dear beloved uncles, aunties and bloggie friends,

Thank you for all your nice nice and kind wishes. Now that i am finally 7.. i am an old and wise doggie now. But i still love to run very fast in the garden. Grandpa says i don't run. I gallop like a horse *woof*

Here's me having my birthday treat. Its a mighty big treat. After finishing this greenie, i am all poofed!

I had a wonderful birthday. No cake but lotta lotta treats! I am beginning to grow sideways. When i walk, my stomach kinda sway left and right. I must exercise more and snooze less. But urmmm.. i am a doggie.. i need all my 40 winks :)

Catch all of you again soon. Power Nap time.

*woof Woooooooooof*


Happy 7th Birthday to you my dear Dom Perignon :)

My wonderful curly companion is 7 today. That being in human years is 7x7=49 years old. That's urmm older than me :D No wonder he is much much wiser too :)

We went for two car rides today. One to buy lotta treats and food for the birthday boy. Then we went to visit mom... so mom can wish him Happy Birthday too.

This is his 3rd birthday with us. He came to join our family in 2007.

He is a complete joy. His presence during our difficult times have helped pulled us through. Without him as a "buffer" things would be more difficult sometimes. With him around, when things get too tough, i just go and hold on tight to him and all my worries are gone. *smile*

I love him with all that is in me :) Happy Beeday Curly :)
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Billie Jean ~ Michael Jackson

One of the greatest singers i grew up listening to. May he rest in peace.

The first song from MJ which caught my attention was Beat It... followed by Billie Jean. I've always loved Billie Jean. As a teenager, i didn't do much dancing because i have two left feet. I couldn't dance very well because the rhythm and dance did not get me. Or i didn't get the rhythm somehow.

But when i watched MJ, i am mesmerized by his dance moves. Nobody and i mean nobody ever dance like him. Nobody moves like him. He is fluid.

Even though i can't dance for nuts.. i love to see people dancing. And i always have this awe strucked face with mouth wide open when i see him dance. I never mimic his dances because i was too busy with eyes wide open.

In 1996, when he came to Kuala Lumpur for his concert, my boss bought some tickets for the office. But nobody from the office wanted to go. I wanted to, but i couldn't possibly go alone. Day 1 of concert went by. When Day 2 came, i practically dragged and pleaded my very good friend to go with me. We didn't have any tickets, but we thought that maybe we could just stand outside the stadium and just listen to him sing.

This is one of my crazy friends. We have done a lot of crazy things together. And we took the minibus to the Stadium. I remember very well.. we were just standing outside the stadium quite early and people with tickets were already filing in. We must be looking pretty desperate... hahhahaa.. Then we got approached by ticket touts. And they told us..this is genuine. We both look at each other.. smiled.. and bought them tickets without blinking. It cost us both a bomb. We just started working and never had much money on us. But with big smiles.. we lined up and follow the rest to go in. Very excited but half afraid too.. mebbe these tickets were fake. But when we got thru... we were both jumping sky high.

I think we were so far from the stage but who cares. We are IN. MJ was there... and it was real. Both of us were with big smiles and grinning like a bunch of loonies. When he came out to perform, that was its. I was dancing (even though i can't dance)... i was prancing and more of a jumping up and down like the Energizer bunny. We scream ourselves hoarse. Each time he did a move, we scream again.

That was how close i was to MJ. He was real and the dance moves... nobody and i mean nobody ever can match that. Nobody can dance like him. He is the King of Pop. And he is the Legend.

We were both happy happy happy. And we were happy for a very long time. We went for the MJ concert. Thank you to the mysterious ticket tout who made our day. And that makes all the difference.

I am blessed. That i cannot deny. Every single day of my life. I am blessed.

My colleague's dad passed away yesterday. May his soul rest in peace. I have seen him on many occations from my colleague's wedding to the birthday parties and the many celebrations they have at the big ole house. He is grand old man. Even though i do not know him personally, i am sure he has seen this thin tall girl running around at his house all the time when there's a party. Most of the old folks remember me as the thin tall girl.

