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Thanks again Emi :)
When you get idle, time just take advantage and press on the fast forward button :)

We had a loooong weekend last week... and i got idle. I kinda conveniently forgot i have a blog again and just decided to let my computer have a looong weekend too to let it rest. Sorta like giving thanks to the mighty computer :) The amount of hours this poor computer has to put in... it would probably sue me for overworking it if it could.

Hmm.. so what kinda happened last weekend. It was all a blurr *LOL* And no.. i didn't get drunk.

Friday was a sleep-in. Saturday came and a shorter sleep-in and sis & family was home to see dad who was under the weather. With the constant rainfall and the mighty cool nites, dad finally got sick last week. And when he gets sick, he is a wee bit crabby.

But i blamed it on the butter cookies, a whole bag of "heong peah" and the other crunchy stuffs he was munching when he is watching tv. And the time he stood in the garden trimming the plants when it was drizzling a little. The rain ++ the munchies.. and he ended up with a very sore throat and a mighty cold.

The antibiotics from the doctor didn't work and so my aunts came by and came up with their own home remedies. The onion, the cooling drinks and the reminders (for me) to boil this and that.

I quietly took the can of butter cookies, taped it down and hide it in the backroom *LOL* Just in case my dad go munching on too many cookies and got sick again when he is getting better now.

Sis came home and bought a whole lotta stuffs for him. Hazeline snow for the sore nose.. vicks.. some packets of chinese meds for the cough (and reminders for me to boil)... and two big bags of cookies. *LOL* Does she not know that the cookies were one of the culprits in the first place. I wanted to bang her head. Urmm.. but it was really nice of her. Ok ok.. i take back the bang her head.

Dad is on the road to recovery already. Don't even ask me what single thing cured him.. cos he took too many things. Even a mug of beer at the wedding dinner he attended yesterday because his brothers and sisters who were with him yesterday told him that his body is heaty.

The cures range from many coconut drinks he had, onions, antibiotics, lemon drinks, salt for gargling.. urmm.. chinese herbs... honey... and a host of a lot of other stuffs. But i think it was probably the kids that cured him.

When the kids comes home, especially Rachel, dad is extra happy. He just grins when he heard them arriving. Poor sis and family had to be stuck in really bad traffic going back to KL yesterday. It took them about 5 hours + to reach their destination. Usually it will only take 2 hours. I did tell them to leave early but sis being the optimistic person refuses to believe me that there would be much traffic.. hahahahahahhahaa Good thing the hubby was driving.

I bet he'll be grinning more when Jai comes home. He probably won't be able to sleep for days counting down to Jai's arrival.

Oh ya.. i did go to the dinner which i was trying to get out from with excuses. The food was great.. just a tad salty. The bride was beautiful. The groom was grinning. I sat with a lot of aunts and uncles which were my neighbours. I had my own aunt beside me. It wasn't so bad after all. I do not know the groom personally as he was way much younger than me when we were little. But it was a great wedding dinner.

Sitting with my aunt and taking care of her kinda reminds me of my own mum. I kinda missed mom suddenly and the mother daughter chats. When i sat with mom during wedding dinners, we will usually whisper and she'll point out who's the people around us. These neighbours kinda watched me grow up... but i've been away from home for so long... it is always just a friendly nod and a smile when i see them now. My mom knows them all. She would have enjoyed this dinner.

The weather's real bad nowadays. The flu is making a U-turn and coming back to strike. So brace yourselves. Wash your hands before you eat or touch your face. Don't get wet in the rain and drink lotta water. You sure don't want to be sick for Christmas.

