You are such a dramatic boy PP... i am outside too.. beside you.
Do not be afraid... i will protect you with my my my my new collar :D

Tuesdays are tiring. We nap immediately when we get back into the house. We got to get up early and wait outside at the porch.

Kakak comes and help to clean the house on Tuesdays. When she's here, we got to stay out or else we'll get sweeped away. Or maybe mopped away.. or maybe cleaned up too with the vacumn. But Tuesdays are usually nicer cos we get more treats for staying calm, patient and quiet... and and and...

We chase a few cats in the garden... Kuning, Tompok, Kecik yang suda besar... so many cats come in the garden. But they always outrun us. Sometimes they dart up the mango tree. But i don't see them plucking any mangoes. Why bother going up a mango tree unless you want to pluck some mangoes. That's what i think.

Sometimes we chase a few birds... or try and stomp on some frogs. But the frogs only come out at night. ahhhhhhhhhhhh... life is blissful on a Tuesday.

So stop complaining PP... and enjoy the sun... on our day out :D

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