Christmas just around the corner... many of us are probably in a joyful mood. All i could probably think of lately is how to finish off my work before i am off for my official shutdown for the christmas & new year holidays. At the back of my mind, i am thinking of how to do the spring cleaning too when dad and my nephew is off early for their holidays. All i could probably think of is work, spring-cleaning and christmas.

We are trying to be joyful and carry on... but holidays are no more the same. At least someone is missing. Birthdays are never the same too, cos one person is missing. We try to get away each time the festivities are here. But we must carry on. At least if not for ourselves, we have to for the children's sake.

Yesterday we had some bad news. Someone close is diagnosed with the Big C. Everyone fears the Big C. Not everyone fear death but everyone fears the Big C.

Till today research on cancer is still very much an ongoing effort. Each day brings a new type of cancer. And each day, many still die from it.

I think i don't fear death. Unless its going to be very painful and dragging. I wouldn't know my fears until death comes a knocking.

We are never prepared to be sick. It just comes, and wham boom... too bad.. you have the Big C. How can anyone be prepared for it. Even the one with the strongest willpower is never able to receive such a news.

I hate to see old folks crying. Yesterday i saw a few of them crying. Its their way of dealing with it. No parent can bear to see their child sick. Even if their child is already all grown up and with children of their own.

But i have hope. I hope and pray for a miracle. Sometimes they do come. The only conversations i have is not with God. My conversations are only with mom. I hope she hears me, and help the one who is sick.

The one who suffers most is not the one who leaves. The one that is left behind have to bear the pain of the loss. The pain in the heart that only time can heal. I really don't like to see old folks crying. In their winter years, they should be happy.

Send us a miracle mummy.

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