Today is a good day for me. I was working but "hidden".. hehehe.. I was "invicible" on yahoo messenger the whole day. Irresponsible of me but i thought that i should not spoil my day today. Still... i was delivering and doing my work.

I work "off-site". I work for a company in another country.Yahoo messenger and emails are our mode of communication. Many businesses are running like this today.

I did prove a point today. Too many interruptions at work do make u tire more. Its not the work that is tiring us. Its the interruptions on your flow.

I have a total of 66 people on yahoo for work. Meaning 66 people could probably pop up at the same time asking me questions or prompting me on work. My desktop would probably be overwhelmed then. At a busy day, i probably have about 5 people talking to me at the same time on yahoo... for work.

Sometimes, my friends would think i am totally ignoring them on yahoo. hahaha... i try my best not to be rude. But sometimes.. when i do a 5 windows and friends popping up on yahoo.. its almost impossible not to ignore them for a while. My friends are very nice, they always understand.

Many times, my colleagues at work are very understanding when we are short of hands. They try not to interrupt unless needed.

It was a very tiring week last 2 weeks, we were short of hands/soldiers.

I even resort to reading a book by Dale Carnegie... How to Enjoy Your Life and Your Job. Its is because i forgot about living for a while and was just up to my neck in work. I forgot to smell the flowers and run in the garden with my doggies. I even forgot to talk to my dad sometimes... leaving him all alone to play on his computer.

Most of the time, Dom reminds me to be human again. He comes to me... put his paw on my legs.. and tells me to go out.. and run with him in the garden. And that is why i love him more each day. He seems to understand me most.

I only read while i am in the toilet (please excuse my bluntness).. i read snippets of things here and there. My toilet sometimes became my santuary to read.. even when i don't have a poo or a pee coming (excuse my extreme bluntness) hehehehee... i got magazines and books on top of a small shelf in the toilet... (and that's another story altogether).. yes.. i am crazy.

Its a good book. I did learn something from that particular book. When you are very stressed with work... do take a moment to read it. It will open up some new windows to breathe. I found mine.

"What's making you tired is the amount of work you do NOT do" ~ Dale Carnegie

p/s: i kinda bought this book 2nd hand for 3 bucks. Cheap! And worth every cent :) Thank you Dale Carnegie. May your soul rest in peace.

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Nessa said...

Hi Anny! This is my 1st time here :)

Yeah, sometimes we are so caught up with work that we forget the people around us. My son has complained to me that I spend so much time on the computer. Maybe I should buy him a PC?? Hehe

This is a moving post, thanks for sharing :) Nice knowing you!

Unknown said...

Tks Nessa for dropping by! Most of the time, i only know how to do work.. and forget my loved ones. I just started watching tv again... lately.. hahaha..almost becoming a robot.
no no.. no PC's.. go back to basics.. give him a sketch book! hahahhaaa said...

hello anny..this is my 1st time here too...u have adorable puppies...i love puppies so much.. i used to have dogs many years ago but didnt know about the breed.I will post about my dogs once i returned back home as I dont hv the pictures with me...missed them so much. May Apuk,Abong,Bugam,Abu rest in peace..

Unknown said...

hello Marvic (the one with the sexy dolly in high heels) ;) tks for dropping by.. so many doggies u used to have.. Apuk, Abong, Bugam, Abu.. may they all be happily trotting alone in heaven... :)

yoon see said...

Glad that you enjoy your life a simple yet humble way:)