Tonite is the last night of the wake and i can imagine the sadness in my friend's heart now. How the heart aches. On my mom's last night with us, all i can remembered was i was exhausted. I just held on to Stormy's hand tightly and fell asleep knowing he is by my side in my time of sorrow. The days that follow were all a daze.

Until today, i am still living in a daze. My mom's clothes are still hanging nicely in her cupboard. We didn't move much of her things around. My aunts were telling us to clear the cupboards immediately after mom's funeral and give her clothes away. But we didn't. She still lives in the memories and things that she left behind. She guides our hands in the things we do each day.

Am supposed to be in KL tomorrow for the funeral mass but i don't think i can make it on time. My heart wants to go and just give my friend a hug.

Rest of my colleagues are a worrisome bunch... hahhahahaaa
One keeps calling me idiot idiot and idiot on yahoo because i told her i am driving down tomorrow. They told me its quite pointless for me to rush down. They are probably right.

When i lost my mom, i just didn't want to answer any calls on my phone. I just kept to myself. People and friends calling and asks me the same questions over and over again... Why why.. how did it happen.. when when.. but how did it happen? I wouldn't know how it happen.. and then the Why and Why... i was angry for quite a while. I even sliced my finger while cooking because i was angry and not concentrating.

When a person loses a loved one, i guess all they need is time and space to mourn.

We have all come a long way after two years. We all had a wonderful Father's Day recently with papa. My siblings were back and we did quite a lot of things. Papa had a grand Father's Day. Lot of pics too. Will post about this soon.

I am blessed. The worrisome bunch in the office really cares about me. They read my blog all the time to check on what i am doing after i moved back home to work. I've known them all for a very long time. I miss them all the time... Especially the one that echos my sounds in the office. I have great friends. Wish i was a better friend too.

Wish i can sit by my friend now and just hold her hands too.
Anny: Stop licking your paw Dommy

Dommy: But but.. i got nothing to do

Anny: Sleep. Go and catch your forty winks Dommy

Dommy: But but.. i just did.. all 40 of them.. i caught them all

Anny: Err.. go and check what grandpa is doing then. Maybe he'll give you some treats.

Dommy: But but.. i did that too while you were busy on the computer

Anny: That still don't give you any reason to lick your paws when you are bored

Dommy: But but.. i am bored. *sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh* Come play with me Anny. Let's go to the park. I smell them cats in the garden.

Anny: But but... i have loads to do Dommy. I am sorry

Dommy: *sighhhhh* (falls back to sleep)

Work has been quite a lot lately. *lol* My back is aching and my butt is all warm from sitting on this chair for too long. I think i am even making an indent on this chair :D

When i am working, Dommy sleeps beside me on his bed. Sometimes he sighs out loudly to tell me he is there... hahhahahahaa The minute i tell him, let's go.. he will run very happily to the garden with a huge smile stuck on his face.

These past few days, i hear a lot more sighs from his corner (yes yes.. dogs DO sigh) hehhehehee..

Sometimes having a dog around is very good for a stress free environment. The dog sort of tells you to unwind. Sometimes they invite you to their space to turn circles on the floor and sometimes they just tell you to go check out some cats in the garden. They give you a balance when you seem to have lost that balance.

Here he goes... running out with big *WOOFs* There must be someone at the door now... hahhahaa.. his motto is "Bark First, Check Soon".

He'll go running out barking wildly.. and then quiets down and comes back in if there's nothing suspicious.. hahhahahaa.. He does take good care of this family. Now he's back on his Poäng snoozing.

Hari ini ialah hari yang amat menyeronokkan bagi saya kerana hujan sangat lebat sekarang. Bilik saya ini sudah kedinginan kerana hujan yang tersangat lebat ini. Saya akan mencuba buat tag ini kali kedua. Harap harap saya berjaya juga sebelum saya bercakap bahasa pasar :D

Terimakasih kepada kawan baik saya Yoon See kerana mengetag saya :) Dengan hati yang rela, mari kita bermula tag yang amat susah ini...huhuhu... sampai mata saya pun kabur habis. Insha allah saya boleh menghabiskan tag berbahasa Malaysia kali ini kerana saya diiringi hujan yang sangat sejukkkkkkkk :p


Bekas kekasih saya adalah : seekor monyet.

