Why do dogs age so much faster than us? Why do they have to add 7 years to their birthdays each year. The average lifespan of a dog is probably about 12 - 15 years +-.

My dad came back from his walks the other day and related a story he heard from a neighbour's son. The neighbour's son told my dad that his father is devastated when their dog passed on. The dog was a constant companion to the old man. When the old man is at home, the dog follows him everywhere. When he comes home, the dog follows him upstairs and stayed by his side most of the time. He was the best friend and the only thing that made him smile after the wife passed away.

When the dog finally went to the rainbow bridge, the old man was devastated. The son told my dad that the old man did not even cry so much when his wife passed away.

Dommy is constantly by my side. He sleeps in his own chair and bed in our room. Sometimes he crawls under the bed and hide there when the day is warmer. The slightest sound will send him running out to check the situation and secure the house... hehhehehee.. He is a wonderful guard dog too. He might look cute but he can pack a big bite if you dare to tread over his protected lines.

Dommy loves my dad too as he takes him for walks in the evenings. But he is a traitor because soon after his walks, he will promptly comes back to me.. hahahahahaha Dad says he's getting his own dog.

The longest i was away from Dom was 3 weeks when i went to visit Jai last year. 3 weeks is a long time for both of us to be apart. I never knew i would missed him so much. I guess i missed him more than any other member of my family.. *LOL* I think that's perfectly normal as i spend most of my time with him.

When we were at the Dogathon 2009 with my whole family, he would still stick by my side even though he was pretty excited and happy to see so many doggies in one place. I've never seen him so happy in the entire 3 years that he is with us. His doggie smiles were huge and wide. He was making friends here and there and everywhere. Even though he was excited and happy, he was always looking out and coming back to be by my side. I guess i was his pet and he had to make sure i was safe. How cool is that. He makes a wonderful friend.

To own a dog, we must make time for them. Play with them and understand them. They can't speak. But if you take the time to understand them, they do give u hints and signs.

A poodle is a pretty intelligent creature. He was given to us when he was 4. It took him a while to settle into our household. But all of us grew to love him a lot. He was just one of the ones that just changed your life completely.

As a child and being asthmatic, i was never allowed to play with our dogs. Our dogs stayed in their big dog house in the yard. Its even a two room doghouse.. It was big. I wasn't even allowed to be near them. I always wanted to hold them and hug them but my parents were quite afraid that i'll have an asthma attack if i touch or play with one. They were very protective of me. But now. i have a dog. A curly one too right here beside me :) How cool is that.. hehehehe

I think a dog is what i would probably need to take me through this lifetime. I will always be glad to have Dom. A well treated dog is a constant companion.

Captured Smiles @ Dogathon

*Nyam nyam nyam*.. nice camel leg. Ops!

I am hungry allllllllllllllllllllllllllllll the time. I am a hungry doggie. When i am not fed... i find alternatives. Camilla's leg was quite nice.. but it kinda leaves a funny taste in my mouth after that.



Note: No dog or Camilla was not hurt in this video shoot.

Gravity ~ Sara Bareilles

Most would be quite familiar with her song Love Song. I kind of like that song too. But Gravity in raw is pretty neat. Do check out her website at www.sarabmusic.com
Its almost the end of the Eid Holidays for school kids. Back to school on Monday. And back to the daily grind for most folks. Back to horrendous jams too in Kuala Lumpur. I am sometimes quite glad i am back at a small town and our small town jams.

Dad's been quite quiet lately. Bored and lonely. In this household, we all have our own things to do. Even Dommy, he has things to do. Well.. sorta.. urmm.. if you count checking his daily doggie mails a thing to do. He has to do it in the mornings, sometimes in the afternoons and most of the time.. (if it doesn't rain) the evenings are crucial mail drop times.

Dad's been just keeping to himself. Quiet. With youtube and spider solitaire. He even refused to eat dinner yesterday. Just quietly with the headphones at the computer. Being old is not easy. Your motors are getting slower. You forget things more easily. On some days, he forgets where he leaves his glasses. Sometimes we all stop what we are doing and look for his glasses. hahahahhaaa... Sometimes it is in his trouser pockets... once i found it on the roof of my car.. sometimes in weird corners... usually its at hard to look for places. Even Dommy joined in our search. I told my dad to just leave his glasses on top of the tv each time he takes it off.. even if he has to walk a bit to get to the tv. Now he does and less searches for all of us.

