Complacency is not an attractive trait to possess. Its not all bad. But when a person gets too complacent, they become stagnant.

Here i was happily bumming around while watching a wee bit too much tv. I've been putting off blogging as it seems apt that i needed to find some balance with my internet time (probably a lame excuse). And spend more time with people and dog x 2 (Piper's here with me).

My last holidays were T I R I N G. *lol*

I came home quite tired and blurr in the head. Kinda like some big ole south winter wind hit my silly head. I couldn't function as per normal. *LOL* And just whooooooozed the whole week away. Cooking for my family took a backseat (yes.. i was lazy in that department too). Our kitchen was not open last week.

Dad and Boy went off to Kuala Lumpur again yesterday. There were some education fair going on in KLCC and its important that Boy goes and weight out his options. I send them off by train yesterday morning with dad yelling real early in the morning to wake us all up. *LOL* Even Dom and Piper could barely crawl out of bed.

I hardly have a peaceful sleep here in the mornings cos my dad likes to create lotta sounds to wake us up. When i was in my sister's house last week, one morning, i heard the doorbell. And there was dad ringing the doorbell. He had the key in his hands. The doorbell send off a chain of reactions with Piper & Dom barking away. They both sleep with me in the room. Can you imagine how high i jumped up? *LOL*

Not a day goes by without some action around here.. hahahhahahaa There was one morning when he found a rat in the house. Here he was chasing the rat and he had Dom with him blocking the rat's path. And quite a racket that was.

I am never a morning person. I don't quite like to wake up real early to eat breakfast especially noodles. Piper is a morning person/dog. Usually when i don't get up by a certain time, he'll bark the house down to wake you up *LOL* Dom? Dom is like me. He wakes up when i wake up. With a smile, he'll greet me and we'll both go out to let him have his leak. He's very considerate for a dog.

Today i had my peaceful day. Just bumming around with both doggies. Watch a whole lot of tv till i became numb. Too much tv really does numb the brain. *LOL* That reminds me... i have to wean off the tv too.

I went off to buy some treats for Dom and Piper. Stopped by the market to get some flowers for mom. When i went to see mum.. it drizzled. Mom send me something i love on my way home.

a mighty big bright rainbow :)

I miss mom. And all that she is. Not a day goes by when she's not in my thoughts. I guess dad misses her more. She was her partner in everything. He goes everywhere with her. He takes her everywhere... even to pump petrol. They are really like siamese twins.

He still goes to talk to her everyday at the church. When no one listens to him, he knows she will. My dad is getting old. He has many quirks like any other person. He's happiest when he's home. Sometimes i am not entirely patient with him. Sometimes i leave him alone to do my things. Sometimes it gets lonely for old folks.

I am trying to do the best that i know how. Even though i know that i can do better :) He always reminds me that his time on earth is on grace.

Well... he has a lot of travelling to do this year. And he is most happy too when he gets to go on holidays. Dad and Boy coming back tomorrow. Boy is also starting work tomorrow. He's awfully happy that he finally found a job. Gotta nap now.

There's a mountain of clothes that are not folded yet... a shelf which is not fixed.. and tons of things to do. And tomorrow is Monday. Oh bummer. Where did the weekends goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooOOOOOO... (too much tv sure did screw up my life... hahhahahahaha)

pp is home :)

12 woofs:

baincardin said...

the rainbow picture tu kasi HDR Anny! yay! ^_^

Nessa said...

knock! knock! *peeps*

heyya Anny :)

i'm a bum too... sure is nice being a bum... but it's reali time to move my bum! lol!

baincardin said...

Hi Anny!

dah ada lagi orang yg kene demam HDR! Yay! ^_^

Unknown said...

the rainbow picture is low-res Bain.. hehehhee.. i guna mobile phone punyo camera je.. alangkah baik if i had the other camera with me :D

Unknown said...

heya Ness :D

we both bums then i guess.. sure is nice to be a bum sometimes.. *LOL*

glad you are back!

Unknown said...

yo Bain!
sapo sapo?? sapo suda kena demam Bain? hehehhehehe... i got to check them out.. :D

demam Bain jadik juga melarat sampai 2010..

Spiffy said...

Woi, Anny, Nessa, how can you all call yourselves bums ah, when in true fact I am the king of Bums! LOL!

Spiffy said...

Aiyoooo this is also a long post and some people say I'm long winded ... LOL!

Unknown said...

King of Bums? You? areeeeeeeeeeeeee you sureeeeeeeee? but but
king of bums have the biggest bum la... kakakakakakkaa

Unknown said...

It was windy and it was a loooooooooooonnngg night.. and so the long winded post :D

urmm.. i think u still tops on the long winded post Spiffy.. hahhahhaaa

Mariuca said...

Aiyoooo so cute la the BW picture Anny, comelnya! :)

Unknown said...

He is a cute lil guy Marzie. Even though you don't quite like dogs.. i know you will love him if you see him. He's just about Chubbs size i think.. :)