Saya sedang mendengar : lagu Belaian Jiwa. (mesti la diiringi lagu Melayu juga)

Mungkin saya patut : melukis semula.

Saya suka : makan kek coklat.

Sahabat-sahabat baik saya : semuanya sangat jauh dari saya :(

Saya tak paham : mengapa saya cuba buat tag yang amat susah ini.

Saya kehilangan : kesabaran bila internet saya macam kura-kura.

Ramai yang berkata : ibu saya seorang yang amat cantik.

Makna nama saya : burung layang layang.

Cinta itu adalah : mulia.

Di suatu tempat, seseorang membuang air besar.. hahahahaha

Saya akan cuba : menghabiskan tag ini... tolong la saya.. alahaiii..

Ayat SELAMANYA membawa maksud : sehingga akhirat.

Telefon bimbit saya : ialah sebiji beri hitam.

Bila saya terjaga dari tidur : saya akan melompat keluar dengan cepat dan lari dengan anjing saya ke taman.. kerana anjing saya sudah mahu membuang air.

Saya paling meluat apabila : melihat orang seksa budak-budak dan orang gaji.

Pesta/Parti adalah : hari untuk bermain belon dan makan makan besar.

Haiwan yang paling comel yang saya pernah temui ialah : si Kuning.

Peringkat umur yang paling menyeronokkan bagi saya ialah : zaman purba.. hhahahaha

Hari ini : saya akan masak spaghetti bolognaise.

Malam ini saya akan : kerja kerja kerja.

Esok pula saya akan : lagi kerja.. kesiannya hidup saya.

Saya betul-betul inginkan : Stormy balik cepat.

Ketika anda lihat wajah anda di hadapan cermin pagi ini : alamak.. saya suda tua sebijik dua.

Pusat membeli-belah atau arked permainan : err.. taman bunga.

Makanan Barat atau Jepun : Shogun

Bilik yang terang atau gelap: bilik gelap kot.. jadi saya bole tidur dengan lena.

Makanan segera adalah : maggi mee sedap dimakan.

Ayat terakhir yang anda katakan pada seseorang? iwuvyoo


Apakah perasaan anda sekarang? kelakar kerana tag ini amat susah.

Saya nak makan? ketam.

Saya tak suka? orang membebel panjang.

Impian saya? berpegang tangan dan bergembira dengan Stormy bila kita sudah tua dan berkedut-kedut... hehehe

Haiwan yang saya tak suka? ular dengan pacat

Saya harapkan? agar Superman tak pakai seluar dalam merahnya di luar.. hahhahahaa

Jika boleh putarkan masa? Saya harapkan ibu saya balik.

Saya pada 10 tahun akan datang? harap harap suda pencen dan sedang bersukaria.

Handphone saya adalah sebuah? handphone yang besar macam gameboy yang boleh dijatuhkan selalu.

Saya pernah bercinta sebanyak? err.. banyak jugak. Cinta itu memang buta... hahaha

Kawan-kawan saya? tak berapa banyak di Ipoh.

Pernah dikhianati? mungkin kot tapi tak apalaaa.. hati kita kan besar.

Apa yang hendak anda lakukan terhadap orang yang mengkhianati anda? kasi cubitkan pipinya dan lukis kura kura atas kepalanya :D hahahhaa.. hati kita kan besarrrrrrrrrrrrrr.. hhahahaha

Siapa yang anda nak Tag? sesiapa yang boleh berbahasa melayu dan yang ada banyak masa... cubalaaa.. hahhahahaa

YehhhhhhhhhhhhOOOOOoooo.. beres cerita :) Sekian Terimakasih.

Kengkawan saya yang suda mencuba tag nenek ini ialah *bunyi gendang*

Nessa, Emila, Mamat Angkasawan, Yoon See

And I Love You So ~ Perry Como

Another soppy love song day :) Mr C sings with so much ease, he's beautiful to the ears :)

This meow's been sleeping on our porch for many months now. I think it kinda made the pillar its daybed. Usually when i try to get nearer to shoot its picture, it will scoot very fast. Light and agile like a ninja, it will jump off the top of the pillar and be on its way.

