We interrupt this service for the moment to share with you this.

Yes.. that's our dear lil furry. Hairless. Furless. And i think he's quite happy about it. His big smiles show that i ain't lying to you guys.

Dommy went for a long over-due grooming session yesterday and he was there for hourrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrsssss. Sundays are not good days to send him for grooming as the wait is much longer and he has to be there the wholeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee day.

It takes about 30mins to get to his groomers at another side of town and 35 mins to get back. The 5 mins were needed for the drinking of water in the car and for the tummy rubs and for the apologies for letting him wait so long. *LOL*

Well... he is much much lighter now. Still fat but definitely lighter.

We are sorry for not posting much. Up to them noses with work. My colleague just came back to work today but we shall not tax her too much. Her eyes are still red and not fully healed.

Our apologies for not dropping by more often. We'll be coming around soon :) Oh.. we have a giveaway coming up soon. Do drop by ya :)

6 woofs:

Duni said...

Oh my! The groomer sure trimmed off a lot :)
Dommy looks like he appreciates it, especially since you have hot weather!
Duni & =^.^= Sammy

3 doxies said...

Oh Dommy, yous look even more hansome with your new 'do! And you you look happy as a lark! Ummmm...what is a lark anyhows?
I hear da hoomans say it so I thought I would too.


Ann said...

Dommy you do look happy with your new look. I have to say you FAB U LOUS, quite handsome indeed.

The Daily Pip said...

Looking good, Dommy! I will be off to the groomer's soon myself. Not my favorite place to go, but I always feel better once it is over!

Your pal, Pip

Pebbles said...

Wui Handsome nyer :D That spaceman only yesterday gave me a bath after quite a while I must say. A darn lazy bum, that's what he is!

the booker man said...

yuppers, dommy, you do look pretty stoked about your summer fur cut! stylin' and profilin' for sures, dude!!

the booker man