Emila Yusof. She is a wonderful person who's a giver of sorts and a talented artist too. I love her drawings and her work is inspiring.

She just completed a pretty little book called "My Mother's Garden". The book will be out in the markets soon. Check out her blog if you want to find out more about her and the stuffs she does.

I was one of the Top Commentators for 2009 on Emila's blog. The top commentators received a whole lot of gifts from her :) Thank you so much for the lovely gifts Emila. Love the little flowery bag.

This lipstick and eyeshadow from Avon is sponsored by Roxychick.

I don't actually use makeup at all. I am a natural beauty *ahem* (too lazy to have things on my face except eyes, nose mouth and the markings).. hahahhaha but i will pass it to my sister. The blue would look nice on her. Lovely blue for the eyeshadow.

This pretty altered frame is sponsored by Diyadeary.

Very nice gifts to kickstart my year. Thank you very much Emi. I wuv you!

4 woofs:

Nessa said...

Bless Emila for her generosity and her sponsors as well :) Btw love your flowery bag... can bring shopping2 on Saturdays :D

Unknown said...

Bless Emi for her goodness too :) I lop my flowery bag too.. its of very sturdy material..

Spiffy said...

Cool gifts. I've always said Emila is Santa Claus in disguise and one day I'm going to prove it ... LOL!

Unknown said...

she sure has a heart like Santa :) santa claus in disguise? hehehhe.. mebbe she's Mrs Claus..