All is quiet in the house. Both furry and furry are a snoooooooozing away and having dreams chasing turkeys around the table.
We don't celebrate Thanksgiving here in my home but we love turkeys.. especially a succulent roast turkey. We however are thankful for each day that we can wake up and be alive to create more colors and be of use to others.

We are thankful for
  1. Eyes that see
  2. Hands that can work
  3. Feet that takes us here and there and everywhere
  4. Food in our tummy
  5. Friends and family who give and give
  6. Dommy for being by our side thru the toughest days
  7. Nana in our lives
  8. Mr. Piper who still loves to pee and pee at odd corners when he comes back
  9. Cats in the garden
  10. Coffee in the morning
  11. A job 
  12. Friends like you and all of you over the pond and yonder
  13. Nancy's cake
  14. Icing on Nancy's cake Butter cake
  15. Friends and lots of friends at the shelter
  16. Buttercookie that smiles when she's given cookies
  17. A roof over our heads
  18. Wet noses that greet us in the morning
  19. Life with dogs
  20. and lastly the internet for bridging the divide :)
Happy Thanksgiving from our home to yours. Hope there's turkey for everyone..furries included.

This is one very strange picture. Dommy and Nana seems to be up on the ceiling having their lunch. Defying gravity :) Dommy just had a crew cut again.. and you can see all his dotty skin even though he's not a dalmation. He's just old. His dotty self blends beautifully with our floor :)

An aerial view of Nana while she is eating. Can't really take pictures of her because she just wriggle too much when she's not eating. She's like a worm. She's in the category of ideal dog weight.

My dear Dommy... from the aerial view... he looks like a dotted beer bottle. A nice cold beer would be nice. He is in the overweight dog category. Some waist can still be seen from above.

Now that we have a dog here to compare weights and share food, hopefully Dommy will get to his once ideal weight one fine day.. soon.

Both of them are getting along beautifully. Sometimes there's a bit of tension when the young worm just wants to run and run around the garden... nonstop zoomies while the ole Dommy just wants to go out and sniff the plants and enjoy some air. The Dommy from once upon a time ago loved to do zoomies too. But they keep each other company and i am glad Dommy has a friend to play with every single day even though he gets exhausted easily now.

Dommy is very tolerant of Nana. I realise that he has aged a lot when he is playing with Nana. My constant friend for 6+ years. He has aged a lot and slowing down.When i am working, he was beside me all this time. He was not even suppose to be my dog. He was adopted for my parents. He just became mine.

But.. we'll take each day as it comes :) Life is beautiful when its life with dogs.

Our newest family member. I brought her home on 2nd November 2013. That'll be her Gotcha Day.

As some of you know... Dommy loves the company of other dogs. Mr Piper however does not like to play with him. When Nana came... you can see from his expression.. he's happy. Very happy.

I realised that what he really needs and wants is the company of another dog. In his senior years, i feel that i owe him that much. To bring him more happiness and someone to play with. He's suddenly transformed back to being a puppy and running round and round the garden.

Nana is only suppose to stay with us for only 2 weeks. I was fostering her and am suppose to bring her to our adoption drive today. Today my dad agreed to let Nana stay. I am really really very happy. I went to the adoption drive today without Nana. Dad said that she's a good girl and she can stay.
I fail big time at fostering.

She is a very good girl. Only 1+. High energy and loves to run loops around the garden. Sweet natured. She was one of the puppies who was adopted out from our adoption drive last October. Even back then, i noticed she had a very good temper as she was quiet but the rest of the puppies were making a racket.

Her owners only know how to love her and only taught her all the good things. She never knew fear. She trusted everyone and love everybody. She even trust cats. She only know love and love to be loved. Like a human child, she loves to sit on your lap and wriggle like a worm.

My mornings are now filled with cold noses to my face. Relatives just shake their heads and ask me why i allow another dog in the house. They shake their heads in disbelief. They tell me its unhealthy and its not good to have dog + dog in the house.

If you are going to have a pet and not treat him/her like a family member, you should not have a pet. You can hire a security guard instead. I now sleep more soundly at night knowing that i am with two furry loved ones. I now have two shadows. I have more sand in the house, more poo to scoop but i am happy.

Oh... an owl came by the garden the other day. It settled down on our swing and fell asleep. It looks like an owl from the Harry Potter movies. It sure didn't go hoot hoot hoot. It let out a very cold wailing sound which spook the hell out of me.

She love stuffies and she loves to de-stuff Dommy's bed too. Dad gave her the name Nana after the singer Nana Mouskouri. Her nickname is Cacing (which means worm in our Malaysian language).

More stories in the days to come. We are now just trying to get to know one another. Goodnight for now.