Angels Among Us ~ Alabama

Today my papa came back from Novena and told me that Father Rudy ask them to look for the above song on Youtube... because its a great song. It is a very meaningful song.

Sometimes when we go visit my mom at the church, there's this man who will always ask for a dollar or two. Sometimes people will give it to him... sometimes not. Sometimes people run quickly because he smells of liquor. I believe if we are not going to give, we should not judge him. I guess he was just looking out for angels among us too.

Today i drag my papa all over town at 1pm in the afternoon to test out his camera. We went from old town to new town to church and everywhere. We came back a few shades darker.. hahhahahaha.. but i guess he was happy.

At least now he knows how to use his camera. I was nagging.. err.. i mean.. not nagging.. err.. just talking.. hhahahaa.. telling my papa.. if you are not going to try to use the camera, it will gather moss. hahhahaha.. I mean.. if you are not going to test the camera, when you want to take pictures.. u won't know how to use it. And yada yada yada.. hahhahahaa.

But next time we go in the mornings for our photography outings. We were sweating a storm and it was a very very warm day today.

In life, when we lose our way or direction, we are sent angels in many forms. Sometimes it could be the doggy down at your feet who wags their tail at your every move. Sometimes it could be just a total stranger who gives a kind word. And sometimes its just friends you've never met but they appear all the time in your virtual world. With words of encouragement and smiles.

Today, Marzie posted a sad story about Mufasa (LJ's cat) who passed away. To some people, they would just say, its just a cat. Or.. its just a dog. But to people like us who love animals, they are our life.. and a good part of our life. Our pets are our angels when we are weary.

May you rest in peace Mufasa.

2 woofs:

diyadeary said...

anny, it so true..
kdg2, hilang barang pon bole buat u sedih, ni kan pulak cat... cat is so adorable..

yeah, something we can meet angels just to judge us.. :)

bdw, anny, u have a great sunday ya.. abes pusing 1 bandar both old n new.. hehe

myb u can share us the pics.. ;)

Unknown said...

losing a pet is extremely painful.. i wud understand what LJ is going thru now.

hahaha.. next round i pusing pusing kat ipoh.. mebbe i drag u with me... we'll just go in the mornings.. hahaha.. dun think i can go anymore darker...

i'm posting the pics on the boomoohoo site ;) u take care girly.. study study.. jgn tak study :)