Happy New Year everyone :) Hope 2010's been good to you all so far. Here's me wishing all of you a wonderful and bountiful year ahead.

Norwegian Wood ~ The Beatles

Why this song to kickstart the year? I got my head burrowed in a few books at a time these few days.. *LOL* and this was one of it.

Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami.

I kinda seek my moments at Borders for 2 whole days... *LOL* I love Borders.. especially the one at Curve. Most of the time, i am actually at the children's section. They have more colourful books and with lotta glitter and better pictures.

A lot kinda happened in the past 2 weeks or more while we were away. Some losses some gains.. some happy moments.. some tense.. mostly quite a tiring one. I came home more broken that ever. My head kinda feel detached from my body. Tired as a log but... i'm all slept out now :)

We should all just understand that we are all unique. Different. If everyone could understand that, it wouldn't be a tense holiday at some point. But.. with all the tense moments, we did have some happy ones too. Well.. holiday's all gone. Back to the daily grind.

Before i scoot off again, i would like to thank Nessa, Emila and Yoon See for their beautiful greeting cards :) Thanks again for the very cute stuffs! I will treasure them.

I'll continue with a long windy post tomorrow... mebbe.

8 woofs:

baincardin said...

Happy New Year Anny!~ ^_^

Mariuca said...

Happy 2010 Anny and woofies! Thank you very much for ur well wishes at my blog and here's to a healthier, happier and fluffier year, hugs! :)

Spiffy said...

Happy 2010 Anny :D Hope the year is a great one for you.

So far for me, it's beginning to look like a horrible one but I'm not going to let that defeat my drive to succeed :D

Unknown said...

Happy New Year Bain :)

Unknown said...

Happy New Year Marzie :D Hope B's feeling much much better and on the road to recovery.

Unknown said...

Happy Happy 2010 Spiffy. I hope it would be a great one too.. :D

It won't be a horrible one for u.. positive thinking... +++++ positive thinking works! And you shall succeed

yoon see said...

You are most welcome Anny:)
Happy New year again, wow..you are lucky to the cool rainbow!

Unknown said...

heyo YoonSee :) thanks for dropping by... and yea.. it was a real big rainbow.. i was in awe.