying hard to not smile.

the_cow: Here... have a banana
schnauzer_wannabe: Do you think i am a monkey or what?

 the_cow: Are you still a schnauzer now? You surely do not have perky ears... 

schnauzer_wannabe: no no no... i am a schnoodle. I think i'll be a schnoodle who loves noodles.

Being a schnauzer wannabe is surely very tiring. I am gonna take a nap now. Can someone please tell my cow to get me a bigger bed.

Today is Google's 13th Birthday. That's surely older than me. Woohoooooo!
Happy Birthday Google!


footnote from the_cow:
Dom had a crew cut as i trimmed his fringe when he couldn't go to the groomers for two whole months. Some tangled sections behind his ears as i didn't comb him out throughly. I am guilty. But he sure is feeling much lighter and cleaner now. He smells great too :)

Thanks to Nat at Sumomo's for doing a great job. Maybe we'll go with this schnauzer lookalike cut next time too :)
It is fun being anonymous on the blogsphere. But sometimes we meet some nice people on the blogsphere and when they become great friends, we do wonder about the person behind the blogs.

I met up with one of my blogging buddies Nessa (FINALLY!). Her hubby tagged along too. Nessa is the only person i've ever seen from my blogging circle in real life. We've been planning to meet for the longest time but time is somehow never on our hands until last Saturday.

this is how Nessa looks like :) Isn't she pretty :) 
(photo stolen from Nessa's blog)

I couldn't sleep the whole entire night because Piper was snoring the whole time beside me and i was woozy the next morning. I didn't have anything presentable to wear as i am always in pajamas, shorts and jeans. Dom & Piper was supposed to sew me a dress but they slept off even before they started sewing. Dom said i could wear his orange workman tee but it was seriously too revealing and small + bright for starters. *LOL* But seriously, even if they did sew me a dress, i won't look good in dresses. I'll probably step on the hem and trip over or something.

Nessa.... she's one of the first few people who commented on my blog when i first started blogging. She so sweet and soft spoken in real life. I am so glad we finally met up. It was like i've known her my entire life.

We write and read so much about each other's lives on blogs that even though we don't meet, we know each other so much. We share lives through our words and i am always glad to have this blogging circle of friends. You all are awesome. Hopefully and maybe one day i'll get to meet some more of you. Especially Kristin, lil Pip's mom.

Thank you Nessa for all the gifts... especially the big cow mug that you got me. *LOL* It just suits this cow completely. I love it. Please thank your hubby for the latte :)

We are finally home to Ipoh after 25 days in Kuala Lumpur. Both Dom and i have moved to Boy's room to sleep as the aircon is cooler there. The room is darker and its a very comfortable smaller room. It is also newly painted :) Boy painted it with dad few months ago. Boy gave us permission to move into his room as he will hardly get to come back to Ipoh now with his very packed lectures and schedules.

My dad had a hero's welcome when he went for his morning taichi lessons at the park. His taichi buddies all have missed him a lot. 3 weeks away is a very long time for older folks. Even though it gets a bit lonely in the day and night, he will enjoy his early morning walks and exercises with his friends. He will be occupied and he will be alright. He only misses Boy, his favourite grandson. Now he's back to asking me loads of questions the whole day. You will hear me go.. ya... urmm.. yes.. aha.. rightttttttttt... if you live next door.

My sister's biopsy from the operation came back all good. Thank you all for your prayers. She is all okay and will be on the road to recovery. She will just have to get up and get going again slowly. Recovery is all about you. How fast and how slow all depends on you and you alone. She can take her time slowly and recover at her own pace.

For a woman who has had her womb removed, especially a woman who has given birth before, they will feel a sense of emptiness. I remember mom feeling the same way. It will take some time for the hormones to go back to normal and for things to fall back into place. But i am sure she will be fine. Slowly and surely, she will get back to the run of things and start nagging at her hubby and kids. *LOL* They DID have a peaceful three weeks when sis was with me. But i am sure they are glad that she is back to run the household again.

I did get to meet more people this time round. We will play catch up and tell you more on our next post :) And... urmmm... we have a new schnauzer in the house. Wanna see him? Come back tomorrow :)
We are a little and a lot behind in blogging and visiting. We are so sorry.

My cow's been busy with cooking work and she keeps losing her train of thoughts. It just went toot toooot away.

I am getting better... and i've developed a hugeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee appetite and i am always hungry. I don't know why.

I don't need to be handfed anymore. I eat as much as my cow.. and sometimes more.

My cow is meeting two very important people tomorrow. I don't think she can wake up. I sure hope that she won't look too silly or laugh too much and look like some looney. She only has a pair of worn out sneakers to wear and some sorry excuse for clothes. Maybe i could sew her a dress tonite... hmmm... i wonder if Piper will help me.

She is always scooting off somewhere on a Saturday and leaving me all ALONE with Mr P. I think i am gonna report her to the SPCA. Or i'll just piss Mr P. off and chase him all over the house.

Keep safe.. keep smiling and we'll be thinking of all of you.


