Ayam the backkkkkkkkkkkkkk :D

Am finally done with a big huge headache+y job and free from a bit of a hassle at least for a few days or weeks if i am lucky.. hehehhee.. i kinda doubt that. Year ends are always hell on my plate of patience. Right about now till December, i'll be praying for Christmas to come soon. Ahh.. well... i can almost smell Christmas round the corner. But not before we have our Eid Holidays and Diwali holidays first. Both are major celebrations in my country.

Hopefully Jai will be back this Christmas, else i'll be on the next plane to see him if he is not here by third week of December. Jai is exactly 8 months, 2 weeks & 2 days old since i left him last January. Papa is counting the days too.

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For the past 2 years ++, i've been at home here with papa and Boy. Boy is finally 17 and just got his driver's licence. Its a huge thing and a milestone for a kid. We still call him Boy. We all kinda stucked to the nickname. Good thing we didn't call him Baby.. *LOL* That would probably embarass him more. To be 17 and be called Baby. I know some people who are still carrying the baby nickname till they are like urmmm... 50.

Having your own child and being responsible for some other people's kid is a completely different thing. He's my nephew but its a bigger responsibility because he's not my own.

Kinda like today, i allow him to drive to the nearby shops to eat with his cousin. Both went off grinning and smiling in the car. This is the first time we allow him to drive out on his own. Well.. he has to do it one day. Before he started off, i rattled off a long line of instructions. Watch the motorbikes.. don't go too fast.... watch the road... stop at the junctions... bla bla bla... these two kids just grin at me and was just wondering when i'll stop.

When i came back in, i was kinda scared and a million things run in my head. I was just sitting like a duck waiting for them to come back home. *LOL* Lighten up.. i know but he's my responsibility.

Since he got his driving licence, he's been the designated driver now... hahhahahaa.. i am just like a queen sitting at the back. I still try not to sweat too much. Boys... they always like to hurry and move fast. They don't know the danger.

But we can't protect them forever. They have to go out there and make their own mistakes. Fall in love... have children of their own and then.. they will understand. I don't really nag him at all. I try to be his friend. Its quite tough now being a teenager with lots of people expecting and expectations from everywhere. I just told him to be happy. I don't have any expectations because he's not my son. I am just the aunt.. and aunties always just want you to be happy.

Both our cars will have the 'P' - Probation sticker on the front and back mirror for 2 years. When you have a 'P' sticker, every car on the road try to avoid you like a plague.. hahhahahahhahaa... It is quite fun to drive with a P. Sometimes, i drive like a snail just to piss some people off on the road. Urmm.. but i've always drive like an old lady la. With or without the 'P'. I don't see the need to rush everywhere... well unless its to the hospital.

This Boy is 17 now. 17 years ago, when he was a baby, he pooed on me. When i helped my sister to change his diaper, he pooed on me. *LOL* A whole lot of poo shoot out. I could still remember the grin on his little face when he did that. How very fast they grow. Now i really feel a tad old :)

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Spiffy said...

Maybe now you can start calling him big boy instead ... LOL!

Spiffy said...

And yeah, I give drivers with the 'P' attached a huge wide berth when I'm driving ... hahaha!

Spiffy said...

But they all grow up sooner or later ... they can't remain kids forever :D

Spiffy said...

And yes, Christmas is around the corner ... woohooo!

The Race Against Time said...

big boy ka? hahahahhaa.. i'll call him big boy when he has a son one day.. *LOL*

The Race Against Time said...

i do drive with the 'P' now... if u see me on the road.. HONK! *lol*

The Race Against Time said...

tat is true.. they have to grow up one day too.. hopefully with less hitches along the way.. but.. troubles and mistakes will mould a person better.. i think.

The Race Against Time said...

wooohooooooooooo.. that reminds me.. i better start buying my christmas bebenda :D