Both Boy and i were wondering why dad is so quiet these few days. Grumpy and quiet. Boy got the brunt of most of his naggings. Dommy and i were just hiding in the room.. *LOL* Finally he said it while i was taking them out for lunch. He was looking for lemang and found none. Since it is the Hari Raya/Eid Holidays, usually we can find lemang sold by the side of the road at some places. If he had told me earlier, i would have scooted everywhere to look for lemang.

I spotted some lemangs on my way back from town and just shouted lemangggggggggggggggg.. and screeched to a halt... hehehehehe.. We bought some and went on our way home with our prized bamboo. When he saw the lemang, he was quite happy and promptly ate some. Then he started to talk more and was happy again. But he's back to his grumpy quiet self again. I guess he's just tired.

Well.. at least we score a little today. He's also sad because the kids did not come back at all during this long Raya holidays. It doesn't really take a lot to make an old man happy. Grudges should probably be put aside because life is really short. Would you want to hold a grudge against your father or your mother for a long time? They are old. One leg is already in the bucket. Everyday they wake up is a bonus day for them. Why hold grudges against old folks. I don't understand. I wish i could punch someone's face now. hahhahahahaha.. err.. but i am not a violent creature.

Living a life full of grudges and revenge will just eat your heart. You can never be happy. When they leave you one day... you'll just be filled with so much regret and what ifs. That will probably take a lifetime to forget. If my mom was still here, she'll probably tell my dad to not worry and just let it be. Forgive and forget. Me sitting on the fence here is not helping things. I guess its time to just punch someone's face now.

Be a forgiving creature and you'll leave a happier life.

lemang ~ Lemang is a traditional food cooked in bamboo that is lined with banana leaves. It is made from glutinous rice and coconut milk. Usually its eaten with some rendang/curry chicken especially on Hari Raya.
Its the time of the year again for World Animal Day. World Animal Day falls on the 4th of October every year. Here... check out the WAD website.

This year... in Malaysia, the Furry Friends Farm is celebrating it at their farm. It is also Furry Friends Farm's 3rd Anniversary. Check this out.

click on the images to see it better
images from Furry Friends Farm

Do give them your support and be there. They need all the support they could possible gather.

Furry Friends Farm is a no-kill animal shelter. All the more they need support from the generous public. Recently they saved a lot of dogs which were dumped on a mangrove island to die. Read more about the Rescue Mission here. They are the more deserving shelter to support in view of the work they do.

World Animal Day 2008 by Furry Friends Farm was a success. Check it out below.

Be there ok? Next Sunday... 4th October 2009.

About Furry Friends Farm
Furry Friends Farm, located in Kundang Selangor, is an animal sanctuary for rescued stray dogs, puppies, cats and kittens and other companion (pet) animals that are abandoned, neglected or abused by irresponsible owners. It is run and managed by volunteer rescuers with the objective of creating a more compassionate and humane society towards animals.

The farm provides a secured shelter for abused and abandoned stray animals rescued in the state of Selangor. It is also a place to house and rehabilitate cats and dogs physically and psychologically. They are given a second chance to live the rest of their lives in peace and dignity.

Animals that are not successfully re-homed, will have a place permanently at the sanctuary. All rescued stray dogs/cats will be given immediate medical attention, vaccinated, de-wormed, with heartworm prevention and neutered/spayed. (excerpt from Furry Friends Farm)
Smashing posted a pretty good article today. Its about 10 Useful Usability Findings and Guidelines. You can read more about it on the Smashing link here Smashing Magazine.

It covers some quite important aspects of web design. These guidelines would prove useful when you work on your web.

One very interesting finding was that users do judge a book by its cover. I'm always not too concerned about appearances. Be it how i look or how the webs look. But the findings now prove otherwise.. *LOL* I am more concerned about content and usability.

What about you? Would you come back to a web which just spells pretty or would you come back to a web because of the information that lies within? Urmm.. i would definitely come back less to a web which has annoying blinking stuffs. *LOL*

Those who see faces do not see hearts ~ Portuguese proverb.
Today's been an out of sorts day. Every little thing seems to get to me. One of my fears became a reality. I know i should have trusted my guts. But i choose to be blind.

At my age, there's not so much rage anymore. There's hardly any point to over-analyze a situation. Its either you accept it or you move on. I still don't know where i stand now.

One of my friends from the office says that i am becoming Mother Mary because i tend to tolerate a lot of things. I've always ask her to look at the good side of things. Maybe.. just maybe the other person have their reasons for doing so. Sometimes when we don't have any good things to say, its best to keep our mouths shut.

This long weekend has been peaceful. I just keep hearing my dad sighing and sighing away. No one came home to see him. He just sighs :(

My father and my eldest sister, they both have the same tempers in this household. When they blowup, none of us dare to say anything. They both had a blowup... quite a big one over some minutely irrational things. Its all probably about pent-up frustrations too. And a mighty big blowup that was on our last trip in KL.