I love this tee because there is an idiot outside taking this picture.

I am still at Piper's home. Over here there's loads of nice doggies to sniff and they always... always leave big big mails by the trees and on the roads. I get to check my mails every evening when my cow takes me for my walks.

I get extra tummy rubs and hugs more these days. I am not sure why but i kinda like them anyways.

My cow giving me tummy rubs when i nap

From my latest diagnosis and blood works from Piper's vet, i am now on

Oroxine for hypothyroidism
Steroids for my auto immune disease and tapered down slowly for this month
Antibiotics for suspected e.platys

We did an xray of my heart again. We have to stop the Fortekor in the meantime as the medicine will not go well with the steroids.

My cow cum my nurse aide is staggering my medicines throughout the day so that it will easier for me to cope. She is quite confused so she has all my medicine and timing all written on her book.

I seem to pee more and sometimes we pee in the early mornings. I did a big leak at 4.30am this morning. To avoid having big leaks accidents in the house, we go out early in the mornings and i get to leave the first mail for all the doggies in the neighbourhood. How cool is that. Sometimes Piper follows me and leaves a leak too. His mails always comes second.

SHE is watching me like a hawk for any side effects. I don't know if that's a good or bad thing. But if the "watching like a hawk" comes with tummy rubs and hugs, i am okay with it.

Life With Dogs did a wonderful post on Canine Hypothyroidism. Do jump over to read about it if you want to be in the know about this condition.

Its 6.20am here and i am awake with too many things running through up there :) The mind is wide awake but the body is begging for sleep.

We have been in the city for a week now. In Kuala Lumpur. Time sure moves way too fast over in the city. 24 hours is all gone in a sneeze.

We loaded the poor ole car with all of Boy's stuffs and the puters and the grandpa and two furries. For an old car, it sure can take a big load.

Boy is officially in university now. His dad sent him over to his new residence at campus on Wednesday. Compared to his old room in college last year, this is heaven sent. He only has to share the room with one other fella which is his friend from college. Both were so happy to be placed together that they we doing some funny dance when they saw each other. A good start to life at uni. All we worry about now is only him getting up in the mornings to attend lectures. Even the world's greatest alarm clock will not be able to wake him up. Hopefully his room mate will just pour some water on his face each morning to get him up.

I am currently working from my sister's house in a corner by the window where squirrels taunt me each morning. This squirrel runs up and down on a wall in the garden each morning. It stops momentarily to look my way.. then goes on its way. Once i saw a snake moved on that wall when i looked up. It sent shivers down my spine. Sometimes i see the magpies doing a dance or two on the wall too. Magpies are a usual feature wherever i go. I seem to see them everywhere. The wall facing the window where i work is like a mini stage show for all these creatures of nature.

Piper in his ducky bed. Sis got this for a steal at Chatuchak Market, Thailand.

We took Dom for a second opinion at Piper's vet last weekend. An innocent carride that ended at the V-E-T is not a very nice thing to impose on a furry. We met a very nice young vet who is most passionate about his work and his patients.

Some blood works were done. Quite a lot of blood were taken. Heartworm is ruled out. He has no heartworm. He has always been on Heartgard all the time that he is with us. But we just had to make sure for the 4 years that he was not with us. Another set of blood were sent to the lab for a complete blood works test.

He has thyroid. He also has a suspected autoimmune disease. Suspected because the Coombs test for canine is not available in our country. The rest of his blood works is fine. A lot of new big words for us to stomach and to check out. A good thing i got a pretty smart brother in law who is able to give me some answers to some questions. We are finally getting some answers on Dom. A better diagnosis this time.

Dom looking for squirrels in Piper's garden yesterday afternoon.

We are currently in Kuala Lumpur for these weeks because my sister just went for an op to take out the melon fibroid that was in her womb. How did the melon get in there. It was a Washington apple last year. This year it grew to the size of a melon. A common problem with women. Fibroids and stuffs.

Hospital runs are crazy in Kuala Lumpur. It took me an hour + to get to the hospital and another 45 mins to get back. Dad is bounced like a ball and left to the mercy of his daughters or whoever who is free to drive him around. He doesn't drive in Kuala Lumpur as the roads confuses him. He doesn't quite understand traffic and jams in Kuala Lumpur. We have been having hospital cafeteria food which is not quite so bad really. Through it all, dad is still in good moods and have been most patient with us.

A wonderful remote to annoy the patient.

Sis will be discharged today later in the afternoon. A bit more colour has got back on her face. She was weak and delirious the first two days as she was drugged to minimise the pain from the op. Now she's back to walking around and urmmm.. scolding people. She is easily ticked. *LOL* Easily agitated and irritated. I got to weather some storms from her soon.

I can't show you a pic of my sis on her hospital bed. She will most definitely kill me. 
So i'll show you a pic of my shoes on her hospital bed frame.

We are so sorry we haven't been visiting so many of you. We will come around soon when life gets back to normality. Take good care all of you and catch up with you all soon.