Back to work for now. Lotta pies for me to do. Oh bummer. Have a great Monday ahead :) Someone is going I HATE MONDAY on their status line... hahahhahahaa
I am thankful for
  • eyes to see the beauty of each new day
  • the ability to walk anywhere and everywhere i want to go
  • a pair of ears to listen
  • a mouth to speak when spoken to
  • hands to touch and feel
  • a father who still needs me
  • dommy on a sunny + a rainy day
  • pp for his soft cuddles
  • a blob of furry smiley yellow
  • sisters that love me
  • kids that roll on the bed with me to giggle & chat
  • Jai for the experience of a lifetime
  • stormy as the all weather friend
  • my friends who are always there for me
  • the extended circle of family
  • food that keeps coming from my extended families
  • coffee in the morning :p
  • disasters in the kitchen
  • people that are willing to eat what i cook
  • enough food each day
  • birds in the garden
  • butterflies to remind me of childhood
  • flowers that my mom left us
  • papayas when i was trying for catnips
  • a wonderful & understanding boss
  • Anamaa & Puci
  • a super duper fast computer
  • a very helpful Suedoo
  • a new glass cup
  • enough dough in my pockets
  • a curly for the roll-abouts
  • wonderful people who become my friends in the virtual world
  • matches to light a candle
  • comics & Mattias that cracks me up everyday
  • a jacket to wear on a cold day
  • a warm room to sleep tonite
  • a roof over my head
  • laughter in the rain
  • poot poot conversations with the one
  • the mosquito who keeps flying in front of my face :)
  • ice-cream when its warm
  • dommy to share my food
  • sleep
  • dreams to keep me happy
  • mummy for her love
I have much much more to be thankful for... can't really list them all here. I am also thankful too to my readers who keep coming back to leave me comments. Thank you and i am forever grateful for your kind thoughts.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your loved ones!
Some pictures & funnies roll in today from my colleagues in the office. I wanna share these few with you :) Especially love the happy ellie.

poor doggy is hungry

happy Ellie :)


kinda censored part of what the gorilla wanted to show you.. ^.^

** Credit goes to whomever the pictures belong to. Our apologies. We do not know the source of the pictures as it came through the email.
Today is Piper's Moomie's birthday. PP is back to being the only furkid in the house as Kuning has gone back home. No more tantrums from PP and he's back to his old self again.. happy and running about with a smile. He wasn't very happy when Kuning was around as the love for him was divided. Doggies can count too.

Here's Kuning bidding everyone farewell. She'll be back soon :)

Kuning drove herself home ^.^
(she's just test driving PP's car)

In my days of daze... i forgot to post about PP's birthday. Piper is officially 5 years old since last Friday. His birthday falls on the 20th November. (that would be 5x7=35 wow! an adult in human years)

I am sorry lil one. I didn't forget. I just forgot to post about you. Five years and this lil shitzu is running our lives. *lol*

My first three years with him was joyful. He takes care of me when i am sick and vice versa. He comes and sleep by my side. I remember him coming in and checking on me off and on. He was like a lil nurse. He wakes me up like an alarm clock every Sunday like clockwork. It is unconditional love... it is.

Shitzu's are pretty loving creatures. They just love tummy rubs and just love to sleep near you. They love the human contact. They love to be pampered. And they don't like to share their love... especially not with other doggies.

Doggies are mighty forgiving i am sure. I'll bring you a big greenie when i see you soon PP. Happy Birthday to you my lil sis and a beeeeeeelated one to you PP.

where's my cake
Turmeric and i go a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong way. Lately, i've been using a wee bit of turmeric in some of the things that i cook. Turmeric is actually quite good for us. Its quite a common spice in Asian cooking.

My favourite is marinating chicken with turmeric and salt. After a while, just fry it and add a dash of light soya sauce. A simple dish which has a very aromatic smell to it. I love its simplicity and the aroma that turmeric adds to the chicken.

Mom used to make it too. Her chicken are cut in small pieces. Dainty dishes. My stuffs are cut never daintly.. hahahhahaha.. I am always in a rush for time. Sis will always complain about the size of the carrots and potatoes in my dishes *LOL* She will complain that i am trying to choke them all.

I remember my yoga master telling me that he bathes with turmeric. I didn't really have a chance to ask him properly on the benefits. Circumstances that surround the very life of mine... and i had to stop classes and go home. He's still the best yoga teacher i had. I haven't found one quite like him here. He has charisma.

Stormy gave me a recipe last week which i didn't follow properly as usual. Its quite hard for a cook to teach me as i don't follow instructions properly. *LOL* It was just another simple dish. But as usual, i did it my way.. and it tasted yucky.. hahahhahahaa.. It was also because i didn't have a certain dark sweet sauce.

