Nothing exciting happening around here. I am still WAITING... and am trying to take a nap. But this women keeps moving around... and i haveta keep an EYE on her just in case she load up the car and go on the roadtrip without me.

In her haste, she COULD forget to load me up in the car too. Who knows rite. Probably this is why i hardly get any sleep around here of late. Not even 40 winks.

Then there's some silly buses that goes by and go *pon pon* and *pon pon* again when i am trying to nap. Humans and their big machines are quite silly sometimes. Why would a big machine like that have a silly sound like *pon pon*. Can't they make cooler sounds like roaring tigers.

do you see my tired eyes... i haven't had a decent nap in a while

*pon pon* *pon pon*

Dommy in waiting mode.
One more day of working and WOOOOOOOhooooooooooOOOOoooo! We are going on the road again to see Piper and be with family for Chinese New Year. This time, we didn't put up any decorations here at home for Chinese New Year as Jaiboo is not home this year. It should be a much cooler Chinese New Year this year as we are still getting rain in end January.

We usually have very very hot days during Chinese New Year. Last year was terrible. We were sweating like pigs. My poor nephew who flew in from winter had a shock and had to experience intense heat thus lost some weight from the amount of sweating he did. *LOL* He was just woozy and lethargic from all the heat. This year, he decided not to brave the heat again.

Since we are getting ready to hit the road, Dommy is all packed. His yellow Delsey luggage is all ready by the door and he is jumping up and down all the time. He cannot rest and will not sit still. He sleeps with one eye open and any slight movement on my side sends him into a jumping frenzy again. He knows we are going somewhere but he doesn't know when we are going. I should have not taken his luggage out so early... hehehe

i follow her everywhere now.. just in case she forgot to take me along for the roadtrip

Yes.. he is a hoity toity doggie. He travels in style and has his own Delsey. Delsey does make some of the most durable luggage around. One of my sister's old Delsey luggage's been around for more than 10 years and it is still rolling beautifully. This luggage travels out of country every other week. It is very tough.

We shall be away next week for our celebrations. But before we go, we want to leave you all with a little something from CSN.

Here's how you can be in the running for this gift certificate of USD45.00 valid at any of their online stores. To enter to win the gift certificate, just leave me a comment on this post. Its that easy :)
This giveaway ends next Wednesday night at 11.11pm (Malaysian time) and I'll announce the winner on Thursday morning.
This giveaway is only valid for our US or Canadian readers. Our apologies for the rest of our friends from other parts of the world.

Since our beep beep beep beep adventure, "someone" wanted to MOVE me. Can you believe that?? MOVE ME and not them beeping thing. But since you all stood up for me (thank you all sweet people) and made her feel bad for even contemplating abouts it, she changed her mind.

Support Man came this morning while she was halfway stuck in her works. Punctual on the dots. Her silly face was still stuck in them computer (which didn't beep this morning). The neighbourhood doggies sounded the alarm of a introoOOder approaching to me. But I was a wee bit tired this morning (cos its a Tuesday) and didn't hear their alarm. When i heard it, Support Man was already at the gate. I secured the house and gave him one of my loudest bark that sort of threw him sideways. *BOL*

Anny put me on my chair in the hall and ask me to zip it up. But i was just securing the house. Grandpa was sleeping in the hall too but he didn't hear a thing. Support Man walked in with 5 boxes. I was a wondering if those were peace offerings for me.

Support Man was a bit stuck up. Didn't smile at all. Probably it was because i spooked him and threw him sideways. I don't smell no doggie friendly person here. He didn't even acknowledge me or give me some biscuits or greenie or jaffa cakes like Wilf's workers at his home. How can you come into my house without a peace offering. Wait till i get at your ankles!

I ran into the room and took my seat on my poang and WATCHED HIM. Just in case he try to be funny and sit on my poang or lie on my bed but i dun think he can fit on my blue bed. No one is supposed to intrude into me and Anny's space without permission. I showed him my displeasure and reminded him that i got my EYES on him. I saw him shivering a little and hurriedly tried and finish his work. He dare not even turn around just in case i leap at him *BOL*

can you hear me growl? i got my eyes on Support Man

Anyways... Support Man came and change 4 rams (whatever that is) and a tiny fan in the big white box on her table. Now her CPU is all beautiful again and soundless :) I can sleep in peace now.

Thank you Support Man. Even though you were a bit stuck up, you did finally managed a tiny smile when you left. But NO cookie for me. Can you believe that. NO COOKIE. Next time, i'll surely bite you.


Footnote to Puddles: No rubber was used when the CPU was opened :p
Time and tide waits for no man.

Time.. how it just flies by. First it was wednesday when i was doing the Wordless Wednesday Not... and then suddenly it became Monday again. I think i might have fallen into some time warp and when i fell back out to reality, it is Monday. Goodness.

Since it is a Monday today, i got up early to fire up the system. Have a cuppa coffee and tried to get a head start in things. By 9.10am, the dreaded *BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP* came back on and my whole system shutdown. I turned pale as i did not pull one of my working files into the external yesterday night. I spent hours working on that file yesterday and now its probably gone. Even though my stupid gut (which is always right) was nudging me to pull it into the external, i choose to not listen to it. I must learn to listen to my gut more.

