Our dear friend Wilfee crossed the rainbow bridge today. A very sad day indeed.

How does a dog... halfway around the world touch our lives so much? He did touched mine by the beautiful words of his friend Angus.

photo courtesy from Wilf the PON

Goodbye to my sweet lil friend Wilfee. Run free. You will be very missed by all of us all over the world. Your life has touched so many especially mine. You will be sorely missed.

Run free Wilfee.

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A most curly curlie curliest day today. Its so warm we are popping. I think we can start frying eggs on the porch. Poor curly is warmer with all the curls everywhere.

He's asking to be let out a lot of times today... to eat grass. Does your dog eat grass when they are not too well? Other than eating grass... he's fine and quite bouncy today. It must be the heat getting to him.

We thought it was a Wednesday today... so we did a picture post :) Yes.. we are a wee bit lazy to type too many words and its all because its just too warm. We are both getting sun burnt from getting out to the yard too often. Can someone do a raindance for us please.
My mom, my siblings and i. My youngest sis was just a month old here :) I am the third in the family of four girls.

My mom has always been with us while we were growing up. She cooked, she cleaned and mend all our wounds. My mom was a SAHM. She tend to all our needs and heard all our silly stories. She defended us always. She took in all our giggles... and four girls can be quite a giggly lot. But she always tells us.. empty vessels make a lot of noise.

I remember she rode with me on the school bus on my first day of kindy. I was the proudest child on the bus as i had my mom with me by my side. The rest just ride on their own and look like they were about to burst out crying. One other parent even asked my mom to take care of his child and take her in to school too on that first day as he had to work.

She used to drag my youngest sister and i all over town to buy material to sew clothes for us. We two being the youngest always get to tag along with her. I used to frequent the hospital quite a lot when i was a kid. I was a troublesome kid. I always had an itch on the hands or on the legs and sometimes i wheeze at night ^.^

The best medicines are always at the general hospitals. Usually my mom took me as my dad had to work. Once while we were waiting for our turn, she got dizzy because of the heat...and fainted. Before she fainted she just told me.. hold on to my purse and your sister's hand. I held on to both for dear life and the nurse helped her onto a bed to rest. We waited till she woke up again and then we took the bus home.

I like this picture a lot. My mom was very happy here. We took a lot of pictures on that day. My eldest sister's 12th birthday. We had a big cake for her. Somehow all the pictures turned out pinkish for some reason. The whole batch of pictures were pink but still am very happy memories :)
Remembering my mom with love.   
 Happy Mother's Day to my siblings, my friends and all of you out there who are mothers. 
A mother's love knows no bounds.
Here i am all fluffed up and clean. We were on the way to Kuala Lumpur to see Mr Piper.

SHE had to go to church because Nicky was getting confirmed. We had a long mass and the Archbishop Murphy was there to conduct the mass as it was a most special day. 
SHE tried to keep quiet during the mass but her sister kept poking her and ask her many questions. Its a good thing no one got scolded for talking in church this time.

We slept quite late as we waited for everyone to come home. Big sis and her kids came over to have a sleepover too. It was nice to have everyone in one place sometimes. By the time her sister arrived, we were all dazed and very asleep. We all got up to give them a warm welcome, did a few rounds of jumps and whoops and barks and we fell back to sleep promptly after that.

Mr P slept with my cow on the mattress as he is a scardy cat dog. He is most afraid of thunder and we had quite a lot of boom booms that night.

We celebrated Nicky's 17th Birthday the next day. This is a most delicious cake. Small and delicious. Macadamia sponge. Everyone only got to have one piece as its a small cake.

Here's the birthday boy. He's very happy here as he got a lot of "angpows" as birthday gifts. He's a very tall guy. Quite a charming fella too. When he was little, he sings all the time. He still loves to sing and he never goes out of tune.

Angpows are cash gifts in red packets. Usually given during Chinese New Year. But they give them for birthdays too. Kids prefer cash nowadays. Being 17, you don't really know what to get them. I wish someone will give me some angpows too... so i can go and buy more greenies for myself and Mr. P.

