Totally forgot today's Thursday! hehehe

Anyways.. please welcome our guest for this week's Capture Thursdays.

I don't know his name yet. Or if its a female or male.
But i see him often in my garden or in the backlanes.
Here he is again... basking in the sun and the sun kinda cast a cute shadow on the ground.

I'll just call him Meow One for the time being.

Enjoy :)

8 woofs:

emilayusof said...

woof! hehe he is so cute! oh, I love the cute shadow, anny!

Unknown said...

Hey Emi! Thanks for dropping by :) emm.. dun know if its a he/she.. hehehe

there's a cuter yellow one.. but she keeps running away.. i'll try and capture her next time.

Cindy's Crafty Bites said...

Capture thurs is meant for animal lovers to send in their pet pictures?

handsome cat tho not really sure it's make or female, lol:D


Unknown said...

yes yes.. send me ur pet's pics :) since u got many!

yoon see said...

Cute cat foe sure, looks so tame & teachable!

Cindy's Crafty Bites said...

yay! I will, I will...let me take those scattering hamsters, Uncle Sam[tortise], the fishes ain't attractive but they are a loyal family and my kitties!!

Lol, will send you when I got them..

Unknown said...

Thanks cindy :) after ur exams girl :) me looking forward to Uncle sam and frens pics!

Unknown said...

cats are the most relaxed yoonsee... they are like the yogis :)