Today... i was up early and this fella was still a snooooooozing away. I took dad's camera and shoot away. I got closer and tiptoe another inch closer. It open one eye and checked me out. Since i was frozen like a statue, it close its eye again.. hehhehehehe

I felt like i was playing one of my past childhood game with it. I've forgotten what the game was called.. but you kinda got to freeze up each time the person in front turns around till u get to him/her and tap him/her on the shoulder and kinda run like crazy after that. *LOL*

Do you find cats and the dogs paw facinating? I love the shape of it. My model was kind enough to share its paw with me. It even turn it around for me to check it out :D I am always checking Dom's paw when he is sleeping or playing. Sometimes he doesn't let me hold his paw longer.

When i went in to get some biscuits to reward my model, it quickly ran away. Guess i startled it when i forgot to go slowly.. hehehe

I found another free model today :) I forgot to check whether its a male/female... but its always around. It has PR status here. I'll check again tomorrow or i'll ask Dom.

Chicken ala Carte ~ Ferdinand Dimadura

Are we conciously aware of poverty among us? Do we order more food than we can eat? Do we buy more than we need? Do we just throw what we cannot finish.

My country is developed but poverty still lurks in some corners. The rich gets richer, the poor gets weaker.

I am a very lucky girl. I live a very sheltered life. All my life, i have had enough to eat. We have wasted and we have thrown away food.

Poverty is real. Many die of poverty everyday.
About 25,000 people die every day of hunger or hunger-related causes, according to the United Nations. This is one person every three and a half seconds, as you can see on this display. Unfortunately, it is children who die most often. (source:

I hear the laughter in the video but my heart cries.

Do you see my lovely orange paw on the right? Well... its a "to the top button" and its quite a useful button. click it.. click it.. :) Guess who helped Anny with it.

Spiffy the very helpful, almost going to be the top FC mamat spaceman of EIB helped with the codes.

If you want to add a "to the top button" on your blog.. holler out. I will pass you the codes courtesy of Spiff the Spaceman

Now i got to ask Piper to print a pawprint too so both of us can have our paw prints everywhere on the world wide woof.

Go check out Spiffy's rocket too on his cool website.

Thanks again Spiffy.


Pretty? I think it superb pretty. And for a 1st timer, this is superb!

This is my sister's first flower arrangement. She finally went for classes and picked up a hobby to fill her time. I think she has the flair for this. The colors are beautiful and its petite and bon appetit too.. its so beautiful its almost edible. Ok ok.. so she's my sister and i am singing too much praises. But really.. this is beautiful.

I went for flower arrangement classes before when i was in my early 20s. And my arrangement were never this petite and sweet.. hahahahaa.. Guess i don't have much flair concerning flowers. I bet she is beaming and beaming now and holding her basket of flowers.. turning it left and then right.. and then smiling again.

Life is a constant learning process. If you stop learning and stop being curious about the things around you, life will start to get bored. When you get bored, life moves at a slower pace. And when life move at a slower pace, you stop living. And when you stop living, you are dead. You could be dead at 60 but stop living when you are 30. It would be a very sad long life.

I see some old folks still moving forward and trying new things. They even pick up new hobbies and things that they never had the time to do when they were younger. That's living life to the fullest. If you are not sick and immobile, go out.. grab at your life. Smell the flowers, grin at the sky... skip a little when you walk and be curious.

Never stop learning. Don't forget to ask why :)

Desperate Times. I think the economy is not getting any better yet. The days are getting warmer and the air is smelling like a smokey filled room. *yucks*

I was back in my office for 2 whole days last week. Was kinda visiting my colleagues, working plus spending time yapping here and there. I guess its been a long time since i last went to office and go work as a normal working person in almost presentable looking working clothes. *LOL*

My office does not have a dress code. We don't come to work in suits and pants and dresses except the ones who are doing some work at the hotel. I have been working in jeans and tee for many years in this office. My dressing gets worse. Now i work in my pajamas and shorts.. hahhahahahaa.. Not that i am a fashionista in the first place.. :)