My silly cow still have to work when she was in Kuala Lumpur. Here i am being with her while she worked in the hall. I am always close by just in case i am needed. Sometimes she love to run her hands through my curls on her breaks. She says its very calming to run her hands through my curly self. I don't mind the tummy rubs. I am a most important person curly to have around especially when she is working.

Mr. Piper tried to stay close to her too. He is just by her feet. Looks like he got stabbed by the plastic chair. OUCH! Are you okay Mr. P?

I was not stabbed silly Curly. I am just sleeping around it. Booyah!

Since my cow says she stinks, she's gonna end this post and cut it short. She really needs a bath. Here's my pretty curly self just in case you all forgot how amazingly cute i can still be at almost 10. I am gonna be 10 soon and i heard that she's gonna have a giveaway for you guys.

Stay tuned for more ya! We'll show you where we went for our walks with Rachel next.
We are going on the road tomorrow morning. So we are gonna cheat a bit schedule a post and hopefully Blogger will help us post it up tomorrow to continue with our Matchaton with GLP. I can't wait till the 7th day. *LOL*

We are running out of material to post as its almost gonna be 12 and we have not packed at all. *LOL*

My nephew is going to be confirmed tomorrow. He's going to be 17. I am not even baptised yet. It will be a nice break for dad... and to play catch up with my siblings too.

Dommy's all ready... and all puffed up and pretty from today's shower and home groom. Hope he still smells nice in the car tomorrow.

We are going off to see Mr P. We'll bring the big old gigantic camera.. and hopefully be able to catch some pictures while we are there.

Hoping not to bore you all too much, we plugged in some mooziks for you from youtube. I grew up listening to these oldies which were not OLDIES back then. We listen to these songs in the car.. at home and whereever there's a radio. You can almost gauge how old i am from these songs. *LOL*

Its all my papa's songs. I swear! Enjoy.

 Curly is already snoooooozing.

Note to GLP's Typist:
3 posts and 4 more to go. YAY! Then we are freeeeeeeeeeeeee freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i tell you. FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! How and why did i let you talk me into this.. wanna call it quits? hahahhahahaa
How to smell like your furry best friend? Its an easily acquired scent.
  • First you try and drag out your furry friend from under the bed where he's hiding. 
  • If that don't work, tempt him with jingly jingly keys. 
  • If that don't work too... you'll have to bring out the secret weapons.
Secret weapons around here are usually
  1. the broom to sweep him out.. HAHAHHAHAHA.. it usually spooks him out
  2. the green one 
Green one always get him out without the sweep. He is easily conned and easily bought.

You know you cannot ask you furry friend to step into the loo for his bath. That don't never works with Curly. He has to be lifted and carried to the loo.

Into the loo we went. Our loo is very small. Between the shower and the container for water to the toilet seat, we only have a very tight space. I shower him in the loo as its tight and there's warm water.

If you have never tasted doggy soap, bath your dog in a tight small toilet. You will get a taste of the wondrous soap and they sure don't taste like chocolate cupcakes. After the shower and everything, he has to be lifted and carried to our small storeroom with a closed door just in case he tries to runs very fast and hide under the table. If that happens, you'll never get him out even with 10 Green ones.
Why are you taking pictures silly cow? I will not look your way

Hurry up silly woman. I am an OLD dog you know. I can catch a cold. 
I am still not looking your way.

Do you really haveta put your mobile so close to my face?
Wait till i grab it and munch on it.

What interest would our readers have with my beautiful back?
Or do they? I am not FAT you know. Its just fluffs.I do have a waist.

Are we done yet? Quit taking pictures and hurry up will ya. 
My knees are crumbling under me.

Do we haveta go thru all the procedures. Just a blow dry will do you know. 
I am not even dirty. I've just acquired a very nice scent and now you have washed and blow it all away. 
Do you even know how many days of sweats and sweating to acquired my beautiful scent.

YAY! We are done! Am i the cutest fluff? I am OLD but i can still be cute.

Yes.. i am on your bed silly woman. I am not getting down until i am rewarded for my patience.

