Honey... we are homeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Hmmmm... that don't seem quite right. *LOL*

Did any of you thought that maybe i have kapooted quietly and gone to hell heaven... hopefully heaven. Morbid thoughts.. i know. But sometimes, when some blogger friend goes missing for a very long time without a word... that's what some people will think. Or probably some people will just assume that we have given up on blogging. We do apologise for our absence.

We did thought about waiting until Wednesday to do a post with a Wordless Wednesday. Somehow, we have been doing quite a lot of Wordless this year :)

We have been busy.. kind of... with entertaining our lil guest. He is small but he is powerful and full of energy. He might be a bit drowsy when he wakes up but after a bottle of milk, his batteries are all recharged and there he goes.

He's so fast that you can't even get a decent non-blurry picture of him. Here he is on the plasmacar that i borrowed from my friend. He has a similar car at home and he does know how to drive this vehicle real real fast.

I don't have many little ones running my life here often. Most of my nephews and nieces here are all in their teens. This lil guy did run all of our lives the time he arrived one month ago till he went home last Saturday. And yes... we do miss him a lot now. Its so very quiet here now... our home is now empty without the pitter patter of little feet and the zooming sounds of the plasmacar.

He left many drawings on the fridge... and he left many stickers on the wall *LOL* He taught me many things with his wide-eyed innocence too.

When he arrived, Dommy was not groomed and was in his curly wurly self. A week later, when i sent Dom to the groomers, he came back with EYES. *LOL* The lil guy was in awe and said.. Dommy has EYEEEEEESSS. He has black EYESSSSSSSSSSSSS. That really made me laugh so much.

Here's Curly after his spa & groom session. Curly can see clearly now after the groom.

We went to McD's a lot for sundaes. I've never seen a kid enjoying ice-cream as much as he does. He went mmmmmmmmmmmMMMM mmmmmMMMMM with each bite. We even taught him to dip his fries and chicken nuggets in the sundae. *LOL*

Most of the pictures i have of him is blurry. *LOL* Until the last two days, we manage to get some decent shot of him.

We watched many cartoons too. And a lot of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Timmy Time, Handy Manny, Special Agent Oso, Jungle Junction, The Cat in the Hat, Word World, Banana in Pajamas and many more. I never heard of the Oso fella before. I think i am gonna keep this Kids Channel for a while. Don't tell my dad.

Dommy's been feeling a little left out and was LOA for most of March. He slept and slept most of the time. He still get the best seat in the car when we travelled to Kuala Lumpur. He always get the co-driver seat while the rest of the family gets stuffed behind with some of them stuffs which we couldn't fit into the boot space. *LOL*

Dommy didn't get much pictures taken for March. I just have some blurry pictures of him and this one side profile shot of him. I am sure some of you would have missed him.

We flooded the airport with some tears when it was time for the lil guy to go home. It will be another two years before he comes back again. He would be 5 then.

Each and everyone of us have our own lives to live and our own story to write. Even though we do miss each other a lot... especially my sibling who is so very far away, we each have our paths to walk. When our paths crossed again, we shall have fun and food again.

“Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.” ~ Dr. Seuss

My friend who is undergoing chemo for breast cancer just had her 4th chemo and is now as bald as an egg. She is still in very high spirits. The lump on her breast has reduced from 7cm to 3.6cm. We had a very good chat last weekend and hopefully she will stick on and finish her chemotherapy no matter how draining it is for her. Hopefully she will be able to have an op soon to remove the lump. There's still a "dot" on her liver which is not looking too great. But we are hopeful that she will get better one day. Thank you all for keeping her in your thoughts.

Footnote to Georgia's momma who wishes to remain anonymous and prefers to be called The Typist... Thank you for writing and prodding me to stick a post in for March :) We needed some push sometimes.

We stole this picture from Little Dogs On Long Leashes

We are pawticipating in Hats for Hope for SASS's momma Missy Judi today. She needs all your helpful prayers and crossed paws for a tiny miracle. Please if you may, please do hop over to their side and leave them a pawerful prayer and good wishes.

Images courtesy from Zoolatry

Even though we don't really know Missy Judi very very well but this is the Blogville and when someone or some doggy or kitteh kat needs a prayer or help, we will try our mighty might to do our best to deliver. We also cannot let our good friend Kristin and Pippy down.

Ms Judi is very famous in Blogville for hatting all the doggies and kitteh kats of Blogville. Maybe one day we will be hatted by her too.

Meantime, we will wear a hat in her honour and hope she gets well soon. We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers Judi. 

Comments have been turned off for this post. Do drop over to Judi's blog to leave her some postive support and kind words. Thank you all my friends.