While on my quest for the Ayama, I found something green along the way.. hehehe

Hello peeps, just a short break from my cave dwelling :) I kinda miss all of you suddenly... err.. all the time too. The wifi in the cave only allows me to twit and twit on my faithful berry. My constant never-ending rants of life. Where else can i offload my rants but here on Piper's Kingdom.

Some of you would have seen this jolly green guy before... that is if you are or have been to Blue Earth, Minnesota.

And why do i love this green sexy guy in a leafy tunic? Ain't the boots super cool? hehehehe I wish they have these boots in my size too.

I love this green guy because i love corn. And one of the best corn in a can that i love is from him.

The issue of the green giant came along because my baby sister just called and ask me some stuffs about salads.. and i told her to pop a can of corn in it too. It kinda gives a sweet taste to the salads and what is salad without corn :D I told her.. but it must be ONLY Green Giant Corn. Then she said.. but i am in Tesco.. not Giant (Giant is another supermarket in Malaysia). Then i laughed and laughed... i told her deyyyyyyyyyy... Green Giant Corn laa.. the can has a Green Giant on it.. *lol*

And so... here i am... posting about the Green Giant which i love. Once upon a time, this can of corn did return some sanity to a very homesick friend ;)

Now i gotta run, crawl, scoot back to my cave. Dommy is waiting. We are gonna go hunt for some spiders for Stormy. The niblets are supa supa supa doopa nicerrrrrrrrrrrrrr :D

The Jolly Green Giant is a symbol of the Green Giant food company of the United States, appearing as a smiling green-skinned giant wearing a tunic, wreath and boots made of leaves. In 1973, JGG teamed up with "Little Green Sprout", the diminutive young green giant. Created by Leo Burnett, the Giant first appeared in advertisements in 1928; the name originally came from a variety of unusually large pea called the "Green Giant" that the company canned and sold. (more on Wikipedia)

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baincardin said...


baincardin said...

waah...kamu rindu sama kami semua sini ya? keep blogging ok. :)

baincardin said...

siapa tu yg berdiri sebelah kaki green giant tu? ^_^

Unknown said...

yay balik! hahaha

Unknown said...

Ado jugo rindu semua orang.. but i was happy too just tido mati.. hahahahahaha.. :)

Unknown said...

err.. tak tau itu sapa.. i curi the gambar from wiki.. hahhahahahaa.. i am not in Blue Earth.. i am just in my cave :D