Thank you for being concerned about us Sandee :)
Just to let everyone know that we are okay. Our family EXPPPPAANDED :D

We don't have much time to blog/write anymore. Too many dogs to bathe..hahahaha... but we are all happy. Life is more balanced even with more dogs.

Dommy is older and getting very old. He's 13+. He sleeps on most days and snores. Sometimes his heart skips a beat and his body shakes.. like starting up again. Scary to watch but he's doing fine. But huge appetite. Still fat with thin legs.

We do post pictures on FB once in awhile.
Catch us there :)

We run the adoptables page on FB with a few friends.
Most of the cats and dogs from the shelter are just waiting for a home but there's really not many good homes out there. People still prefer to buy animals from petshops and support puppy mills while many dogs/cats in shelter suffer. Pedigree and breed specific.

There's more to do regarding animal welfare in our country. More on education and changing mindsets. There's really not enough hours in a day to just lie low and play dead with the dogs on the floor.

We apologise to most of our blogger friends for not visiting.
Hope everyone is doing great. We will hopefully be visiting everyone soon.
We do miss all of you. Maybe one day when we are older... and retired.. we will write again :)