Since the economy is not very good, we have a few cutbacks in the office. No more 3in1 nescafes.. and delicious expensive cookies (how do we keep the staff awake.. with no coffee??) We still have coffee laa.. but not the 3in1. No more Milo Fuse in the pantry too... gone are the days when we can have milo, coffee, teh tarik, green tea, nescafe all at once in one day. Tissue paper also cut back too.. no more fancy tissue papers on every table. I was pretending to make lotta noise about the tissue paper issue. I just wash my hands and walk to the office manager.. and tell her... you see you see.. no tissue in the office.. with dripping hands.... and annoy her. She even try to give me her personal towel to wipe. Such a nice lady.. hahhahahaa.. Ya.. my colleagues bring their own handtowels to cut back on tissue paper wastage.

Now we don't print as much as we used to. We used to even print 2 liners of emails. *LOL* Less printing means less ink and paper wastage. Now that i am working from home, i don't even have a printer here. I am completely paperless and saving some part of the environment. (except for toilet paper) Thank God we still have toilet paper in the office.. hahahhahahaa

They stopped the cleaning services in the office so now everyone has a duty to do after lunch. One will be sweeping, another wiping the tables, another mopping the floor, someone is collecting the rubbish and two other fellas are washing the toilet. Its good for team building and builds good rapport... no one is complaining. Everyone seems happy doing the chores and helping out. And i must say, the office is cleaner now.

I am actually quite proud of my colleagues. In this desperate times, they have stuck together and try and cut corners here and there because every dollar counts. The last time we did this cleaning of the office ourselves was few years back when the economy was not good. We cut every corner and everyone did their chore. And we pull through. I am sure this time, we will pull through too.

Few months back, my neighbours wired fence got cut up... almost the entire fence late at night by thieves. Its a corner lot, and the garden is fenced up with the wire. It was a rusty wired up fencing. These two loonies decided to cut people's fence up at 4am in the morning. I bet they spent quite a while cutting and rolling it up *LOL* It will probably only fetch them about 15 dollars when they try and resell the rusty wires.

When we woke up the next day, i was looking at my neighbour's unfenced house and thought that he was going to refence his house with new wires. Never in a million years would i think that someone would actually steal the wires. He was fenceless for about two weeks. He finally got it re-fenced and it costs him close to 500 bucks. But then again, some loonies were stealing all our garbage cans last year... hahahhahahahaa.. what a neighbourhood rite?

Desperate times.

That I Would Be Good ~ Stephanie Sun

Stephanie Sun is one of the artistes that i really like. I love her style of singing. And the only chinese songs that i listen to. I don't really understand the songs but i just love singing along anyways.. hahhahahaha

She sings pretty well in English too and i just love the piano playing part of her. Her singing is wild, free and enjoyable. You should look for her cover of Venus.. it was great! When i went for her concert.. i was jumping up and down like a teenager.. hahaha.. but that was a few years back.

My friend says that i kinda look like Stephanie Sun... *wink*.. before you all shoot me down.. let me explain... The only part of Stephanie Sun that i look like is just the height part and nothing else... Gotcha there!

That I Would Be Good is by Alanis Morissette from her album Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie. Its a great song. Especially the acoustic version :)

Sunday morning. Dommy's asleep. One kid is asleep behind me on my bed. I have two more on the computer in the hall playing facebook games :D One more day for them to enjoy before school starts again on Monday.

I bet some parents are going yehoo yehoooooooOOO thinking about Monday when school starts. Its not exactly easy to keep a bunch of kids occupied during a two week break. They keep coming back to you and telling you that they are bored and they are hungry.. hahhahahaa.. bored and hungry.

My sister's kids are going back later in the afternoon today. They have been hovering around me like a bunch of bees these past few days.. hhahahhahahaa... they come in and roll on the bed behind me while i work. Then they ask me a thousand questions. Then i'll join them on the bed as well.. and we'll roll around like fishes on a frying pan. Sometimes we'll have a tickle game... and they run out screaming. That was what i was trying to do. Get them out so i could do some work.. hahhahahaa.. but they come back the next minute... and surround me like a surround sound system. hahhahha But i do like their company. Because they laugh so much and they keep the house alive.