Since that day, both of them have not spoken to each other YET. That was probably like a month ago. *LOL* How long do you get to stay angry with someone. Especially if you are family. I guess both of them missed each other a lot and probably are not angry with each other anymore. I think both of them are too hard-headed to be the one to forgive first. No matter who is in the wrong. I still do not know what was it all about. So i sat on the fence. A mighty windy time i had on the fence for a whole month. Maybe they both just need an open window.

One of my closest friends confided in me that she wants to move on and stand on her own two feet for once. Wanting and doing it is a whole different ballgame. She's not sure if she can do it but she said she's tired of waiting for the other person to include her in his life. I am tired too.

Another friend confided that he's too tired of living in a web of lies. Sometimes he thought about taking his life and ending it all to gain peace. And how would dying help? Dying would be the coward's exit.

We may make a lot of mistakes in our lives. All the follies and fallouts and getting bruised is part and parcel of what make us better hopefully. Its important to know how to stand up and walk on ahead.

Sometimes i surprise myself at my level of acceptance when the truth prevails. At the end of the day, i do understand that not every little thing is about me.

Forgive, O Lord, my little jokes on Thee
And I'll forgive Thy great big one on me
~ Robert Frost
A funny from the office mail today :)
Its been a while since i berblog. Blame it on the lazy bones. Laziness begets nothing but failures and lost opportunities ~ Rig Veda.

Rachel is joining some Talentime in school soon. She's gonna sing solo.. hehehehe. I've never heard her sing solo. Her brother the Bola sings pretty well but Rachel.. urmm... i've never heard her sing. But she has a nice voice. And a whole lot of spunk! Don't worry about talent :) I would never dare sing solo in primary school. Never attempted any singing for that matter.

Below is the song that she's gonna sing. I don't do chinese songs very well. I don't really know what the song means.. but that's how i sing chinese songs when i was little. My sisters and i will just write out the direct translation of the chinese words :D We are such a disgrace to our own race. But then again, we were all english educated. Please don't mind us.

I kinda like the song that she's gonna sing. With the supa google, i even manage to get the direct translation of the song :) hehehehhee.. tat's mighty cool with the advance of technology. My sisters and i used to rewind and playback and rewind and playback just to get the translation.

*phew* Enjoy the song. Kinda sums up what i am feeling right now.

Dou Shi Ni
It's All You
(Michael Wong)

Shei gai bian le wo de shi jie
Who has changed my world

Mei you fang xiang mei you ri ye
No directions, no day and night

Wo kan zhe tian zhe yi ke zai xiang ni
As I look at the sky, at this moment, I think of you

Shi fou hui dui wo yi yang
Wonder if you have the same longing for me as I do for you

Ni ceng shuo wo men you yi ge meng
You once said that we have a dream

Deng dao na tian wo men lai shi xian
Waiting for that day when we make that dream come true

Wo wang zhe tian zai xin zhong mo mo nian
I gazed at the sky, reading outloud in my heart silently

Xia yi miao ni chu xian zai yan qian
Wishing that the next second you'll appear before my eyes

Xiang nian de xin zhuang man de dou shi ni
You are the one who fills up the longing in my heart

Wo de gang qin tan zou dou shi ni
You are the one whom my piano plays tribute to

Wo de ri ji xia man de dou shi ni de ming
Your name fills up my diary

Cai fa xian you ling yi ge li ming
To finally find out that there is another dawn

Ni ceng shuo wo men you yi ge meng
You once said that we have a dream

Deng dao na tian wo men lai shi xian
Waiting for that day when we make that dream come true

Wo wang zhe tian zai xin zhong mo mo nian
I gazed at the sky, reading outloud in my heart silently

Xia yi miao ni chu xian zai yan qian
Wishing that the next second you'll appear before my eyes

Xiang nian de xin zhuang man de dou shi ni
You are the one who fills up the longing in my heart

Wo de gang qin tan zou dou shi ni
You are the one whom my piano plays tribute to

Wo de ri ji xia man de dou shi ni de ming
Your name fills up my diary

Cai fa xian you ling yi ge li ming
To finally find out that there is another dawn

Wo de ri ji xia man de dou shi ni de ming
Your name fills up my diary

Cai fa xian you ling yi ge li ming
To finally find out that there is another dawn

Zhe shi wo dui ni ai de lei ji
This is the accumulation of my love for you

Chinese Lyric: Credit to http://mp3.baidu.com
*beep beep*

*woof woof*

*beeeeep beeep*

*awwwwwwwwwwwwoooofffff wooofffff woooooooooooooooooooooooooFFFFF*

After the 2nd beep beep... i see Dommy running to the porch. Aha! My pressie must be here :)
I ran after Dommy with an extra bigggggggg grin on my silly face.

