I've always had a list. A list of things to do before i die. I know i am crazy, but i always kept a list.. and sometimes i add on to it as the years go by. Some of the things i did manage to do.

We never know what's going to happen tomorrow. So let's enjoy today and try and do all the things you want to do before it time to go home.

Here's my list of things to do before I die

1) Go skydiving

2) Visit Nepal and turn all the prayer wheels i can find

3) Publish a book

4) Play the piano again

5) Sing in front of a live audience (haha! mebbe when i am old)

6) Go skinnydipping

7) Swim with a bunch of dolphins

8) Learn to ice-skate

9) Pack my backpack and go round the world

10) Go to the Missionaries of Charity and be a volunteer

11) Fall in love

12) Draw millions of weird cartoons

13) Learn to ride a motorbike

14) Go to Machu Picchu

15) Spend the day drinking long island teas at the beach

16) Sleep under the stars at the beach

17) Get my PADI licence

18) Fart loudly inside a lift (hahaha.. that would be fun)

19) Go to Lourdes

20) Be a photojournalist

21) Open a small cozy coffeeshop that smells like cinnamon

22) Give more to charity

23) Learn to play the guitar

24) ...

8 woofs:

Anonymous said...

Errr Anny...can u put Skydiving as the last item...then u will have time left to do the rest first. LOL

Unknown said...

naw.. Skydiving first.. so u get the adrenaline rush :)

Anonymous said...

I could do with trying to ride a motorbike too ... hehehe ...

Unknown said...

riding a motorbike could be real cool if i can get my sense of balance.. hehe.. tks for dropping by Spiff :)

emilayusof said...

24. have a friend like emila to follow me around to accomplish all my missions!

Haha! Take me along, will ya!

yoon see said...

Thanks for your kind wishes Anny.
Happy belated birthday to you too Anny!
I too love to go Skydiving, I have posted this in my previous post.
May be we can go together!

Unknown said...

tat wud be fun Emi.. hehhehehee.. but both of us sakit tulang sakit otot... hahahhaa.. we might need to bring minyak for our sakit sakit.. hehehehe

Unknown said...

u jump i dun jump yoon see? hahhahahahahaaa