What do you hate most when you are behind the wheels? Urmm... for me.. i hate people who yelped out loud while i am driving and probably shake or stress me up unnecessarily.

My Father - F1 Driver
My father drives like an F1 driver. He drives so fast that i sometimes ask him where is he rushing to.. *LOL* Once he insisted on driving after dinner. I sat at the back and my dinner almost ride back up to my mouth. I could feel the tofu coming up *LOL* It took about 8 mins to reach home. I promptly jumped out of the car before the tofus have any chance of riding up.. hahhahahahaa... Basically... i don't let him drive now after dinner.

Me - Old Lady Driver
I drive so slow that it annoys my dad. He'll still ask me to turn right or turn left.. or go on this lane or that lane.. or keep to the left or to the right. He doesn't understand why i have to drive so slow in town and let every other car go by. He doesn't understand why i stop at most junctions too.. hahhahahahaha.. but i am not rushing off anywhere. Stormy also cannot stand my driving. He says i am the worst driver around. He sometimes doze off when i drive cos i drive so slow. Can you imagine me driving when i reach 60.

Boy - New Driver
My nephew Boy is 17. He just got his driving licence last week and an eager beagle to drive. We have been taking him out on driving excursions this few days. Drive to the nearby shops to eat or to run errands. There's aircon in the car but i sweat a storm while he is driving. *LOL* I even found out that there's imaginary brakes on the floor on the passenger's side. I bet my dad sweated a storm too when i drove at 17. There's the constant "brake brake brake..." "don't go so near the car..." and a whole host of other instructions when he is behind the wheels.. hahahhahaa.. kinda stress him out more.. *LOL* But i think he is a better driver than i was when i was 17. We just went out to buy bread just a few hours ago with Piper and Dommy in the backseat... i think even the doggies were sweating a storm.. *LOL* They must be wondering why i am letting this Boy drive.

Both of the cars at home now are manual rides. Both old clunkies. Which is a good thing for a learner new driver. Try reversing out from our porch. We park both cars side by side.. and sometimes even i kinda scrape the sides... *LOL* But then.. i have always been a urmmm.. bad driver.

Since Boy has taken over the driving and i am driven now... i just sat at the back and took photos. Sometimes i close my eyes and try to relax.. which is pretty hard. Relax. I should probably have more confidence in him :)

Here's Boy driving today with dad as the navigator and me the photographer + backseat driver. I did try to close my eyes.. ^.^

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Nessa said...

Yeah, my dad used to give me all kinds of instructions when I first started to drive. I told him there and then to stop being angry with me and let me drive... (ya, I memang ganas)... hehe. How to drive properly under pressure kan.

I tend to drive until 90 but never beyond 100. Scared the car might fly nanti! LOL!

baincardin said...

it reminds me my exam to get d driving license. the JPAs officer tried to fail me, by asking me to potong the double line!

tp nasib baik, bersabar byk² dan lulus juga akhirnya! yay! ^_^

Anonymous said...

I "bought" my driving license...and Anny still drives worse than me..


Duni said...

I don't like driving, full stop.

have a nice day!


Unknown said...

My dad too.. he actually curi curi taught us all how to drive first before he hantar us to driving school.. Pekik giler.. *LOL* You sure ganas.. i won't dare tell my dad that.. hehehe

now i drive much much slower compare to last time.. suda tua kan.. :)

Unknown said...

wah... lucky u tak kena ditipu oleh the examiner.. hehhehee.. pandai jugo u Bain :)

U pun muka cam very patient person.. bagusla tu.. Selamat Berbuka puasa ye and my regards to Myra :)

Unknown said...

Confession time... my licence was "bought" too.. hehehhehe.. kasi bagi the kopi money lo.. *LOL* thats why i am a bad driver :D

but i drive better than Stormy... this is a fact... period :D

Unknown said...

hahaha.. tats so cute Duni... but over in Malaysia.. u have to drive cos public transportation is bad :) have a nice day too Duni :)

Spiffy said...

I used to drive like a mad fool but now that I have a family kura-kura also faster than me :D

Spiffy said...

Besides with the condition of my car, anything above 20km/h and the doors will fall out ... hahahahahahahaha!

Anonymous said...

Hang on..is tat a china type calender i see hanging at the car's dashboard? hahahahaha

How can Boy ever drive tat car with his friends...

I used to have a spiffy basikal that i painted myself..it has even braids at the handles..looking back it is such a girlie bike laaa


Unknown said...

Now u drive like a kura-kura too? hehhehee.. we r catching up in age i guess.. *LOL*

Unknown said...

we r old Spiffy.. our cars are old... kesian sungguh kita... mebbe if i have a new car.. like an x5.. i can drive faster again :D

doors pon bole fall out? wahliao.. ur car is worse than mine.. kasi cellotape the pintu first.. hehhehe

Unknown said...

Of coursh! That calendar is a very impt feature of the car... if ur driving in Ipoh. Cos u need to know the date n month... for parking tickets le... no fun paying 30 bucks each time u scrape the wrong date on them tickets.

Boy will find the calendar cina very useful when he drives :D

Aiyaa.. u used to have girlie bike ka? *LOL* kesiannyaaaaaa.. apalaa.. habisla macho+ness