Postman in a van is here.. and he sure have a biggggggggggg box for me. I signed the package (with Dommy barking furiously in the background) and wished him Selamat Hari Raya.. he grinned and left. (ops! i forgot to ask him about ketupats and rendang Spiffy)

package 1819 (remember to buy Magnum or Toto or Da Ma Cai)

K9 unit checking package

beeeyooooootiful piwwows-piwwows waiting to pop out

Living Tapestry... at last you are mine... all mine :)

Ken my blogger friend from Tapestry held a contest last month at the launch of his new e-shop called Living Tapestry. I won at Ken's Living Tapestry Contest and he is very generous and kind to offer a big prize from his shop.

I never won anything in the blog contests before and this being the first... it surely broke the curse of contests. Thanks a lot to Ken and Lek Wei for the beautiful pillows. I will treasure it for a long time. The sewing is very nice. And the material for the pillow cases are very classy.

These pillows are like the nicest pillows in my whole household now.. *LOL* I've been putting them here and there and everywhere... these pillows are too niceeeeeeeeee.

Do check out their e-shop. They have many many different types of materials for the cushions and the designs are very classy and bold. The ones that Ken sent me are called Grey Botanica.

If you are afraid of buying online, you can go to
Red Envelope,
Lot 8, LG Floor, IKANO Power Centre


No.8, Lorong Naluri Sukma A 8A/A, Seksyen 8,
42300 Bandar Puncak Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan

You can find Living Taperstry cushion covers there too. Well.. its time for my catnap or powernap.. and i am so gonna drool over the new pillows. *grins*

urmm... even Dommy has taken one for himself.. :)

The amount of time i spend with these two and taking pictures of them while they snooze... is enough to let me know that.. their noses are pretty cool.

A dog's nose is as important to them as our eyes is to us. Their nose picks up everything. From the air, the ground, from things... from your clothes.. they know where you've been just by sniffing and checking you out when you come back from somewhere. They'll even know if you've been, seen or touch another doggie *LOL*

Piper is kinda like a tiny Sherlock Holmes. Even though his nose is smaller, the moment he sees someone walks in, he'll run over and give the thorough check-thru. Kinda like the metal detector at the airports.. hahhahahahaha... You have to stay still while he sniffs you for a good few minutes. *LOL* He'll check you from legs to hands to clothes until he is satisfied. Then he gives you the pass to move ahead.

Their sense of smell is a million times more sensitive than a human's nose.

"A dog’s nose also has lots of mucous inside. If unfolded and spread out, the surface area of the dog’s nasal membranes would be about the size of a handkerchief. The surface area of a human’s nasal membranes comparison would be about the size of a postage stamp." (quote from an article by Barbara Baird on a Dog's Nose)

Their noses sure knows :)
Ayam the backkkkkkkkkkkkkk :D

Am finally done with a big huge headache+y job and free from a bit of a hassle at least for a few days or weeks if i am lucky.. hehehhee.. i kinda doubt that. Year ends are always hell on my plate of patience. Right about now till December, i'll be praying for Christmas to come soon. Ahh.. well... i can almost smell Christmas round the corner. But not before we have our Eid Holidays and Diwali holidays first. Both are major celebrations in my country.

Hopefully Jai will be back this Christmas, else i'll be on the next plane to see him if he is not here by third week of December. Jai is exactly 8 months, 2 weeks & 2 days old since i left him last January. Papa is counting the days too.

Lilypie 1st Birthday Ticker

For the past 2 years ++, i've been at home here with papa and Boy. Boy is finally 17 and just got his driver's licence. Its a huge thing and a milestone for a kid. We still call him Boy. We all kinda stucked to the nickname. Good thing we didn't call him Baby.. *LOL* That would probably embarass him more. To be 17 and be called Baby. I know some people who are still carrying the baby nickname till they are like urmmm... 50.

Having your own child and being responsible for some other people's kid is a completely different thing. He's my nephew but its a bigger responsibility because he's not my own.

Kinda like today, i allow him to drive to the nearby shops to eat with his cousin. Both went off grinning and smiling in the car. This is the first time we allow him to drive out on his own. Well.. he has to do it one day. Before he started off, i rattled off a long line of instructions. Watch the motorbikes.. don't go too fast.... watch the road... stop at the junctions... bla bla bla... these two kids just grin at me and was just wondering when i'll stop.

