YouTube.. the wonderful creation.. was founded by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim.

There is the good side and the ugly side to YouTube. But.. what is YouTube to you and me?

I for one... go into YouTube to listen to songs, watch some funnies... and check out some doggie videos. The information is extensive. You just have to fine tune your search. And you can/do learn a lot from YouTube. How to fold a tee-shirt in half the time, how to twirl a pen... hehehe.. how Precious Moments figures are made... many many things you can learn in YouTube.

And what is YouTube to old folks? YouTube is heaven on earth. And why do i say that?

The day i introduced YouTube to my dad... is the day he found another kinda happiness. As you all know, i am always bz... doing work or cooking or doing something or rather. My dad is sometimes so lonely.

Now he is super bz every afternoon... singing. He'll be blaring his songs from his computer in the hall.. and he'll be singing along with it. Sometimes i hummed along too... without realising it. These songs are songs he listened to when he was young.. and songs he shared with us when we were kids. We always had music in our life. Car rides, music blaring from the radio.. John Denver, the Carpenters... ABBA.. to name a few.

Most of the time, he remembers the songs he sang to mom.. and the songs they both shared. Sometimes he'll called out from his corner of the house and say.. listen to this listen to this. Once in a while, i hear many variations of the same song... by different artists. Its funny... but i am glad he found Youtube.

My father is a funny man actually. He was always angry when he was younger. Cos life was tough and we didn't have much. But we had each other and ice-cream once in a while. I have a most wonderful childhood with my sisters and only because i have great parents.

Mom left us with a warning. I am given a second chance to take good care of my dad now. Sometimes when it gets too tiring... i rant and rave... in my mind only. There are good days and bad days.. and angry days. But there are many good days.

Its a privilege to be able to take care of one's parents in their winter years. I learn so much more about my dad each day.

Today over dinner he shared this with us. He has his YouTube on and singing along... and even eating... he still hums.. and that's funny to me too. He told me and my nephew that he used to sing this song to me and my sisters when he lull us to sleep when we were babies. I do remember my mom singing this song to my nephew when he was a baby. Here's the song below by Russ Hamilton. Hope you enjoy it.

This is for you too sis... for my little "coming-soon" nephew :)

I wish to take this opportunity to thank Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim for filling my father's days with so much joy.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the lovely song for ur lil 'coming soon' nephew. I will definitely play this song every night for him from his very very special auntie... Reading ur post brings tears to my eyes and esp about dad and mum. We had a great childhood and we could not ask for better parents. True, we had little when we were young but the love of our parents conquered everything. U have been a wonderful and special sis!!!

yoon see said...

Let us look into the good side of YOu tube.
Glad that your father finds joy here:)

Unknown said...

yep! Youtube has many good sides :)

the ugly side are just the ppl with bad intentions posting other ppl's personals without permission.

tks for dropping by YoonSee!

tasy said...


Unknown said...

Hello to you Gargies :)

Anonymous said...

Let there be more good moments than bad...and when a loved one is gone, even a so called "bad" moments with them is missed be blessed is still with you...everyday is a blessing.

Plenty of kisses and hugs from me...