Crazy day today.. urmm.. yesterday. We went a bit crazy and remodelled our home :) And BooMooHoo's home too. We are nuts. Or i am nuts. Or there's too many peanuts in my head.

This new template seems a bit off somehow. Too many things. I can't breathe when i look at it. Maybe tomorrow we'll go do another makeover and change it back to how it was before.

Doggies are both snoring away. Think i'll just head off to bed too. I forgot what i wanted to post about today. *LOL*

Oh ya... today we decided to drag out the real camera and take some pictures instead. Piper was a pretty good model. Patient and ever willing to pose. Dommy on the other hand... refuse to pose. Kept turning his face away. I usually get his best poses when he is sleeping.

We kicked off BooMooHoo today.. urmm.. yesterday with some pictures of my very patient model.

I am in pain. Too much coffee is going to kill me one day. *LOL* Or maybe not. Coffee is supposed to be good if taken in moderation.

My poor colleague got hospitalised today.. urmm yesterday for appendicitis. Hope he get well soon. Maybe i tortured him too much when we were working on a project last week. Oh bummer. Hope you get well soon JP.

Some strange noises on the roof just now. I don't like strange noises on the roof. Our house's been broken into few times over the years. And luckily, we were always not at home. I am trying to keep up for as long as i can so that if there are thieves up there... they'll get tired and probably just head on home. Maybe i should get a bigger and more ferocious dog... to protect us. Dommy and Piper are just too cute for thieves. Maybe Dommy could do the job of securing our house but Piper.. he's just a pretty boy and a friendly pooch. *LOL* Strange noises on the roof at this hour is scary. Maybe i should get the hammer ready.

Oh ya.. now i remember what i wanted to post about :) But it will be tomorrow urmmm... later today.

Goodnite folks :) Catch you again when i wake up. If you find this new template confusing and crummy... do holler out to me. If you want to comment and cannot find the "Post a Comment"... click on the green "No Woofs" :) Even i am getting a headache just looking at this blog. Crummy.

4 woofs:

Mariuca said...

Ok what the new layout Anny, maybe just need a little more tweaking! :)

sevhtian said...

I've put your link on my blog, hope you add my link too, thanks before..

Unknown said...

Ok ka? hahaha.. thanks Marzie :D sure will need a lil more tweaking.

Unknown said...

hmmm.. lemme check out your blog first ya :)