Swan Lake. I am not a ballerina but i always like ballet and the arts. I've never watched Swan Lake in real time but i love to see ballerinas especially the small kids in little tutus doing the twirls and the half-turns. Its amazing and so very graceful.

Sometimes ballerinas do look like real swans to me. If i ever have a little girl, i'll probably drag her to ballet lessons... and piano lessons.. and dance. A good balance of music and dance is very good for a kid.

I caught some swans at the park yesterday. When i watched them, i felt like i was in a ballet show... and Swan Lake was playing. I have not gone tootles yet.. hahaha.. but i do have a very weird imagination.

Come welcome the swans ;)

does this pose look like a real ballerina doing the ending pose?

(but people should stop throwing plastic bags in the lakes... its very bad for the swans and ducks... they get tangled and they get injured too)

these swans look so clean and white... kinda like someone cleaned them up... so white.. like whitewashed... so white... even the white in my paintbox don't look so white... so white man.. hehehe

the rest of the party of the Swan Lake production :) cool ya?

4 woofs:

Cindy's Crafty Bites said...

so pretty and and so white! Oh, Anny it's must be so happy to see them floating on the lake right infront of your eyes...


Ken said...

oh my...those swan looks beautiful.

Unknown said...

yea.. so white man! haha... it was a very peaceful day at the park. Its a beautiful park but freezing till my ears hurt.. hehe.. thanks for dropping by Ken & Cindy

yoon see said...

So beautiful and like fairies dancing gracefully for joy and happiness.
Swans you are the God sent "Guadian Angel" for us!!!
Great photography skill anny!!!