There's the other thing about gas. They each will come in and say.. Anny... Anny.. i wanna tell you something.. then they just smile.. and run out. Slowly.. a foul kinda smell will trail to my nose... arghhhhhhhhhhh.. these kids are letting off gas in my room.. hahhhahahhaaa.. Boy does it all the time when we are talking on the bed. I wonder what we feed these kids. How come they have so much gas in them.

Even girly who's sleeping behind me now. Today she was smiling that cheeky smile and went. I poot i poot already. Can't you smell? So much gas.. hehhehehehee They are just playing and playing so much, they forgot to do their business in the toilet. And that's why there's so much gas... i think :D

I'm guess i am just gonna miss their company when Monday comes. Especially girly who's been sleeping with me these past few days. She can giggle so much. I think she's packed with giggles.

Ha... i better go and sleep soon before she invade my space again. Every night i have to push her to her side of the bed. And she's as heavy as a log to move... hahhahahahaa.. Goodnite people.

And Spiffy... errr.. go and sleep. Don't go camping at Rocker Chick's blog. She's probably out of town :) Cupcakeossssssssssss.. come to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
A smile melts a frozen heart
A smile breaks boundaries
A smile makes another smile

Its Mine
If I like it, it's mine.
If it's in my mouth, it's mine.
If I can take it from you, it's mine.
If I had it a little while ago, it's mine.
If it's mine, it must never appear to be yours in any way.
If I'm chewing something up, all the pieces are mine.
If it just looks like mine, it's mine.
If I saw it first, it's mine.
If you are playing with something and you put it down, it automatically becomes mine.
If it's broken, it's yours.
~ author unknown

Is smiling contagious?
It is it is :D

Is yawning contagious?
It is it is too :)

The picture i was looking for these past two years finally materialise before my eyes thanks to Kuning. I finally caught his big smile. I am so happy.

no smile... deep in thought i guess ^_^

... and he smiles :)

Dommy laughing.. his best laugher :) cos the eyes are closed. He must be very happy.

This is proof that dogs do smile. And they do laugh too. I am sure they have feelings too.
Last weekend has been great with the Yellow Spot... and Piper and Dommy. I think all my clothes smell of doggy breath... i almost ran out of clean clothes. I am beginning to smell like a dog more on most days. Maybe i am crossing over and becoming a dog.. heheheheehe And i do have baths every single day.. :)
Hello all :) I am finally back from my roadtrip. Kinda got extended in a way :D

We were just in Kuala Lumpur to visit my sisters and Piper. When i am in KL, i usually forget about computers and just like to lie low and be lazy. Am even more tired than i was last friday. *lol* Guess its the "age thingy".

My knees are kinda giving up on me. My whole body is aching from god knows what i have been doing.. hahhahahahaa.. All i actually did was walk some dogs. Three to be exact :)

Kuning was here last week. Sis was dog-sitting for her friend. She was with her for a whole week. Kuning makes her happy. A goldie with their magical smile and their ever happy face just lights u up like a lightbulb.

I am happy to see her smile and am less stressed when Kuning is here. Even though walking this mighty strong girl is a feat in itself. hahahhahahahaa

From this last weekend i spent with Kuning... i found out that Goldies...

1) are with lotta energy... just watch the movie Marley and Me and you'll see Kuning. She's almost like Marley.. hahhahahahaha

2) they can walk very very far... and never seem to tire

3) they love to drink every other puddle of water or any water they can find on the ground

4) they pee quite a bit considering the water they lap up everywhere

5) they love to chase birds.. hahahhaha.. they are so excited when they see birds.. so hold on to them when you walk them

6) whether they are female or male, they still love to hump our legs.. hahhahahahaa
(the guy at the grooming shop was saying.. hey.. ur dog is hamsap**... then i said.. err.. she's a female.. then he went.. izit??? he even bend down to look.. hahhahaha.. then he was scratching his head and went.. why was she humping my legs.. *LOL*)
**hamsap means itchy or pervert in Cantonese (usually refers to a male)

7) dogs ONLY listen to their owners commands and will just conveniently forget all the commands that they have learnt when they are with strangers

8) goldies poo only once each time u take them for a walk.. but be ready for a big big poo.. hahhahahaaa don't forget to bring the scoop

9) if you have weak shoulders, don't even try to walk a goldie who is still at its puppy years... they just drag u everywhere

10) goldies love grass... they love grass as much as they love water

11) goldies love to dig too.. hahahhahaha.. i shud get a goldie to help me dig holes on the ground if i want to plant anything :D

i think Goldies are just basically very happy dogs. They love to please and they love you to bits. They love to lick your face too. Their saliva is a lot too.. hahhahahahaa..