Can i have my greenie now please?

My cow now smells like a dog. She has successfully transferred all my beautiful scent over to herself.
I think she stinks! She needs a bath.

Note to GLP's Typist:
We are only on day 2 of the Matchaton. How am i gonna last one week? I think i might haveta cheat.

Its my mom's fifth year death anniversary today. I wrote a really soppy post which i decided not to post. I couldn't continue writing that post too. Maybe someday when it does not hurt any more.

I don't have much to share with you guys today since i wrote and cried too much on the last post. I can't see very well too now as my eyes have puffed up like mini cupcakes. They are hopefully chocolate flavoured cupcakes. Damn i am hungry. But i promise my friend GLP's Typist that i'll join her in her Matchaton. I will try my very best to do a post a day for just a week. Any longer is not quite possible. At least not for me.

I got a few shades darker from running around to a few places today.

Sent my car off to the mechanics to do a service as its sputtering white smoke. My usual mechanic Ah Man was not around. I only trust Ah Man with my car because he's really smart and responsible. A younger fella came jumping out from between the mountains of new tires.

He got into my car and sent me home while he took my junk off to repair. He was so shy when i ask for his name. *LOL* I thought he was going to freeze in fear or choke from saying his name. I am really an old lady. I even drive like one. Oh.. his name is Ah Sang. Chinese fellas always use a single word from their whole entire name and just add a "Ah" in front. My friends call me Ah Ann sometimes. There's a lot of ee ah eee ee ahh ahh...

My car is an old junk. It only takes me to the market and back. Sometime it takes us to Kuala Lumpur and my dad will have to pray all the way just in case my car conked halfway on the highway. It has conked before... on the highway with two dogs, an old man, a kid and me. *LOL*

I cannot afford a new car now as my office accountant has got really lazy and decided not to print our payslips for us. Its been a very long time since i got my payslip. Its a wonder i am still getting paid. My office accountant got really pissed and defensive today when i asked for payslips. He said his software has conked and he can't print payslips. That's what he said last year too. He said if you don't trust me, get an auditor in to check. What an idiotic accountant. If your software conked, you should go out there today and get a new software. My boss can afford one.

I made a new friend today at the hardware shop. I was looking for a tradesman to fix a lock at the apartment. Its really very hard to get people to come by to just fix a broken lock for you. The hardware shop owner was asking me if i know how to change the locks myself.

My new friend is called Mountain. I kid you not. He passed me his namecard and his name was printed as Mountain Ng. I really tried not to choke and laugh because I do have a friend who name herself Rain. That was even before Rain the Korean singer got famous. He does have a very nice body.

Mr Mountain came with two workers to fix one lock. He only charged a little for service. They don't have an office or a shop. He operates from the car. All his supplies and drills are in the car. I got him another job to fix a grilled door for me at the apartment. I'll see him again in ten days time or earlier.

Dom only saw me going in and out a lot today. He usually eats breakfast with me... and share my brekkie sometimes. I only like to eat bread for breakfast... really. I am just lazy that way. I also have to feed him his thyroid pills in the morning.

Here he is with me in the late evening. We are I am watching telly and munching on bunny cookies that sis brought in March. Opps! Its May already and i just opened this pack of Easter bunny cookies. Even my cookies are expiring fast. Time is just moving too fast this year.

Temptations... evil woman

FYI... Curly got his share of the bunny cookie. 
I ate all the yellow cream parts and he ate all the brown parts.

Do drop by Corbin's blog. He'll be needing a lot of prayers and paws crossed for his recovery.

In our national language.
Mountain = Gunung; 
Rain = Hujan

Goodnite everyone!

Note to GLP's Typist:
I do not know how this post got this long... *LOL* Anyways... hopefully i can do a post tomorrow and the next day and just for a week Miss Typist.
I am a golden boy. My curls glow like gold on a sunny day.

A poot pooting away... not :)

Tabby is a golden hue too... this tabby never smiles and hardly mews.
She's small and never seem to grow up.

He's fearless. The one that dropped by last November and never went away.
The flower pot lover.