Last weekend i got a big huge bottle of the dark sauce as i couldn't find the smaller bottle on the shelves. This time i was a little bit smarter and cook in smaller portions :)

And because of the dark sauce... it was a helluva of a success. Stormy was blinking proud of me and the master chef could only salivate over the pics *LOL*

nice or not? it was a bit sweet... but the sauce made it really nice. Now this sauce is kinda like my besty sauce.. hahhahahahhaa

Oh ya.. i marinated the chicken with turmeric too.. hehehhe.. and a tad of chili powder and salt. The end good results went to the "secret sauce".

Guess what is the secret sauce... :)

I kinda stumbled upon this 20 Health Benefits of Tumeric a while ago. Go check it out if you wanna find out more about turmeric.
This is a common sight when its 3.30pm here. Dad will have his tea break and there's the faithful Curly. Usually he'll get some share of whatever dad's eating at that hour.

Dommy's favourite sounds of the hour are... plastic bags... or ziplock bags... or opening of the food cover.. or.. the dragging of the dining hall chairs. He will know that someone's eating or munching something and he wants a share too.

Even when he's fast asleep... the slightest sound of plastic bags would awake him *LOL* Such a hungry creature.

Everyone's been commenting that he's a bit heavy too. Time for a diet. He cannot afford to get too fat... his legs will not be able to support his body weight. But he looks healthier now... don't you think?

Maybe i should take him to the vet and let him have his say :)
It jingles

Ahhhhhhhhhhh... i know Christmas is just weeeeeee right there :) I'm all decked in ma best jingle blue and waiting for my big greenie treat on Christmas day. That is if someone remembers to get us our greenies.

As the internet was crawling slower than a snail today, Anny decide enough is enough. She says i stink. Stink? What has slow internet speed got anything to do with me stinking?

I think i smell just fine. With a touch of doggy breath. When Lester came by yesterday, he didn't say i stink. He was just too happy having super races with me in the garden. And so... off to the bath i went.

Usually i have my bath on Saturdays or Sundays. But last weekend, there was a lot of family around, no one got around to giving me a bath.. can you believe it? They were all just chattering away endlessly. So you see, it was not my fault if she thinks i stink.

Monday came by.. and she got busy and it was gloomy. She was afraid that i might catch a cold in the rainy day. Tuesday came... and she was too tired cos she had to wake up real early to wait for Aini. Wednesday came by... and still no bath. Thursday came... and she says i stink??

I see her taking all my bathing stuffs and rubber ducky. (urmm.. no rubber ducky.. it was just the rubber towel) There was the pail for the water.. the blue scoop... the scrubber... my two shampoos (why two? don't ask me).. my cloth to clean my eye... big yellow towel that taste like rubber... the hairdryer.. the ear drops.. the painful comb... the tea tree skin calm spray...my big chair for me to sit still when she is blow drying me.. her orange stool.. the green stool in the toilet.. the shower.. the water.. the heater.. the the the... urmm... i think i kinda covered everything. Oh ya. And me.

I ran quickly to my chair... and sit very still like a heavy rock when i see her getting all these stuffs ready. She came and try to carry me... but i sit harder and stiff up my body so maybe she'll give up and go away. But noooooooo... she scoop me up and nearly fell backwards. She mumbled that i am getting wayyyyyyyy too heavy and she's gonna put me on a diet soon. Oh nooooooooooo... i am not fat. I am just big boned... Urmm.. i am just.. full.

Well.. its a relief to have a bath after all. I feel lighter... fluffier than a sponge cake.. I am smelling like a million bucks now. I got more hugs and tummy rubs too.

When Boy came home, he even invited me to jump on Anny's bed. I had a big roll about and turn round and round. (I am usually not allowed on the bed... but they don't know that i jump on their beds when they go out and leave me all alone at home) especially grandpa's bed. I feel that his bed is the safest.

Here's me after my bath in my blue bed and wearing my jingle blue (not that i can tell colors). Don't i look smashing with the jingle blue?

Anyways.. TGIF tomorrow :) Hopefully Anny will take me for car rides come Saturday. Have a great evening and good night *woooooof*

Comfort food. A familiar scent. Simple easy inexpensive food which are usually comforting to one. A reminder of a happy childhood perhaps.

The most comforting food are usually cooked by a loved one. Usually a mom or grandma. Well.. sometimes daddy or grandpa.

