Almost the end of the day over here @ my side of the world. It has been a long day.

We woke up earlier today as my help Aini comes on Tuesdays to help me clean the house. Bless the good woman. What would i do without her. The house will be in chaos and it will be a desert if not for Aini. Even though she is getting paid, i am always grateful for her help.

The drama started when my computer was on. My yellow blinkers went.. die la die laaa (that's quite a normal expression by our people)... *LOL* Panic can be quite infectious. Yellow blinkers can spread panic with just a few typed words.

We have an important event tomorrow and this morning my suppliers informed us that they could not do one of the big banners on time for that particular size. It needs 3 days lead time. I was going hahahahhahahahahaa.. great! Now what.

This thing happened because people cannot decide. People don't do planning way ahead. Everyone was too busy to prepare it earlier. Everyone thought that suppliers can print on demand. Wrong.

People don't understand that big banners take time to print. Its not like a photocopy machine. Press a button and out comes the paper in few seconds. Machines can breakdown. The person handling the job can go sick and be hospitalised. Where Murphy lurks, trouble brews.

At the end of the day, my suppliers did get the job done beautifully. Not perfectly but fine. Thank god for great suppliers.

A blessing in disguise definitely ^.^"

If you are using the Yahoo Messenger or any other kind of chat platform on the computer, can you sense if the other party is angry or pissed or annoyed or maybe happy? Well.. if he/she is typing in ALL CAPS.. that is plain blatant annoying and rude of course.

We are quite in tune of the other person's feelings on this communicating platforms. Its weird. Maybe we have been using it for too long *LOL*

Ahh.. an early night for me today. My back is aching and after all the coffees and panic in the morning... i just want to go snooze. Clean Sheets Day today.. yehoooooooooooOOO.

I love clean sheets day! Goodnite people.

Another blurry picture of Curly with the mobile.. hahahhaa.. i have to quit taking pictures with my crummy mobile.

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Spiffy said...

Urmmm, next time send la your banners to me. I can get them done in one day no matter how big they are la :D Reasonably priced and good quality some more or your money back guaranteed :D

Spiffy said...

I've had loads of drama in my lifetime with things never being ready on time ... stress I tell you!

Spiffy said...

I see you're just managing to squeeze in a post a day ... just like me ... hahaha!

Unknown said...

I would if i could.. *LOL* Logistics reasons.. i would prefer to print it where my office is.

They did get it done in one day for quite a few of the banners.. but this pop-up display thingy was kind of last min add-ons which probably would take longer as its more complicated.

i'll keep u in mind if we have an event in KL :)

Unknown said...

Yea.. stress. And yellows were going die la die laaaaaaa.. *LOL* Good thing i work offsite :)

Unknown said...

yea.. what la did i get myself into.. *lol*
was watching a bit of tv after dinner as usual.. and too much tv is sure screwing me up :)

Unknown said...

Olla Anny, Happy wednesday!!

okay i have read this post. Am i missing something - yellow blinking?

apa tu? something to do with digi? or printing (carthridge?)

hehehe, memang keliru sudah ini.

Owh CAPS LOCKS -----> YOU MEAN SOMETHING LIKE WHAT I AM DOING NOW - hehehe, jangan marah, gurau ajer.

I agree with you on this : )

Unknown said...

Ollllllllllllaaa Rizal :) Happy urmm Thursday dah kat sini :D

yellow blinkers tu.. yahoo yahoo messenger ku.. dengan kengkawan opis saya :)

if i define your typing in CAPS tuh... takle garang langsung.. even though its in caps.. *LOL*