Animals Matter To Me was officially launched today at the World Animal Day at KL Tower in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Even though i didn't get to go, i do hope many did go and have had a good time with their pets, family and friends.

Hopefully many dogs or cats from SPCA & PAWS did get adopted by good families. Before you want to run out and buy a dog or a cat, do consider adopting from these places first. Or even the Furry Friends Farm. There's a lot of dogs and cats that need love.

To have a dog(s)/cat(s) is a huge responsibility. You must have the time to be with them and play with them and feed them well.

An adopted animal would need more love. They have been broken, dumped and forgotten by their past owner. Show them love, and these animals will bounce back and love you completely. Some may be wary and scared but with love, animals are like humans too. They will open up and bring you lots of joy.

Dogs for example.. smile.. when they are happy. The smile on a doggies face is a sure day brightener.

Show your support to Animals Matter to Me by signing the petition to protect animals.
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Let us all do our part and make this world a better place for all our animal friends. A little goes a long way. Every little effort counts.

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