When i came back in, i was kinda scared and a million things run in my head. I was just sitting like a duck waiting for them to come back home. *LOL* Lighten up.. i know but he's my responsibility.

Since he got his driving licence, he's been the designated driver now... hahhahahaa.. i am just like a queen sitting at the back. I still try not to sweat too much. Boys... they always like to hurry and move fast. They don't know the danger.

But we can't protect them forever. They have to go out there and make their own mistakes. Fall in love... have children of their own and then.. they will understand. I don't really nag him at all. I try to be his friend. Its quite tough now being a teenager with lots of people expecting and expectations from everywhere. I just told him to be happy. I don't have any expectations because he's not my son. I am just the aunt.. and aunties always just want you to be happy.

Both our cars will have the 'P' - Probation sticker on the front and back mirror for 2 years. When you have a 'P' sticker, every car on the road try to avoid you like a plague.. hahhahahahhahaa... It is quite fun to drive with a P. Sometimes, i drive like a snail just to piss some people off on the road. Urmm.. but i've always drive like an old lady la. With or without the 'P'. I don't see the need to rush everywhere... well unless its to the hospital.

This Boy is 17 now. 17 years ago, when he was a baby, he pooed on me. When i helped my sister to change his diaper, he pooed on me. *LOL* A whole lot of poo shoot out. I could still remember the grin on his little face when he did that. How very fast they grow. Now i really feel a tad old :)
Selamat Hari Raya & Maaf Zahir Batin to all my friends, office mates & blogger friends out there. May you all have a very nice Raya, drive safe... and don't play with mercun/fireworks ++ be merry. Send us some rendang and ketupats.. and and take loads of pictures too.

A Special wish for Emila & Hubby + Yassin, Bain & Myra, Khemy & Family, Bem & Soulie, Diya, Yun & Aki, Marzie & B +++ Meows and everyone else :)
Monday is GONE :) What a day.

Here's what my friends from the office emailed to me bright and early yesterday to kick-start my Monday. Thanks Sumeeeeee :) Hope it will help you get through the week as it has got me thru my Monday with just a few bruises :D

urmm.. i do not know who to credit these pictures to but credit goes to whomever that owns the pictures. No hard feelings ya :) We all just need a few more laughs in our lives.

We are all gonna get there one day. So... leave them sour faces at home, grin... smile, have the donuts and the cupcakes ++ the cheese cakes or whatever you wanna eat and just be happy. Life is indeed very short. So make it fun and fantabulous and enjoy the ride with just a few rants to get by.

The email ended with this...

"Life is short, break the rules, forgive sooner, love with true love, laugh without control and always keep smiling."

Goodnite people.

Fat Cat - Japan - For more funny videos, click here

Stormy found this one biggggggggggggg cat on metacafe. It looks like its stuffed. It looks almost unreal. Don't you think so? Is it real? Or stuffed toy? The eyes are unblinking.. it sure looks unreal to me.

Is this cat overly loved and over fed? Gosh! Poor Meow.

Dommy's been getting a bit on the heavy side too. Everyone commented on it... hehehehehe I better start watching his food :) Sure don't want Dommy to end up like this meow.
TGIF.. ya ya ya.. yehooo yehooooooooooooooooooooooOOOO.. i just love Fridays.

Fridays always brings a bigger smile to my silly face. For some unknown reason, the smile just comes automatically on a Friday evening. My job must be taking a huge toll on me lately for me to feel this way *LOL*

Yesterday night see a huge chunk of the work getting done and over with *phew* My body was just screaming for the bed behind me... hehhehehehheee.. i just wanna lie down and sleep but to finish that work off gave me an easier day today and less "barking" from the yellows. *LOL*

They do sometimes bark more than Dom and Piper put together. Piper don't even bark much. hahahahahaha Even on the yellows they can bark quite loud... hahhahahaa.. which brings another thing to mind. Even on messengers and emails, there has to be some common courtesy among friends and colleagues. I hate people who BUZZ people continuously on yahoo (the more they buzz, the more i ignore).. and i hate people who type in all caps. That's rudeness.

Yesterday i had a weird craving. I was thinking of cheese cake the whole evening. After dinner with Boy, we scooted off to buy cheese cake. A piece each. My dad doesn't quite like cheese cakes so we ended up with a piece each and a bigger grin on our faces.

The cake is so rich, i only manage to finish half of it.. and saved the rest for today *LOL* Usually i can't finish the whole piece in one sitting. Its too rich. I tried a second attempt just now and couldn't finish it too.. hahhahahahahhaa.. there's still a chunk of it left in the fridge. I like to savour it slowly and let the chocolate melts :D Weird eh.