When i was staying on my own in KL, the one thing that i missed most is my mom's cooking and of course her beautiful self. Each time i come home, she'll cook many things for me. Even an egg that she fried would be like heaven in my mouth.

I live for simple food. There are hundreds of things that my mom has cooked that still live in my memory because they are my comfort food. The scent.. the taste... the yumminess.. i can remember them like i've just eaten them yesterday.

Basically, i am not a very good cook myself. I meet more disasters than successes while cooking. Poor dad and Boy are my guinea pigs now. Dommy is not complaining much.

It used to be my younger sister when i was in KL. I'll come up with funny stuffs for her to eat for dinner. Sometimes it could be just 2 slices of bread with some tuna in them.. with a touch of grilling in the oven (i miss my oven).

My colleagues were my other guinea pigs. I would make muffins that are as hard as rocks.. but they will still eat them.. and try not to choke. *LOL* Sometimes when i get lucky, they will get to taste a better cake... but i hardly get lucky when it comes to cooking because i never follow instructions.

Never a stickler for regularities.. i don't know why i keep buying recipe books and never do follow one properly. I will choose the shortest recipe... with the least ingredients. Don't even try to tell me about making rendang tok. When i saw the list of ingredients, i just ran the other way.

When you don't really know how to cook very well like me, you must at least know how to make a good soup. Chinese basically drink lotta soups. Soups are good. Comforting on a rainy day and good on the tummy too if you are not feeling too well.

Since i work from home and am just a few steps from the kitchen, i usually boil my soups at 3pm in time for dinner. The soups takes about 3 hours to boil in slow fire. And i double-steam my soups like some gungho cook *LOL*

Double steaming soups the old way like how my mom used to do. Double steaming is good if you are at home to keep at eye on the stove. Double steaming seals in the liquids and the essence of the soup. Nothing gets lost and the soup is super delicious :) It is called "dan tong" (in Cantonese) meaning steam soup.

I'll share some nice soupy soup recipes with you if you like.. soon. But the recipes will not have exact measurements. *LOL* Look out for it ya :)

Maybe.. just maybe i should try cooking the rendang tok one of these days. How wrong can i go right? But my aunt says it took her four hours to cook it the last time. And she was at the stove stirring it all the time. She did mention it was tiring. *LOL*

I think i'll just stick with simple comfort food. Below is the double steaming soup. Its called The Old Cucumber Soup.

pekaboo pot.. i see you ^.^

the old one

Thanks for following my long windy story today. Boy is going to bed. Time for me to sleep too. Goodnite.

The Young Ones ~ Cliff Richard

Papa is listening to this right now. He's singing... humming.. whistling. Today must be a happy day for him :)

He spends many hours on the computer on YouTube & Spider Solitaire almost everyday. I think he loves YouTube more than his other games on his Gameboy that the kids left with him.

Maybe i should consider getting him his own netbook so he'll always have YouTube and Spider Solitaire on hand and never be bored wherever he goes.

I leave songs that my papa listens to here so that my sisters will know what he's up to. Most of these songs are from our childhood. I was not a fan of Cliff Richard. But eldest sister was. I remember her going awoo awooooooooooooooooooooooooooo over him *LOL* If she sees this post... she'll have my skin. hahhahahahaa

Oraits. Enjoy this song :)
If you like the lonely bird, you can download it.
click picture (for bigger view) - 1024 x 768px

Do you know how to string a guitar? It can be quite a bloody experience... *LOL*

My nephew plays the guitar. He has been playing the guitar on and off for maybe 3 years or more. When he started playing the guitar, we all would laugh quite often cos this boy always sings off key. He doesn't really hear himself sing even though he sings quite loud.

I would sometimes tell him... wrong key wrong key... aiyaaa.. but he would not mind.. and still keep on jang jang jang away. To be a good guitarist, you must hum or sing when you play along. Enjoy the process of guitar playing.

A lot of people don't really make it as good guitarist. They never play a full song. They will become like some campfire guitarists.. *LOL* Campfire guitarist strums a bit of song.. snatches of song... and go.. i think it goes like this.. jang jang jang.. and then.. urmm.. no no.. i think it should go like this.. jang jang jang jang... and no full song gets played.

Boy and his cousins attempted to play some Christmas carols last Christmas. All three of them are of the same age and grew up together. They were like campfire guitarists. *LOL* In the end we ended up singing Christmas carols without the music from the guitars.

