What's your dream job? Where's would you like your dream job to be?

Ever since there was Google... and IKEA... my dream job was to work in either one of them.
But.. I am not that smart to be in Google...
And... IKEA was within reach... if only i could make the effort to apply and move my butt and type out a CV.

My current job (which is pretty cool too.. and i have extremely nice bosses)...

I have been working with my current boss for many years. I kinda lost count. I don't even remember when i join this company and it has been very long time ago. I remember i was young.. and Windows were running on 95 or was it Win 3.1...haha.. now i have some strands of grey. I am antique furniture.. hehe. That ought to show how long time ago that is.

Me, just a simpleton. I don't have big ambitions. I don't even have a degree. (Papers do matter if you are applying for a job today) If people are nice to me, i am nicer to them. If people are not so nice, i'll probably just ignore you or your existence. Ignorance is after all bliss ;)

And why do i want to work in Google?

Not because of the great big cafeteria which serves wonderful food...
*drooling at all the pics Google tempt us with*

Not because its the place to be...

Not because its cool (some parts of it yes.. it would be so cool to be working in Google.. )

It is because... Google allows employees to bring their furkids to work! (I hope they still do and still have this perk!)

And how cool is that :D SUPA COOL MAN! I can have Dommy with me at work every single day... and sometimes when PP visits.. i take him to work too and i don't have to worry about working late... and he'll be hungry or lonely... or having Separation Anxiety.

Ahhh.. that's bliss for a doggie owner.

I currently am working at home on a temporary basis. If i bump around too much or roll on the floor all the time with the doggies and not doing my work, i would be called back to the office and serve a 9 to 6. Currently.. crossing my fingers and my toes, no big complaints against me and my doggies yet :D

And the closest i could get to have the feeling of like kinda working at Google... is this...

I have Dommy with me when i work. When i get too tired or too bored. I just roll down on the floor and join him for a nap. He does sleep almost all the time. Hahaha..

Tats it for tonite. I'll dream on further on my dream to work at Google.. and mebbe about the food... or the parks.. or the nice office.. but how cool is that.. you can take your best friend to work. Thanks to Google, the work environment all over the world is changing now.

Google is like the next best thing created since sliced bread! And yes.. i am a supa-geek :D

Goodnite folks!

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Ken said...

hey...finally i'm here to leave a comment ;)

hope you get your job, but u got to do something by not just sitting on it :) I can see that you're quite happy wif your current "google" job.

Unknown said...

I do have a job now.. hehe.. i am working for... ;p Just temporary stationed at home :)

Current "google-like environment" is quite healthy to do really good work.. and time to explore. I hardly have much time to do what i do now while i was in the office.

thanks for dropping by Ken!

yoon see said...

I think the most important thing is believe in God, try to know what he wants to be:)
As for your current dream job, it's indeed a good start, lots of freedom, yeah time to explore and meet new friends on the internet like us.

My sister sometimes came home the next day, she is pregant and yet have to work shift at that very hour....I used to work like that but now no more.