Weekends fly by like a rainstorm. Short. And gone.

During the weekends that i am in Ipoh, i relax and just roll in and out of bed... like the lazy bum that i am. I don't really cook on weekends. I just give the doggies baths and clean their beds and change the sheets on our beds and rest of some chores.

Today, we went to the Old Andersonian Club to have a late lunch. Its banana leaf indian rice. One of my old schoolmate did a pretty good review on the food there. I've been wanting to go check it out after i read her review. I must say that the food is not bad... the coffee is great.. and the ambience.. that's what i love most about that place. Its windy.. and its under a big big old tree.. (sorry.. i forgot my camera.. i won't forget the next time)... and i should be going there more often.

I've been away from my hometown for a very long time. Since i came back 2 years ago to stay with dad and Boy, i am still trying to get settled in. I don't really go out and mingle. I have loads of relatives around us.. dropping food and visits all the time. They are very nice people. My family is quite extended as my father is from a very big close family. We are lucky as we grew up with many cousins to play with and extended family to help around.

I was telling Boy today that we should take grandpa out to eat at a new place every weekend. I feel guilty sometimes when i am living in the same house with my father but i hardly even spend much time with him. I am working and working.. or i am cooking or cleaning something.. hahhahahaha. Am i doing the best that i can?

The only thing i really know how to do is take him out to eat at new places.. hahhahahahaha

Tomorrow morning, we are going Dim Sum.. if i can wake up. Of course i can wake up. I better call it a night now. Hopefully... some pics for you tomorrow :) Goodnite folks.

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emilayusof said...

I haven't had banana leaf rice for awhile now!!! You're such a good daughter! Parents like to eat good food and whenever my momma is in town i will bring her to new restaurants as well.

Spiffy said...

Aiyo, I also haven't had banana leaf rice for close to 3 centuries la. Now I have the urge to go have some ... LOL!

Unknown said...

Wahhhhhh.. baiknya si Emi ni :) i also like to try new places to eat.. urmm.. best banana leaf rice would still be in Brickfields. Go hv a feast ya lepas ramadhan :)

Unknown said...

i remember Subang does have a very nice banana leaf rice.. near the PB... i think.. :) 3 centuries is a looooong time la.. ape ni.. hahahahahhaa

baincardin said...

yelaa...banana leaf rice, dah lama tak rasa. :) mesti cari ni...^_^

Nessa said...

I'm not reali a fan of banana leaf rice.

I can't recall ever bringing my mom eating out... my sisters and I did try to bring her out jalan2 but she tak mau. She preferred to go with dad.

I feel bad now :*(

Unknown said...

sedap sedap tuh Bain.. the banana leaf rice... esp makan dengan tangan :D ops! sorry.. u tengah puasa ni..

Unknown said...

Not everyone like banana leaf rice Ness.. :)

My mom used to love to eat out.. and she loves shoes and handbags :) every CNY and Christmas.. i feel sad cos i cannot buy the things for her anymore. Its just about trying to do the best that we can while they are around Ness.. lepas tu.. just live your life with less regrets.

dun feel bad ya *HUGS*

Nessa said...

I have no problem eating the food... it's the asap. End up smelling like food when I'm done eating! LOL!

Yeah, my mom loved handbags too :D She had loads of them back then.

May our moms rest in peace... Amen!

Unknown said...

asap ka? hahhahaa.. dari mana? then u won't like Jaring in Sunway.. cos your entire self will smell like Jaring after u eat.. and i mean ENTIRE *LOL*

moms sure love handbags :)

May our moms rest in peace. :)

Anonymous said...

The very fact that u are with your dad now and taking care of him is the very best that you could do...others would simply just make excuses...good on yer Anny Boo!