I love this Kuning even though she seems unruly and uncontrollable like Marley. But she's still just a puppy. She has grown quite a bit since i saw her in February. And best of all, she made Dom smiled. I finally manage to capture the picture that i was looking for.


Its the time of the month, and when it is the time of the month, my knees go weak. I become lazier and time just flies by. *LOL*

My work is also picking up speed. We have to prepare for year end stuffs. Its mind boggling when you have too many yahoo windows popping asking you about the silliest things sometimes. If i can reach into the screen and give them a good shake, i would.

These two days have been a flurry of McFlurry events. I spend an entire day just staring blankly at my computer screen yesterday. Waiting for some news. I hate waiting. And i hate keeping secrets from my father. I am not exactly very good at pulling a straight face when i am worried. Well, we had our reasons for not letting him know yet. One less person to worry. At least he had a good day singing on Youtube. We finally told him in the evening and thank god he didn't scold me for keeping it from him.

We are going on a roadtrip tomorrow to visit my sisters and me with my hammer, i guess i'll just give them both a good knock on their heads too.

As with roadtrips, i always check my car before i travel. Since its was almost due for the regular oil change and stuffs, i send my car to my usual mechanic and left it there. I asked him to check on the absorbers for the tyres as well because they were making funny sounds. Kinda like a kreek kreek kreek and a kruk kruk kruk when i turn the wheels. He checked everything and came to my house to give me the estimates. The estimates looked ok to me, so i ask told him to get the job done.

Dad is not in a very good mood today. His phone got swiped from his car when he went down for breakfast. He forgot to lock his car door. Being an old man, they sometimes forget to take the phone from the car or they forget to lock the door.

When he came back, he was searching high and low for his phone. Then he told me. I think i lost my phone. I told him its ok. We cannot do anything since we called the phone and it was off. Probably the thief would have thrown the sim card already. This is actually the 2nd time he lost his phone. The first time was really bad. He was angry and agitated and fuming and scolding. We went everywhere looking for that phone. It was from us... his birthday gift. When he has cooled down after a few days, we got him a new one, the same phone. He was grinning after that. So this time, i was actually quite calm and told him.. its ok. We'll get a new one. A cheap one. Its just a phone. Don't get angry about it. He was angry with himself for being forgetful.

I asked my nephew to go with dad to the phone center to get a new sim card. All set. Sim card in his old old phone. And i left it at that.

All hell break loose when he asked me why my car was so long at the mechanic. I told dad, i asked the mechanic to check some sounds. Then he went on and on about me getting cheated by the mechanics. When my car came back, he asked me how much. Then i told him 200 something. (as usual i will lower the amount) hahahhahahaa.. Then he asked to see the bill. Die la. Then he asked, so what did they change that costs 200 something. I said some bearings on the front wheel. And the usual service.

I went to my room and hide the bill.. hahhahahahaa.. It was 300 something :) But i did change a few things. The mounting on the front wheel... and lower arm bush front for the wheel. And the service for the oils and stuffs. So 300 something was reasonable to me.

I have been driving since i was 19. This car of mine has been with me for 10+ years. I've always taken care of my car myself. Though there may be many times shops might con me here and there. Whatever is broken has to be mended. Not all mechanics are out to con you. And this shop belongs to my father's friend. That's why i go there in the first place.

I don't understand why each time i go and repair my car or serviced my car... i'll come back and get an earful from my father. He always says i am getting conned. But i have lives in my hands when i go on roadtrips. The least i could do is get the car serviced and checked before i go on long journeys. If i am travelling alone, i don't really care.