Have a great weekend ahead ya :) I'm off to Tescos now to do my groceries :D And tonight i am just gonna bum around and watch Harry Potter.

my unfinished cake :D

I choose the choco cheese cake because i had a spoon of it and have been craving and missing it for quite a while. Now that i have the whole piece... its urmm... too much :D

Even with Genki Green's help... i still cannot finish the cake. *LOL* But i am wearing choco cheese lipstick now :) Gotta run :) Dommy and PP's waiting for their dinner.
Early morning mail from the office *LOL*

I Wish You Love ~ Rachael Yamagata

This is a very popular song and quite a lot of people have done covers of it. It is first recorded in 1957. If you wanna know who are the lot of people who have recorded this song, go here. (courtesy from Wikipedia)

I think Rachael Yamagata's version rocks! I kinda like her other songs too especially the one on the Elephants :D You can check out her website at www.rachaelyamagata.com

here's the lyrics of the song if you wanna sing along to it :)

I wish you bluebirds in the spring
To give your heart a song to sing
And then a kiss
But more than this
I wish you love

And in July a lemonade
To cool you in some leafy glade
I wish you health
And more than wealth
I wish you love

My breaking heart and I agree
That you and I could never be
So with my best
My very best
I set you free

I wish you shelter from the storm
A cozy fire to keep you warm
And most of all
When snowflakes fall
I wish you love
E-Entertainment from my colleague from the office this morning :) Thanks for the mail Sumi :) Enjoy :D

I'm not sure of the source of the pictures cos it came thru email. Credit goes to whomever the pictures belongs to :)
My attempt at planting catnips months back bare nothing. There were some tiny leaves that tried to come out.. but gave up after a while. So i forgot about catnips and moved on *LOL* Well... i am pretty bad at planting anything because my fingers are not green :D

The only thing that survived my planting are jatrophas. But jatrophas are very hardy plants. They hardly need any tending or watering for that matter. *LOL*

My father loves to eat papayas. I have been buying papayas from the morning market for a long time. We used to have some papaya trees around. But they kinda finished their fruiting phase and just got chopped off. This time he saved all the papayas seeds and i ended up with a whole bunch of them. And so... my attempt at planting restarted.

I scooped the soil from my "failed capnip pot" and put it into a smaller pot. Poke a hole in the middle and dropped a whole bunch of papaya seeds in. Close it up and left it aside. I think that's how things are planted.. hahhahahahhaa

The picture above is the pot that i planted 2 weeks back i think. It doesn't look like papaya leaves to me. I think i am getting catnips after all *LOL*

Or a catnip papaya wannabe.. hehehehe.. I still don't know what i'll be getting yet. Hmm.. the leaves kinda changed again today.

The catnip plant above was planted by Stormy long time ago. Whatever he plants grows properly :) I sure hope i am getting some catnips this time. I have a resident Meow now that just stays in the garden every other afternoon :) He would surely love it.
Weekends fly by like a rainstorm. Short. And gone.

During the weekends that i am in Ipoh, i relax and just roll in and out of bed... like the lazy bum that i am. I don't really cook on weekends. I just give the doggies baths and clean their beds and change the sheets on our beds and rest of some chores.

Today, we went to the Old Andersonian Club to have a late lunch. Its banana leaf indian rice. One of my old schoolmate did a pretty good review on the food there. I've been wanting to go check it out after i read her review. I must say that the food is not bad... the coffee is great.. and the ambience.. that's what i love most about that place. Its windy.. and its under a big big old tree.. (sorry.. i forgot my camera.. i won't forget the next time)... and i should be going there more often.

I've been away from my hometown for a very long time. Since i came back 2 years ago to stay with dad and Boy, i am still trying to get settled in. I don't really go out and mingle. I have loads of relatives around us.. dropping food and visits all the time. They are very nice people. My family is quite extended as my father is from a very big close family. We are lucky as we grew up with many cousins to play with and extended family to help around.

I was telling Boy today that we should take grandpa out to eat at a new place every weekend. I feel guilty sometimes when i am living in the same house with my father but i hardly even spend much time with him. I am working and working.. or i am cooking or cleaning something.. hahhahahaha. Am i doing the best that i can?

The only thing i really know how to do is take him out to eat at new places.. hahhahahahaha

Tomorrow morning, we are going Dim Sum.. if i can wake up. Of course i can wake up. I better call it a night now. Hopefully... some pics for you tomorrow :) Goodnite folks.
On this day... on the 5th September in 1965... my parents were engaged to be married. Hanging on a wall beside my table is an old photo of both of them in their best. Papa is in a white shirt and a thin tie with a karipap styled hair. Mom.. my beautiful mother is in a cheongsam which is in different shades of brown and gold.

