I miss u.. mummy.. daddy. When are you coming back to take me home.

Here's PP waiting and sleeping by the door. Waiting for my sister to take him home.
PP will be staying with us for another 2 weeks more.. its a yehooo for me (i miss him all the time when he's not with me).. but a boohoo for him.

I guess he really misses my sister ++ his yellow pikachu.

Poor PP. He's been waiting at the door with his sad face for many days now. His only delight is when i give him treats. Even a doggie misses home.. and his love.

Don't forget to go home to see your loved ones. Only a person who misses another will know how long a day can get. Don't wait for the holidays... or the season. Go home once in a while. Go home and light up someones heart. Go home and spend time with the wrinkled hands that needs holding and the wrinkled faces that smiles the moment you arrived.

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Cindy's Crafty Bites said...

I am so awed by this picture..
such cute dog..what breed?


Anonymous said...

In search of greener pastures,
I find none but barren deserts

Left my love to her own devices
Left my love left my life

I understand now too well the longing of unfull filled promises

Now that I have left my love, left my life

Yet there is hope..learning from mistakes, learning from the yearning

I will be back for my love for my life...and home is where the heart is.

Unknown said...

hi Cindy :) Piper's a toy size shitzu.. but fat one.. hahaha

yoon see said...

Yeah, cute piper....this reminds me of my dog that passed away long ago.
Thanks for being my friend anny, I have just added you to my side bar, hope than I would miss your any great posts:)

yoon see said...

How could I miss giving an award to you!
You are the one most deserve this "I wuv your blog" award:)

p/s: The last time you drop a comment, I have tried to find your blog but not successful.
Thanks to Ken, i finally found your wonderful blog built with love, joy and care.
God bless:)
Good n1ght & merry weekend!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Sorry to hear abt ur doggie Yoonsee... mebbe in the near future, u'll find another doggie angel in PAWS or SPCA ;) U have a gentle heart.. dogs loveeeeeeeee gentle hearts!

Unknown said...

Thank you for the lovely poem anon friend :) Its very touching! Go home soon.. ur love will wait for u :)

Cindy's Crafty Bites said...

My neighbour had two Shitzu and 1 of it looks exactly like your Piper..they name her Cookie.
lol, I'm going to list you in my blog roll too...took me hard to find your blog link yesterday..today i found, yay...

so drop by here today :)

Oh, how do we adopt animal here in Malaysia?
Any recomended association which provide good doggies? :)


Unknown said...

Cookie? hehhehee..tats a real swell name for a doggie.. esp a shitzu :) Milo is also very famous among shitzus... anyways..
check out SPCA & PAWS (PAWS is just near the Subang Airport.. by the hway.. u can miss it)... they have very nice doggies.. all needing lot of love.. or even Furry Friend Farms. All dogs are good, they just need love and they'll love u completely. Good Luck!