I do know and respect my dad as he is older and he has taken more salt than i have taken rice. And that is why each time i just keep quiet. I won't answer back and just hide them bills. hahhahahahahahahaa

After the lost phone and my mechanic bills, he got so angry and worked up. His pressure went slightly high and after dinner, he said he was not feeling well. I took him to the doctors and the doctor said it was gas. I think he got spooked there again. He thought that he was having a heart attack.

Bottomline is, i am old enough to handle my own car and my things. I am old enough to make wise decisions. He is old enough to know that life is for the living. And not get angry over the slightest of things and getting sick. I guess dads will always be just overly protective. We will always just be their little girls.

And this is when The G a p comes in.

In UK, they will tell you to Mind The Gap in the tubes. But their gap is the space between the trains and the platforms. I guess Mind The Gap works here with us too. We'll just have to be tolerant and dad will just have to be tolerant too over my stupidity. hehhehee..and there's the other Gap which is Boy. We are three generations of people living in a house with a dog. Thank god there is a dog. He's the buffer :D

Before i end this long windy story, before you get angry, just remember Steven Covey's 90/10 Principle.

10% of life is made up of what happens to you. 90% of life is decided by how you react.

My dearest three,
Sorry.. but i couldn't find ma way outta this cave... its full of bats.. and and its really cool and nice.. i tot i'll stay here longer... err.. errr... i'll be outta here soon when it rains :)
Congratulations to Nessa Mumblings


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The weight of the world
On my shoulders
Keep it a secret please
*Shush shush*
Add on to my shoulders

I must keep my mouth shut
A secret is a secret
Things that are kept in confidence
*Shush shush*
Add on to my shoulders

It gets heavier and heavier
Each day my shoulders dropped a few inch lower
I wish to tell
But i must not
At least not yet

Don't tell me too much
If i am to keep it to myself
I am tired and old
The weight of the world
On my shoulders.
Hello everyone and especially to auntie Nessa :)

I just had my long overdue grooming siesta last Saturday. Its a good thing Anny finally managed to get me booked for my grooming. Since my last two shaves at Doctor Teo's clinic, its been a long time since i was groomed. And its a loooooooong time.

I don't even remember the groomer anymore. And i was shaking like a wriggly tofu. I have forgotten that this groomer is very nice. My groomer Karen is a pretty little lady. Lots of doggies were already there when i arrived. All of them came to greet me. Kinda made me feel welcomed and reminded me of Marilyn's place.

I saw some dark brown poodles... just like me, but they were much smaller. And lots of shitzus like Mr Piper there. Speaking of Piper... i wonder when he'll be back again... hmmm.. I bet he is just busy with Cleo.

Anny stayed with me for a while, then she went on her way to do her errands. They bathe me.... shampoo me... blowdry me... and then i waited for my turn to be groomed. I had a close crewcut shave on my body as its very warm nowadays. But my ears and head, she kinda did a very nice cut for me. I think i look kinda dashing too :) With my new black collar, i've been attracting a lot of attention especially from the doggy next door. I think i look a million bucks now!

My ears got cleaned. And i tried to nip the other girl's hand as she was very rough and not very friendly. I don't like her face. She don't smile. Then she got scared and Karen's hubby came and cleaned my ears. He even clipped my nails nicely for me. He's nice too.

Here's me resting on my poäng with my brown sarong. The brown sarong actually gives a cool nice feeling to the poäng. This is mine. I sleep here at night when its cold and when its a bit warm, i lie on my bed on the floor. Grandma said i could sit on the Poäng as no one else wanted to sit on it. So i made it mine.

IKEA should let me advertise their Poäng's for them. Its one of the friendliest and nicest seats for doggies :) Maybe they should start coming up with more dog friendly prints for the Poäng chair. I think my Poäng needs a whole new cover.

If you are ever in Anny's house, don't sit on my Poäng ok? Cos its mine and all mine. Well.. maybe Piper can sit on it. But its really too high for him to jump up.

I should be going on a roadtrip soon to Piper's house. I wanna go check out his Cleo and since Kuning is there for a holiday... i wanna go say hi to ma pretty lady with the golden smile. Cya!