Sundays are kinda hard for blogging. Serves me right for trying to NaBloPoMo for a whole month. I even got the Spaceman into the boat as well. He is furiously trying to blog everyday too at least for this month. Do check him out and make sure he blogs everyday for a whole month *LOL* He's NaBloPoMo+ing from Dream Themes.

On Sundays.. my mind just go toooooooooooooooooooooooooooot. Naw.. don't worry.. i have not fallen off my chair and gone dead :)

Sundays are just weird. I don't have the urge to turn on the computer. I just play dead and rollover.

So much about playing dead. Woke up early because Piper was sighing and sighing (yes.. doggies do sigh).. and making some sad noises cos he got bored of sleeping and wanna go check out the other rooms in the house. I let them out for a leak in the garden.. give them both a treat and i crawled back into bed and play dead again. Dom cam back to the room and play dead too after he had his treat while Piper went out and try to catch some urmm.. sights. He loves to sit in the hall.. with his face at the sliding door to watch the world go by. He loves the wind on his face. Funny lil fella.

Boy woke up. Hmm.. weird.. usually he can't wake up at all if i don't wake him. *LOL* He's been so pampered by my parents since urmm.. he was a baby. Since i came back home, i tried to rock his world a little and give him a hard time sometimes. Yea.. i am wicked.

Oh ya.. he started work a week ago. His exams results will only be out in March. I told him not to bum at home and play dead. Go and see the world and get some experience. He willingly went to work and am quite happy to be earning/working. I am actually quite proud that he manage to put in 8 hours of work a day without a complaint. Just tired feet but he always comes back with lots of stories to tell. He drives my dad's car to work (i guess that is an added bonus for him). My dad drives my car and i ended up with no car. *LOL*

He spends so much time getting ready for work. Doing and redoing his hair. Shaving. Checking his face for pimples. And rechecking. Then its back to redoing his hair. All this takes a good 1 hour. Such a vain fella. I remember i wasn't even vain when i was his age *LOL*

Dad and i went to my sister's old house to get the baby's cot today for Jai. We had a hell of a time dismantling the cot. This used to be Boy's cot 17 years ago. Its still in pretty good condition. My sister tells me its allen key assembled. But when i got there.. it was all screws. Good thing we brought the screwdrivers along as well. Now i got to knock her head when she comes back next.

We manage to fit everything in the car and brought it home. The harder part is assembling it back. I'll leave that for next weekend *LOL* If we manage to assemble it back... i'll post a picture of Boy's really neat baby cot.

Both dad and i went for dinner at "the very hot place". No no.. there's no hot women dancing in that restaurant.. *LOL* I called it "the very hot place" because i hate to eat there in the afternoons. The zinc roofs made the place really really warm in the afternoons.

We went there.. ordered our food and no tables empty *LOL* Dad saw a lone old man at a table and asked him if we can sit with him. He smiled and nodded. Both dad and him started talking like old friends. *LOL* I just sat and listen to their conversation.

Dad always mentioned that he don't like to eat alone in a restaurant. I don't really do breakfast well in the mornings. I am just a coffee and bread person. My dad loves to eat noodles or capati or roti canai or soups. So usually he eats breakfast alone. He kinda got used to it now.

So here i was watching these two old men who doesn't know each other but talking like old friends. Dad tells me that sometimes when he goes to places, he will see another old person and they will nod knowingly. Or smile. But they don't know each other. They just sense each other's loneliness.

I remember this old guy who walked in from the rain last week at a restaurant we were at. He sat at the table next to us and wiping his brow.. he said... "Heavy rain.. its flooded everywhere".. then dad answered him.. yea.. "Heavy rain.. where is it flooded?" Then this guy went.. "Its flooded here.. there..." Then we smiled and continue with our food. Then this guy went again.. "Heavy rain.. its flooded everywhere" We smiled and said yes. Not even a minute went by and he went again.. "Heavy rain.. its flooded everywhere". He was repeating the sentence over and over again.

Everyone fear loneliness. Sometimes its good to be alone to be able to do your own things but not all the time. Old folks who are left alone on their own with nothing to do will just dwindle away. Then they forget what they are saying or have said.

Did you call your mom or dad today? Or call your grandmama or grandpapa and ask them how they are doing. They will be so glad for the company. Old folks need that.

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Golden Woofs! SUGAR said...

Woof! Woof! Hope you had a GREAT Sweet Sunday. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

Spiffy said...

Wow, you do write such long posts la. I'm losing out to you ... LOL!

Spiffy said...

Wow, you do write such long posts la. I'm losing out to you ... LOL!

Spiffy said...

I know that 'sigh' thing very well. Pebbles does that us whenever she doesn't get what she wants ... LOL!

Unknown said...

Hello dear Sugar :) We did have a GREAT Sunday... hope you have had a great one too.

Unknown said...

Urmmm.. it was a Sunday.. and we have a lot to report to my sisters.. so i tot i'll just let it flowwwwwwwwwwww.. *LOL*

Unknown said...

eh.. dejavu

Spiffy said...

You know, there was a time in my youth when I took one hour just to do my hair ... LOL!

Unknown said...

and i thought only humans sighhhhhh.. hahahhahahaa.. but this lil fella sighs just as much *LOL*

Unknown said...

Aiyaaaaaaaaaaa.. you and Boy... both vain creatures la...

Unknown said...

clicking the Nablopomo, i was like... What!!! AYoyoyo..

congrats anny.

Rizal ni kategori blogger tegar - err tegar tang malas mengemaskini kandungan blog. Kuang kuang kuang.

Anyway, congrats for being first three commentators on my last post. Chantek sudah Incik RestNrilekS hias itu entri dengan header Anny. hehehe

Unknown said...

hahahhaha.. memang challenging to post everyday.. but what the heck.. kalu tak cuba.. tak tau :)

tq for posting my header kat blog u... bertuah akuuuuuuuuu dapat top ketiga :D bestnyooooooooo