The photo is in black and white. But i know my mother's beautiful cheongsam because it is still around. A dress she wore 44 years ago.. is still in very good condition. I think my mom made her own cheongsam for her engagement day.

When we were little, we used to love to open her cupboard and look at all her beautiful clothes. I especially love this cheongsam as the material is beautiful. But none of us could fit into it now. When my mom was married, she was thinner than all four of us when we were at her age.

While we were having dinner yesterday, dad mentioned that tomorrow is his and mom's engagement anniversary. We always celebrated their wedding anniversary but never about the engagement anniversary. Now that mom is gone, we always try to take him somewhere on their wedding anniversary so that he won't be sad.

My parents are like siamese twins. They go everywhere together. They even go to the dentist together and give each other moral support. They have been in love for a very long time. Since they were in their teens. It took my dad a long time to adjust to normal life without her. He's still coping and he still visits her every single day at the church without a miss.

My mom is a very beautiful woman (too bad none of us inherited all her good looks) She is like the Asian Sophia Loren. When i look through all her photos from her past, i always think that she is still the most beautiful.

Cherish the ones that you love. Life is indeed short.
Finally... its here :) Its 5.44PM here on a beeyooooooootiful Friday and all i can muster is a yehooooo yehoooooooOOOOOOOOOooo. No more bugging from them yellow blinking fellas at least for the weekends :D

You know your week's tougher than normal when your yehoooooOOOOOO on a Friday is much much louder than usual. This week is shorter considering Monday was an off day for us... but it seems to drag on and on and on. It was a wee bit frustrating when some "yellows" decides to make your day worse. Well.. screw them "yellows" (ops! sorry for the language).

Here we are off to the yonder for a wonderful weekend with curly and fluffy :) Have a great weekend folks!

Mr Bojangles ~ John Denver

Stormy shared this song with me this morning :) I forgot about this song from John Denver till today.

John Denver is one my favourite singers during my childhood.. even till today. Here's Stormy's song of a Mister BoJangles for you :)
During the school holidays last week, i took the time to go back to the office to visit my friends and to share and transfer some files. Going back to the office is always nice. I have missed my colleagues each and every single day but they are with me all the time on yahoo. Its like i never left the office at all :D

Even spinning up the parking lot thrills me because i have been going up and down the narrow car park for many years. We know each and every turn like the back of our hands. It used to thrill me so much... i'll spin right up to the top floor just for kicks. Now my colleagues are afraid of the carpark because a van belonging to the management is parked on the first floor. A lot of ghost stories are sparked off because of that van. Its a kereta mayat aka a hearse.

When i am in the office, my colleagues tend to eat more (thats what they said). As usual, they will first take me to the Yellow Table Cloth place. The food is quite good there. But i used to hate to go there because their table cloth stinks. *LOL* It used to. Now they've changed all their table cloth to red.. and it doesn't stink anymore. But i still annoy my colleagues by shaking my head when they say that we are going to the Yellow Table Cloth place. Urmm.. i don't even know the name of the shop because we always refer it as the Yellow Table Cloth place :) For the records... Anne & Esther.. i do love the food there. I just like to annoy both of you :D Don't you know me by now? hehehehe
We did have a very nice lunch there. And when we got back to the office, they were planning where to go for lunch the next day *LOL*

Our office is basically our playground. No stiff neck-tie people working there. People are relaxed but they do work hard and complete their work with minimal supervision. Sometimes you just hear the click click click of the mouse and the tapping on the keyboards.

When i am around, there are some weird sounds and a returned echo. The echo comes from the front of the office of course. It is a really fun place to work. And we always have lotsa food and parties. We find every single reason to have a food fest :D They are still carrying on with the tradition. They still include me in the internal emails for office parties. *LOL*

Someone bought me nasi lemak for breakfast the next day :D it is reallllllllllllly nice. I really do like it. (i borrow this term usually used during our Christmas exchange gift sessions).. hahahaha.. But the nasi lemak was really nice and just spicy nice :) It was so sweet of her.

Next time don't forget to include my kerang ahh... wake up earlier la and buy me my nasi lemak with kerang.. (i know u love me Anamaa :) hehehehe.. and the usual response from Anamaa from the earlier statement would be "IDIOT".