When these three fellas get together to play + sing... we all haveta seal our ears. They sound urmm... atrocious together. *LOL* But like any teenager, they are quite proud of their singing and sometimes record it on their mobiles for playbacks. These are good laughs for them.

Last few days.. one of the strings on his acoustic guitar snapped. Usually he goes to the shop and the man will string it for him. Me and my big mouth told him that he should learn how to string his own guitar. All guitarists string their own guitars.

So we went to the shops and got the strings. We came home and he struggled to string it cos he is a left-hander. I saw blood on his fingers.. cuts from the steel strings.. hahahahhahaa Then i went.. aiyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... becareful laaa. Then i helped him.. and ended up with cuts on my fingers as well. Just stringing one string on a guitar got both our fingers bloodied and stinging. We are both clueless noobs.

But hey... he now knows how to string his own guitar :) And his singing and guitar playing has improved tremendously over a year all thanks to YouTube. Hopefully we'll be able to get full guitar strummings to accompany our christmas carol singing this year.

Oh... Bola just picked up the guitar few months back. He's a natural. He however never sings out of key *LOL*
HooooooooOOOOOOOOOOllllaaa :) Sorry for my non-existence lately.
  1. I had a lapse of memory and forgot i have a blog... or two.
  2. I got lazy and became a tv addict.
  3. A lot of people came by.
  4. My sisters and kids were back.
  5. Boy is having is big mother of an exam soon.
  6. I am trying to cook more and coming up with less disasters.
  7. I lost my train of thoughts.
  8. I was reading some mighty juicy stories.
  9. Last minute & super urgent stuffs keep appearing for work.
  10. I might be turning into a dog.
  11. Rolling on the floor with Dommy seems nicer than blogging on an average day.
  12. I am doing some research on...
  13. Christmas is coming and i have not done any christmas shopping yet.
  14. I am trying to come up with valid reasons not to attend a dinner with a whole room of total strangers.
  15. I am becoming more dog. *woof*
Urmm... 15Excuses... kinda like Pete's 15Malaysia?

I did try a few postings last week... and got cut short when things keep breaking my rhythm. When i got back to the post... i forgot what i wanted to write. hehhehee. With my short-term memory fading fast... one day.. i might just forget my own name.

Ahh... Boy's SPM exam is going to start come Wednesday. Not a peep from him. He's right behind me studying very hard. Usually i try to stay up as late as i could to keep him company. But sometimes my eyelids just close. His mommy and daddy came back to see him last weekend and bought him all the essentials for his exams and lotta snacks for the late nights. Bola came back too to jam with him on the guitars :D Both of them do have a lot to talk about. They usually chatter the night away. Family are always stress relievers and they always give you moral support when you need them most. Boy was very happy.

Jai has reached his destination and most probably in his grandma's arms right now. Surrounded by lotta people who's probably pinching his cheeks and the lil one going ouch ouch ouch. *LOL* It is probably a nice change for him to see so many new faces. And its warm where he is now. He'll only be back to Malaysia end of January. Bet he'll have a great holiday with his grandma :)

We watch a ghost movie yesterday. It was a funny Singaporean movie with some moral values in it. It was real funny and had the whole lot of us cramped in the hall laughing away. Dad have watched it earlier when he bought it few days back but he was the one who laughed the loudest. I think our neighbours were cursing us for creating such a racket so late at night. Our movie ended almost close to 1am.. urmm.. it didn't end actually.. the dvd was jammed when it was almost to the end :)

Come Christmas... i hope to find some time to catch up with some friends. Whom i've totally abandon for while. But these are very good ole friends. We always still do pick up from where we left off even though i have not seen them for a while :) We will continue our mindless chatter and talk about some poo and crap and still laugh about the silliest things. In life, you just need a few good friends and family + a dog or two or maybe three.

I've been spending my time reading a lot lately. From labels on bottles to magazines to countless 2nd hand books which i acquired to food packets to google to urmm.. many other things. And yesterday... i dreamt of my mom.

She came and threw all my books to the open field. My favourite book too.. and it was raining (raining season here in Malaysia).. my books were getting soaked... then i cried. I cried and cried non-stop. When i went to the field to get my books... there was this lady who was taking my soaked books into her bag. I was telling her.. its my books.. why are you taking them. But she just took them away. Such a weird dream.

