Where are you Mummy?

I'm waiting and waiting... and you still are not here yet.

I am waiting and waiting... no mummy.. no daddy taking me for walks. Only grandpa taking me for walks now.

Where are you mummy..?

I miss you mummy... Come take me home soon.

Today i had rice, carrots and chicken. I finished allllllll my food. I am a good boy.

I wake up real early everyday like when i am home. Only grandpa is up then. He gives me cream crackers. They are nice and makes a very nice crunching noise. I leave bits of the crackers on the floor sometimes.

I miss you mummy. Come soon ok!


2 woofs:

yoon see said...

Waiting is precious!!!
Just wait for a while, your mummy will be back soon.....
She wouldn't forsake you:)

Unknown said...

hehe... poor PP is sad.. waiting by the door... but sis will come soon!