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Sis called yesterday and talked to Papa. While they were talking, Hann decided to join into the conversation and gave a bigger holler.. hahhahahahaaa.. Soon they have to cut short their conversation because my father cannot hear my sis well with Hann joining in the conversation too.

Papa said he sounded like a trumpet. *LOL* He cries very loudly for a little one. hehehehe.. Remember this Hann, grandpa said you sounded like a big trumpet yesterday. We will buy you a trumpet when you come back. So you will give mummy and daddy a big big earful. *LOL* Maybe a trumpet after your terrible twos.

4 woofs:

baincardin said...

so cute la this clipz :)

Unknown said...

Yele Bain.. baby photography from Anne Geddes ponya :) mesti cun

Anonymous said...

thanks for the lovely song...mummy played it for me and i loved it.
love u loads...Hann xxx

Unknown said...

And a trumpet you shall have on your 3rd birthday :)