My mother.. when she was alive.. have never ever threw my books. Not even on the floor. She would never do such a thing. She is a gentle soul. I was wondering what mom was trying to tell me. Maybe she's trying to tell me to look at the world more and not spend most of my time reading something.. hehehhehee :) But i am glad she came by. Its been a while since she last came to visit me.

Maybe i should stop reading and start blogging again :)

footnote: it took me about 2 hrs to finish this post.. *LOL* cos my rhythm was broken and i was here and there and everywhere but not in front of the computer :p

Lilypie 1st Birthday Ticker

Jai's off to see his grandma tomorrow. It would be his first time on a plane and a first time travelling very far away. He's reaching a new milestone. Finally getting to see his grandma for the first time and all his extended families. I bet everyone would be excitedly waiting for his arrival.

Hope he will have a great journey and won't make much of a fuss on the plane. Safe journey Jai.

Another group of people over here is anticipating your arrival too. He will be almost like a tiny film star.. hahhahahaa.. getting mobbed and kissed and hugged. Soon Jai.. soon.
kera sumbang ~ Orang yang takut atau tidak gemar mencampuri orang ramai... basically it means a recluse. A person who withdraws from the world to live in seclusion and often in solitude.

When we had Piper... few years back, it was just Piper. We loved him.. we pamper him and its just him. He's the king and everybody loves him because he fluffy and darn cute... :D

He can sometimes pass off as a statue cos this lil doggie don't move much.. except for tummy rubs. But he can run very fast. When he runs, his feet don't actually touch the ground. Trust me.. i have chased after this tiny fella. He's handsome and flamboyant.. especially after he puts on his red collar with the bell.

But he doesn't really mix with other dogs. Maybe we never exposed him much to other dogs when he was little.

Now that Brandy is having her holiday in his home, he doesn't even want to come out of the house for his walks, peepee & poopoo. I think he is almost petrified of Brandy and her size. *LOL*

Brandy kinda runs fast when she's happy (urmm.. she's always happy) and she's big. For a tiny dog like Piper.. Brandy would seem like a big hurricane coming towards him if he sees her running towards him.. hehhehehe

Piper is more of a house dog. He don't like to walk on the grass. He doesn't like to get his feet dirty.. hehehehhehe He only likes to walk on the road. Never on the grassy patches. Not like Brandy or Dommy.

When Brandy goes for walks, patches of grass no matter how small the patch is, its like a big draw to her. She loves the grass just like Dommy. But not Piper.

Both sis and i usually refer to Piper as kera sumbang. Cos he doesn't like to mix. Dommy however craves for other doggie friends.

Weird. All three doggies have such vast difference in characters. Maybe they are all different breeds and they woof in different languages.. Hmmm... mebbe thats the reason why ^.^

Oh ya.. Sis emailed me a picture of her kera sumbang just now.. hehhehehee..

We still love him most. He is our first furkid after a very long time. With a face like that.. we can't help loving him more. He is my dad's favourite too.
Burung kakakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk tuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Hinggap di jendelaaaaaaa
Nenek sudaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh tuaaaaaaa
Giginya tinggal duaaaaaaa

Letrom letrom letrommmmmmmm wulala
Letrom letrom letrommmmm wulala
Letrom letrom letrom wulalaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Burung kakak tuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

This song suddenly came to my mind just now while i was yapping with a friend on yahoo.. hehehe I am just typing/recording it here just in case i forget it one day.

My memory seems to be failing me more these days. Maybe i need some gingko to give my memory a lil boost. Not too sure if gingko helps anyway.

While i was cooking today, i went to the fridge to fetch something. When i open the fridge door, i stared blankly at the fridge for a good 3 mins and forgot what i came to the fridge for. *LOL* I closed the fridge door and went back to the kitchen. And then..*pring pring*.. i remember it the minute i step back into the fridge... i mean kitchen.

