Somedays i have vivo per lei in my ears. Somedays i don't hear the song even when its playing. Sometimes while enjoying it, i sing along. And on some wilder days i keep it played in a loop.

One of those weird times of the year when i just stare at the screen and wonder what am i doing... hahaha.. Virtually always available. But my heart is somewhere else.

One of my aunts... i think she has asked me this few times over the span of few years. I never did give her an answer. Cos it was a stupid question to begin with. And if i did answer her, i would disrespect her which i am not allowed to do.

She asked with a serious face, do you think artists are with one screw loose? Stupid question eh? Do i look like i have one screw loose to you? I wanted to answer.. not one screw loose. I have many screws loose. Dang! haha.. Maybe next time... i'll give her a brilliant answer if she asked me again.

Maybe all my screws are starting to fall off.

A trying week.. trying to forget and trying to remember all at the same time. Same thing with my sisters in their own corner of the world.

The only thing that is keeping my screws still on and screwed is... probably my dog. Dommy is with me 24/7. I hug him when i am sad.. and he seems to understand. Sometimes he licks my nose to comfort me. He accompanies me when i run short errands at night. Like a little curly bodyguard. Sitting straight up and growling at suspicious characters. hahahahaha.. It is a sight. Sometimes he growls at motorbikes that look suspicious parked beside me at traffic lights.

Ever willing to go out with me. Even when he's dead tired. He will still jump 2 feet high when he sees me grabbing my bag.

I guess thats unconditional love. The unconditional love that most would search for but few have known that it can only be found from a furry friend.

I don't really know what i am babbling and writing about tonite. hahahahaa.. Please forgive my nonsensical moments. Goodnite folks :)

Goodnite Emi.. thanks for the entertainment and coffee+popcorn at I always have fun there. Even at shoutmix boxes.. hahaha.. Sometimes virtually available buddies are not bad too :)

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