Suddenly it hit me that i needed a moment in the loo. Off on my merry way with a bunch of stuffs to read. Poo moment sometimes helps to put things into perspective :) Does these moments help you think too?

Anyways... first off was to check on the warranty of this computer. 107 days left. COOL! The smartest thing my IT guy did when he purchased these computers for us was to extend the warranty to 3 years. For a small amount of money, extending the warranty does help now.

Next was to call the support line. This time i didn't storm out of the house with the CPU under my arms and run to the service center :)

This is what transpires between the support guy and i this morning.

Timberlake: Hello. Good Morning. I am Timberlake.

me: Hello.

Timberlake: Can i have your service tag number please mam?

me: Sure. Its.. bla bla bla bla....

Timberlake: How can i help you mam?

me: My computer will not start up and its starting to beep againnnnnn.

Timberlake: Did this happen before?

me: Yes.. it happen few months back and i sent it to your service center.

Timberlake: Can you tell me the color of your power button?

me: Power button?

Timberlake: Yes.. the light on the power button. What color is it?

me: Wait. Let me turn it on and see.

Timberlake: Ok mam. Please turn on your PC.

me: Blue. Its Blue. Ops! How come it is starting up? I did try many times just now and it was just beeping away and it didn't start up. Now it is starting up. (Now i am sounding like some idiotic fool)

Timberlake: Its ok mam. (Trying not to laugh)

me: I am so sorry. It did Beep this morning and refused to start up.

Timberlake: How many times did it Beep?

me: BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP... that is 4 beeps (sounding idiotic again)

Timberlake: Please hold on a minute and let me check what seems to be the problem when it beeps 4 times.


Timberlake: Yes i hear you mam.

me: sorry.

Timberlake: 4 beeps means its probably a problem with your RAM. Its probably dusty.

me: Oh.. what should i do? I don't like the beeps to come back.

Timberlake: Now i would need your help to shut everything down and open up the CPU. Use a rubber and rub on the golden part of the RAM.

me: rubber? to rub? You mean eraser?

Timberlake: Yes. The normal eraser.

me: But i don't know where is the RAM.

Timberlake: Oh. Its ok then. We shall send our support guy to you tomorrow and check on your system. And if the RAM is faulty, we shall replace it for you.

me: Oh.. that's very good. Very kind of you sir. Thank you.

My experience with customer service was good this morning. He was most helpful and kind. He tried not to laugh when i told him i didn't know where is the RAM. *LOL* But you see, i didn't want to open up the CPU and screw things up. The insides of the computer is a maze to me. I would probably rub something and something else would come off instead.

I got a problem now. My computer is in my bedroom. My working table is beside my bed. This guy is gonna come over tomorrow and wonder how i work with a big bed beside me and a dog and dog bed beside my working table too. *LOL* I guess we have to move the bed and the dog tonite.

move? me? whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?
We saw this froggie dude in our bedroom when we were holidaying at the jungle. Everyone got excited when we saw this frog (don't blame us city folks). Cameras were flashing and some of them were jumping on the beds while one of the girls were standing far far away while shivering away. *LOL*

All this froggie ever did was just being in its natural habitat which was the old wooden rickety old kampung house. It was just minding its own business when all attention turned on it. We were probably bored to the skin with just UNO and steamboats. A sudden change of pace like the mere existence of a frog turned the tables and it became the major attraction.

I wonder if this shivering froggie was a prince in disguise. No more dared give it a kiss... and and... it was just waiting. And waiting... and waiting.

Ops! I forgot this is supposed to be a wordless post. I tried... i really tried. *LOL* Now the evil fella will come again and remind me that today is Wordless Wednesday.
Pip Pip Pip Pip...

Do steal these buttons if you are rooting for Pip...*shhhhhhhh*... don't tell Bunny yet.

Both Pip and Bunny be racing for the World's Fastest Dog on February 5th, 2011. Don't miss this. Check out their training. Both of them are training pretty hard... (i think).

pip pip pip pip
We interrupt this service for the moment to share with you this.

Yes.. that's our dear lil furry. Hairless. Furless. And i think he's quite happy about it. His big smiles show that i ain't lying to you guys.

Dommy went for a long over-due grooming session yesterday and he was there for hourrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrsssss. Sundays are not good days to send him for grooming as the wait is much longer and he has to be there the wholeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee day.

It takes about 30mins to get to his groomers at another side of town and 35 mins to get back. The 5 mins were needed for the drinking of water in the car and for the tummy rubs and for the apologies for letting him wait so long. *LOL*

Well... he is much much lighter now. Still fat but definitely lighter.

We are sorry for not posting much. Up to them noses with work. My colleague just came back to work today but we shall not tax her too much. Her eyes are still red and not fully healed.

Our apologies for not dropping by more often. We'll be coming around soon :) Oh.. we have a giveaway coming up soon. Do drop by ya :)
Sekeping means A Piece.

