You Know Me ~ Robbie Williams

Me and my bad boy Robbie. I just love him. Either you love him too much or you just can't stand him (usually its the extremes of both side)

Its been a while since he came out with an album. This is from his Reality Killed The Video Star album.Great album i must say so myself.

When talent comes with passion.. this is it.

When i was in college cow years ago, there was this guy who comes to lessons on his dirt bike. Its almost similar to Robbie's bike here in the video. Every morning, i will wait for him downstairs just to see him roll in on his bike. Kind of admiring from afar.

I think i was more interested in the bike than the person *LOL* But he's not too bad looking too. He always looks so cool when he arrives. My knees also turn jello when i see guys in dirt bikes.
I also go weak-knee when i hear a guy play the guitar and sing. This fella happens to draw quite well. He's a great illustrator. His drawings of people were so lifelike. I remember he was extremely good with the air-brush.

But it was the bike that drew me to this character... hehhehehehee There were some days he comes for lessons.. still on the dirt bike but with bandages here and there. Guess he must have had a fall while racing on the dirt bike.

I don't know where he is now. Most probably old, bald and grumpy. *LOL*

4 woofs:

Spiffy said...

Would you believe I can't ride a motorbike? So malu one, there goes my chance to join the hell riders ... LOL!

Spiffy said...

The last motorbike I tried to ride was way back when I was in my teens and even then I ended up embedded in a fence ... hahaha!

Unknown said...

Me too.. i can't ride a bike.. its the thing with the balancing and fear or falling and the gravity thingy. But we do know how to drive a MANual car.. not everyone knows that.. *LOL*

Unknown said...

embedded in the fence eh? *LOL* tat would be a sight. *ouch* bet you mess up your hair then...