Back to the fridge i went to get my stuff :)

Funny how this rhyme came back to my head. It was a song which we sang when we were in school eons ago. It is in Bahasa Malaysia our national language. I always like the letrom letrom part.. (the chorus)

Here's a direct translation of the song.. (as best i could)
Old parrot
Perching on the window ledge
Grandma is old
Her teeth only left two

Letrom letrom letrommmmmmmm wulala
Letrom letrom letrommmmm wulala
Letrom letrom letrom wulalaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Old parrot laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

hehehehehe.. the English translation is for our friends who do not understand Bahasa Malaysia. Now come and sing along with me. Letrom letrom letrooooooooooooooooooommm wulalaaa

Once In A Very Blue Moon ~ Emi Fujita

Once In A Very Blue Moon was originally sung by Nanci Griffith in the 80s. This version by Emi Fujita is slower but wonderful.

This song is written by Patrick Alger. You can hear him sing his version here. Two very different versions :D
My sister sent me an email that went..

I'm staying for a week ! Yippee!

hmmm... i was wondering when she's coming back to stay for a week. *LOL*

Then i read on further and found out the email was supposedly from Brandy. Brandy came by and stayed with her for a week. She is having a ball of a time with Brandy.. (and i am so very jealous). Somehow, this yellow furkid is like magic. When she comes by, my sister is so happy when she's with her. I can even feel her grinning away when she's talking to me on the phone just now. Tired but definitely happy.

Brandy is a bigggggg bag of cheer. Just lookit her below.

How a drop of yellow makes all the difference. She has such a funny face. Looking at her just melts my heart.

I am contemplating driving down tomorrow just to get some yellow cheer and lots of droopy saliva. And a photoshoot with one of my favourite muse. Ahhhhhhhhhhh.. i wish.

Sepi ~ Yuni Shara

This song seems apt at this hour of the night :) This is a soundtrack from an old movie from 2008. I kinda like this movie. I can watch it over and over again and never get bored... :) I love soppy love stories and tearjerkers.

This movie is about three people and how their lives intervene in a strange way. Its a simple movie but it touches the heart.

Sepi means Loneliness.

At some point in our lives, we will sometimes feel lonely. You can be with a whole lot of people and feel lonely. But there are some who are alone but never feel lonely.
Murphy came by yesterday when i am probably at one of my busiest week. *LOL* I woke up to find that my internet signal is gone. Goneeeeeeeeeeeee... A bright red light was there instead of a yellow. Oh bummer.

The most decent thing to do next is.. change back to my pajamas, close the curtains and crawl back under the sheets and sleep. Hmm.. that thought kinda crossed my wicked mind.

The modem was left on the night before. Boy forgot to switch it off. Since we are on thunder alley, and thunder seems to be visiting us quite often this week, i always pull out the phone line from the modem before i call it a night. So i was wondering if the thunder finally got to this modem as well. It was raining quite hard in the early morning.

I unplug this modem and change to the backup modem and still no signal. So its probably the service provider. So i called the support line. "Please hold... all our service representatives are busy right now"... "Please hold... all our service representatives are busy right now..." "Please holddddddddddddddddddddd..."

Rainy days really get them very busy because a lot of modems do get blasted. Usually after a heavy rainy day, i'll see a lot of the TM vans whizzing past my house. One of the support centers is about 5 mins away from my house... if i drive very fast.

After making a report and speaking to a very nice TM guy who was very helpful and even ask me to ping this and ping that... i waited for support. He said, we'll get back to you in two working days. I was screaming TWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WORKING DAYS in my head.

Then i informed my office that my internet is down. *LOL* One of the girls was going... does it have to be down todayyyyyyyyyy??? can't it be down tomorrow. We need you to be UP today. Then she prayed. *lol* She was telling me she can't breathe.

I do backend support for my people in Singapore and this week we have a lot of stuffs going up and down in email and a whole lot of uploading and downloading. After today, i think i can kinda shake my legs a bit while my colleagues go off next week for the important stuffs.

The internet finally went back up at 3 pm. *phew* That was a huge relief. I was sitting glued to my chair the whole morning.. just in case it came back on. Seems like some thing went off on the main switch board near my area.

I do think that our work rely too much on the internet nowadays which has its ups and downs. Maybe i should probably look for backups. But P1 is crummy here and the others are no better.

These 2 weeks is quite stressful without me realising it till i see my hands crack in some areas. Stress-related eczema. It happens to me sometimes. I think i only cooked for one day this week. The cracks were kinda painful when it comes into contact with soap from cleaning agents. I shouldn't really have stress nowadays since i have Dom by my side. Maybe i should spend more time with the Curly.

