TGIF.. ya ya ya.. yehooo yehooooooooooooooooooooooOOOO.. i just love Fridays.

Fridays always brings a bigger smile to my silly face. For some unknown reason, the smile just comes automatically on a Friday evening. My job must be taking a huge toll on me lately for me to feel this way *LOL*

Yesterday night see a huge chunk of the work getting done and over with *phew* My body was just screaming for the bed behind me... hehhehehehheee.. i just wanna lie down and sleep but to finish that work off gave me an easier day today and less "barking" from the yellows. *LOL*

They do sometimes bark more than Dom and Piper put together. Piper don't even bark much. hahahahahaha Even on the yellows they can bark quite loud... hahhahahaa.. which brings another thing to mind. Even on messengers and emails, there has to be some common courtesy among friends and colleagues. I hate people who BUZZ people continuously on yahoo (the more they buzz, the more i ignore).. and i hate people who type in all caps. That's rudeness.

Yesterday i had a weird craving. I was thinking of cheese cake the whole evening. After dinner with Boy, we scooted off to buy cheese cake. A piece each. My dad doesn't quite like cheese cakes so we ended up with a piece each and a bigger grin on our faces.

The cake is so rich, i only manage to finish half of it.. and saved the rest for today *LOL* Usually i can't finish the whole piece in one sitting. Its too rich. I tried a second attempt just now and couldn't finish it too.. hahhahahahahhaa.. there's still a chunk of it left in the fridge. I like to savour it slowly and let the chocolate melts :D Weird eh.

Have a great weekend ahead ya :) I'm off to Tescos now to do my groceries :D And tonight i am just gonna bum around and watch Harry Potter.

my unfinished cake :D

I choose the choco cheese cake because i had a spoon of it and have been craving and missing it for quite a while. Now that i have the whole piece... its urmm... too much :D

Even with Genki Green's help... i still cannot finish the cake. *LOL* But i am wearing choco cheese lipstick now :) Gotta run :) Dommy and PP's waiting for their dinner.

10 woofs:

bem69 said...

Wow, thanks, now I'm craving for cheese cake. Luckily I had a big buka puasa so its a 50-50 thing for me now hehehe

Duni said...

Hi Anny!
hope you've enjoyed your weekend :)

I love cheesecake, but the traditional kind! The chocolate version looks veeeery rich :)

take care,


Nick Phillips said...

I also have the same silly grin on my face every Friday ... LOL!

Good god, that chocolate cake has made my saliva drip out and ruin my keyboard la and it's all your fault Annyboo ... LOL!

Nessa said...

Morning Anny :D

Ciskek!! I love ciskek!!

Eh, dat reminds me, your fren pandai bake choc ciskek ka Anny?

baincardin said... fav. laa anny! nyum! nyum!!! ^_^'

Unknown said...

eh.. sorry le si Bem.. hehhehehe.. lucky u habe a big big makan on that day :)

Unknown said...

hi Duni :) i did enjoy my weekend.

i love the traditional kind too.. but have not baked any of my own yet :D mebbe i'll try it one day. This chocolate version was super rich.. too much *LOL*

have a wonderful trip ahead Duni :)

Unknown said...

urmm.. i tot Spacemen have silly grins on their faces most of the time on any given day :D

your saliva betoi betoi drip out ka? hahhahahhaaa.. wipe your saliva laa.. kakakakkakakakakakaaa..

btw.. the choco cheese was not too great.. cos it was too rich.. next taim i'll just take a classic cheese :D

Unknown said...

ciskek ciskeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Ness :D

hmmm.. i tanya dia tomorrow if she can do a ciskek.. but her chocolate cake is berry niceeeeeeeee... u shud try that :)

Unknown said...

your fav ka Bain? hehhehehee.. takpo takpo.. next time i kasi belanja u :)