This morning i was up early and was reading the papers online. This news made me really angry.

The dog with one of its ears injured after the ordeal.

The least i could do is circulate it even more. So that more people will know what kind of people we have as dog catchers in my country. Inhumane.

Yes, you have a job to do. But this is not the way to do it. Guess what our local council will have to say about this.

So how many dogs/cats or animals can we protect and save. How many are killed each day.
How many get to be the lucky ones.. and get to go to a good home. Cruel world.

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Sarainy said...

This is awful :( I hope those men get suitable punishment (If there is such a thing for so inhumane treatment)

I would be interested to hear how the dog is if you hear any more news!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad in saudi arabia where i live, the saudis treat dogs much better than some malaysians.

A mistreated dog will be scarred for life not just physically but mentally, only a loving new owner will nurse it back to health and trust.

Unknown said...

Thanks for dropping a comment Jonathan. I will try and find out what happen to the yellow doggie.

Meantime, dun think those men will get punished. Its just their own conscience that they have to deal with when they do something bad.

Unknown said...

tq Anon for dropping in :)
My country and my people. A few bad eggs do spoil the whole basket.

Ken said...

I saw this article too in the newspaper. It really sadden me to see how they handle the process in catching the dog.

Can't they be more professional and trained!!!