Have you watched "All Dogs Go To Heaven" before?

This animated movie was directed produced in 1989 by Don Bluth. Its a beautiful movie about Charlie, a German Shepherd who forsakes his place in heaven to come back and take revenge. Its a very interesting movie with a feel-good in the end. I always love movies with a happy ending.

I love animated movies back then simply because its in watercolors. And its with lots of character. Found this song on youtube from the movie All Dogs Go To Heaven 2 to share with you. This song is so touching. Hope you all enjoy it.

I Will Always Be With You

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Anonymous said...

I believe my dogs are in heaven :)

Anonymous said...

feel free to drop by my blog




Unknown said...

i do believe all dogs go to heaven too.. cos they have the nicest hearts :) i'll go run and drop by ur place now :) tks for coming by!

Anonymous said...

thanks for hoping by :)

yoon see said...

Yeah, I hope that too...dogs will be departing to heaven:)