3 woofs:

Cindy's Crafty Bites said...

Awesome blog!!

So lovely..

I have lots of pets at home and I love them!

There are 5 huge fishes,1 old turtle, 10 hammies and 2 kitties!!

you must be a real animal lover to own such lovely blog^^

The dogs are so cute!!

I am going to get one soon after this..lol

Stay lovely,

Unknown said...

Thanks Cindy for dropping by :) Ha... so many pets you have.. they must bring u lots of joy! Do join our Capture Thursdays... i'll be giving a prize at the end of the year :) haven't tot abt the prize yet.. but its coming soon!

yoon see said...

How joyful is to watch your doggies grow....yeah I miss my dog...but I have two fishes at home, 3 neighbour's dogs to attend to...he...he..I feed them too even they are not mine, they are just like my dog..
This is what call Love:)