Glad its Friday now. TGIF :) I'm gonna go off earlier today and just take dad and Boy for a good dinner. No cooking today!

Murphy doesn't really make appointments when he visits. He just comes.

"Anything that can go wrong will go wrong." Murphy's Law.
My apologies for the lack of posts lately. We were practising hibernation to prepare ourselves for winter :) Not that we have winter in this country.. hehehehehe.. but with the consistent year end rainy days... everyday seems like a good day to sleep.

I got myself addicted quite strangely and willingly. The numbing sensation was kinda nice. Oh woe is me. I've gotta get myself sorted out soon else i'll be lagging again but with a pretty grin on the silly face of mine.

First it was the coffee. Early morning wake up coffee was good and kinda help you open your eyes wideeeeeeeeeee ^.^ It kinda leaves an after-taste in your mouth and stain your teeth more. Usually i only have one coffee a day. But lately, i've kinda graduated to 2 coffees :D And if you eat out in this town where i live... its quite a norm to order iced white coffeeeee. So on a given day that we eat out, i would probably have 3 coffeeees rolling in my stomach. A constant caffeine high.. wheeeeeeeeEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.. A cuppa hot coffee on a rainy afternoon is very nice.. and comforting. Halppppppppp... i'm a coffee addict.

Then it was the constant rolling with Dommy on the floor in the afternoon. *LOL* He turns over and i give him a big tummy rub and that sorta give him big smiles and giggles. Urmm.. ok.. mebbe the giggle was in my imagination. Every night while i am working, he'll give me the "i wanna pee look" on his face. I open the door for him and he'll just happily trot out and trot back into the room. This has been going on for the past few days. I open the door for him and he goes outta the room.. and comes back in and lies on his bed. Then he comes back to my side and nudge me... while having the "i wanna pee look" on his face. I open the door again and he trots out and trot back in and lies on his bed. I think he's LOA or just playing me! Halpppppppppppppppppppp... i'm addicted to Dommy and i've become his slave.

Astro is kinda crummy lately with their crummy repeated stuffs... but i don't know why i am watching so much tv in the night and numbing my brains. I've become a channel surfer and just gets glued to the tv for at least 2 hours. Halpppppppppppp... i'm a tv addict too.

The lack of posts lately was because i was doing some testing on the site and watching it silently.. hehehhehe. It is also the year end and i'm usually a wee bit busier preparing stuffs for the office.

Oh ya.. and we were busy preparing the house for Jai to come home in January. We still got loads to do. We haven't done the spring cleaning and my hands are already cracked in spots. We even got our hands deep in cement fixing stuffs around the house. We were not very good with the cement thingy.. hahhahahaa... that was hard work and the rain kinda helped us washed all our cementing flaws away. So much for cementing.

And there was the book i got from the 2nd hand bookstore which got me glued for hours... hehhehehhee.. It was a book that i wanted to buy 10 years ago... it was too expensive then and even now. But i found it in a 2nd hand bookstore for just 12 bucks. Used but still in pretty good condition. I was grinning for a good 5 mins when i found it. It was like meeting a long lost friend. Ok ok.. i think i am seriously losing my marbles. I haveta go out more and see more people and make more real friends... *LOL*

Truthfully speaking.. hehehehe.. the lack of posts lately was because i was lazy. Period.
A Special Wish for Mummy and Kamala.

When Mother Reads Aloud

When Mother reads aloud, the past
Seems real as everyday;
I hear the tramp of armies vast,
I see the spears and lances cast,
I join the thrilling fray.
Brave knights and ladies fair and proud
I meet when Mother reads aloud.

When Mother reads aloud, far lands
Seem very near and true;
I cross the deserts' gleaming sands,
Or hunt the jungle's prowling bands,
Or sail the ocean blue.
Far heights, whose peaks the cold mists shroud,
I scale, when Mother reads aloud.

When Mother reads aloud, I long
For noble deeds to do-
To help the right, redress the wrong;
It seems so easy to be strong,
So simple to be true.
Oh, thick and fast the visions crowd
My eyes, when Mother reads aloud.

~ poem adapted from The Moral Compass by William J. Bennett