After my nasi lemak binge... i was still feeling full but they still dragged me out to eat again. It was 12 already.. and we always go out to eat at 12. They have been discussing what to eat for lunch the whole morning.. *LOL* We went to ResTrees across the road. Yep.. they dragged me across the road. And someone calling me idiot all the way.. hahhahahahaa We were just like a bunch of school kids.. trying to cross a big road.

ResTrees is a pretty neat place to eat for the ambience. The exterior is like a log cabin and when you are inside, you feel like you are in one in a jungle... well.. sort of. Ahhh.. i forgot the camera to the office this trip. Their teh tarik was nice. The chicken wings were burnt. And waffles was not bad :D They even have this tiny button on each table to beep for the waiters.

In the evening, we went out to get more food from Jaring. Jaring serves one of the best ikan bakar (grilled fish on banana leaves). They have different kinds of fishes you'll be spoilt for choice. Since it is the puasa month, they don't serve lunch (else we'll be showing our faces there too). But in the evenings, they have the ayam golek (which is very expensive now for a small bird) and an assortment of sweet cakes and fishes. Even their soups are very extremely nice... Sup Tulang. Jaring is in Sunway near the Piramids. If you know where Domino's Pizza is, Jaring is just beside Dominos.

My colleague treated me to a very nice banana leaf Indian rice for lunch the next day. More food *LOL*. There's so many things to choose from the varieties that lay before me. I didn't know what to take. Being the complete glutton that i am, i wanted to take everything. But i stopped myself and just took some chicken, vegetables and sauces. Even the rasam was real nice. The rasam came in a small steel cup.

After 3 complete days of playing and stuffing my face in the office, it was time to go home. My work was getting lagged. But i have had a great time with my friends in the office. One of them mentioned that they think more about food when i am around. *LOL* If you all gained another inch while i am around, it is not my fault. I am just the innocent one who tagged along :D

I Love You ~ Amy Belle

Today is the first time i heard about Amy Belle and her songs. Love her voice... soothing. Guess who introduced her to me?

Papa... he has been listening to this other song... for a few weeks now. Keeps humming this song every single day. Today he told me about Rod Stewart and Amy Belle. So here is the song that my papa's been listening to constantly. Enjoy :)

I Don't Wanna Talk About It - Rod Stewart & Amy Belle
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What do you hate most when you are behind the wheels? Urmm... for me.. i hate people who yelped out loud while i am driving and probably shake or stress me up unnecessarily.

My Father - F1 Driver
My father drives like an F1 driver. He drives so fast that i sometimes ask him where is he rushing to.. *LOL* Once he insisted on driving after dinner. I sat at the back and my dinner almost ride back up to my mouth. I could feel the tofu coming up *LOL* It took about 8 mins to reach home. I promptly jumped out of the car before the tofus have any chance of riding up.. hahhahahahaa... Basically... i don't let him drive now after dinner.

Me - Old Lady Driver
I drive so slow that it annoys my dad. He'll still ask me to turn right or turn left.. or go on this lane or that lane.. or keep to the left or to the right. He doesn't understand why i have to drive so slow in town and let every other car go by. He doesn't understand why i stop at most junctions too.. hahhahahahaha.. but i am not rushing off anywhere. Stormy also cannot stand my driving. He says i am the worst driver around. He sometimes doze off when i drive cos i drive so slow. Can you imagine me driving when i reach 60.

Boy - New Driver
My nephew Boy is 17. He just got his driving licence last week and an eager beagle to drive. We have been taking him out on driving excursions this few days. Drive to the nearby shops to eat or to run errands. There's aircon in the car but i sweat a storm while he is driving. *LOL* I even found out that there's imaginary brakes on the floor on the passenger's side. I bet my dad sweated a storm too when i drove at 17. There's the constant "brake brake brake..." "don't go so near the car..." and a whole host of other instructions when he is behind the wheels.. hahahhahaa.. kinda stress him out more.. *LOL* But i think he is a better driver than i was when i was 17. We just went out to buy bread just a few hours ago with Piper and Dommy in the backseat... i think even the doggies were sweating a storm.. *LOL* They must be wondering why i am letting this Boy drive.

Both of the cars at home now are manual rides. Both old clunkies. Which is a good thing for a learner new driver. Try reversing out from our porch. We park both cars side by side.. and sometimes even i kinda scrape the sides... *LOL* But then.. i have always been a urmmm.. bad driver.

Since Boy has taken over the driving and i am driven now... i just sat at the back and took photos. Sometimes i close my eyes and try to relax.. which is pretty hard. Relax. I should probably have more confidence in him :)

Here's Boy driving today with dad as the navigator and me the photographer + backseat driver. I did try to close my eyes.. ^.^