That is a piece of simple paradise which we went to last December. Back to the basics and closer to nature than i'll ever be on any given day. Star gazing, getting bitten by bugs and the only form of entertainment we had was a pack of UNO... *LOL*

Best part of this place is... there's no reception for any mobile phone networks. If you want to get away for a while, check out This is in Serendah, Malaysia.
 picture courtesy from Booker

We see a lot of snow happening everywhere and mostly where all my doggie friends are. All we are getting here is rain, mucky mud and worms. We are most envious of all the snow that you guys are getting and so yesterday, we asked our friend Booker to send us some snow.

Booker sent us the picture above and shared his snow with us. That's so very sweet of him and Asa. Here... go check out his winter wonderland.

Thanks Booker! Your mail made our day.

woofs n licks,

Footnote: If only getting nom-noms are as easy as this. Life would be wonderful. Dommy asks, Dommy don't get in the nom-nom department. *meow*
Piperless Days

The Piperless days are here again. Piper remained in Kuala Lumpur with his mommy and daddy while i came home with Anny and grandpa. Sometimes i miss my lil small brother. With a little brother around, there's always more nom-noms given at every hour of the day and and more grubs to steal from the slow poker... more grubs to share.

With the little one around, i never have to go hungry and faint. My little brother is very smart and always asks for noms. He barks very loud and that always earn us some noms. Sometimes he puts on a sad face, and we get a nom. He lies sideways and sighs and we get a nom and tummy rubs too. He's good. I must say he's really good.

When Piperless Days strikes this household, i am left to defend for myself.
  1. I lie sideways and pretend to be sad... no nom nom came about
  2. I put on my cutest smile and do some stunts... no nom nom too.. only a pat on the head
  3. I snuggled up to her and lie on her legs... NO NOM NOM too.. just a tummy rub
How does Piper do it? He always gets us the noms. Even by looking cute, we get a nom or two.

As you all know, i am a curly. I am always hungry. I have a bottomless pit. Lately i have to go to the backyard to checkout the meow-meows food. A family of meows come by every evening thru the drain hole for dinner and go on their way. They usually have the same food as me but sometimes somehow... i think their food smell nicer. Their kibs have funny fish shapes and taste so much nicer too. Why can't i have meow food. This is so unfair.

Today Anny took me aside and had a chat with me...

Anny: Dom... i don't want you to steal the cats food. They are for the cats.

Dommy: But but.. they didn't finish it.

Anny: They will come back later and finish it. I don't want you to have fish breath.

Dommy: But their food smells nicer... and tastier.. yummmmmmmmmmmmmmieesss

Anny: You might start meowing if you keep on eating the cat food.

Dommy: Meowing? You mean i would start to meow instead? coooooooooool!

Anny: No more stealing the cat's food you hear... or no more greenies for you.

Dommy: *meow* *gulps*

Does that mean i am turning catty? Oh bummer!

Holaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :) We are back :) Bye bye.

opps! We are not supposed to be saying Bye bye so fast. Happy New Year everyone :) We are about a week late back to bloggieland. Hope you all have missed us becossssssssssssssss.. we have missed you all loads.

First off, do join Pip and Bunny for the match of the year. The will both be racing for the World's Fastest Dog on February 5th, 2011. Don't miss this for the world. They are both training very hard now with their respective coaches. You can visit them here.

A lots has been happening even though we are only at day 9th of 2011. We brought home a big bad bug from Kuala Lumpur and i was sickies with the flu and the fever this week to start off the year with a bang. Playing dead on the bed for few days wasn't much fun so finally i decided to quit playing dead and work instead. Keeping busy is sometimes a cure for many things.

One of the soldiers in our work team went for an eye operation last week. Less one soldier and more yellow blinky faces to torture me. I thought i'll be rid of yellow blinky faces when my job specifications changed slightly last year. I forgot how some yellow faces can be quite stressful.

Anyhow... i still have to survive one more week before my poor old colleague can work again. She should get a good rest first and let the eye heal. The eyes are one of the most important things... and losing your sight would be a terrible thing to happen. So take care of your eyes. Don't stare at the computer for too long. Go for pee breaks. Go for walks. Take your doggie for a leak. Get some grubs.

Christmas was wonderful. This year we cooked some stuffs and ate at home.

Christmas lunch

blue fruit jelly

Being with family was great. We had one of the most hilarious Christmas gift opening sessions this year. We were all reduced to tears because we laughed too much. I think Christmas gift exchange should go in this direction to have a merrier mood.

We did missed part of our family in London especially Jaiboo. Hopefully next Christmas, we'll have the little one here. He just turned two recently. How much we have missed watching him grow up.

Mr Piper wasn't too happy with his Christmas gift too. He was showing his unhappiness by barking at the boxes. He was snooping under the trees before Christmas and secretly checking out the pressies for nom noms. When he didn't find any... well...some pressies got ripped. *LOL*

all i got for Christmas is this. Can you believe it?

You are not taking mine.

More stories to come later :) Now Mr Dommy has to go for a leak. We'll try to slip in a post next week if the yellow blinkers allow an hour of peace. Till then... take care. We'll be slowly going around to visit all of you guys soon... Its good to be back.