I had my yearly distemper shot yesterday. Urmmm... it was not painful like last year when Anny took me to a different vet near our home. I like Dr Teo cos he is a very gentle man.

Here i was happily jumping into grandpa's car... then they ask me to come down and go into Anny's car. I was grinning and grinning non-stop as i thought that i was going for car rides or maybe to visit grandma at the church.

Little did i know that i was going to Dr Teo for my yearly jab :o

When we got nearer to Dr Teo's clinic... i kinda sense something was not quite right. I sit up straight and start to shiver. I hate vet visits even though Dr Teo is nice.

Dr Teo checked my nails and clipped them nicely for me. And he checked my ears and my whole body too. He says that i still have some itch. Must be from my rollovers on the grass in the garden in the afternoons when Anny is collecting the clothes. I better cutback on my rollovers as the grass sometimes gives me an itch.

He also said to Anny to not give me Beef... as beef will give doggies like me with "not so good skin conditions" a bad itch. He somehow said that chicken was alright. But the petshops said that chicken is no good. They are all very contradicting. Confusing Anny all the time. Maybe she'll turn me into a vegetarian soon and just give me tofu. Dang! I love my meat.

Thank god i didn't have to get a crew cut again. Just when i am going to be pretty handsome all over again. I know the doggie next door is having her eyes set on me ;)

Happily i went home with Anny after a 10mins stopover at Dr. Teo. I was grinning all the way home. Don't forget your distemper jabs. They are very important.

Now i am having a pretty good temper :) Woof! I'm gonna take a nap now. Need more than 40 winks after the jab.


a. An infectious viral disease occurring in dogs, characterized by loss of appetite, a catarrhal discharge from the eyes and nose, vomiting, fever, lethargy, partial paralysis caused by destruction of myelinated nerve tissue, and sometimes death. Also called canine distemper.

b. A similar viral disease of cats characterized by fever, vomiting, diarrhea leading to dehydration, and sometimes death. Also called feline distemper, panleukopenia.

c. Any of various similar mammalian diseases.
(courtesy from
The Free Dictionary)

6 woofs:

baincardin said...


Hi Anny!!! Bain dah balik ni! yay!

eeee...comel la ur Dommy :) sian dia kene penyakit tu. kasi mkn ubat elok2.

Unknown said...

Ha! Si Bain dah balik jugo! Hope u did well in your exams... :)

err.. si Dommy tak de kene Distemper le.. but its just a yearly percaution jab... so that he will be safe from distemper.. hehe... better to be safe than sorry kan

baincardin said...

yup, betul tu Anny. :)

I'm back finally! am still shivering with HDR la. heee....;)

Unknown said...

Shivering jugo? hehe.. kelakor jugo si Bain ni.. jangan bagi demam tu melarat.. haha.. kasi breather sikit.. :) so i can catch up..

Mariuca said...

Aiyooooo so cute la this picture Anny! So fluffy! :):):)

Unknown said...

hahahaa.. tks Marzie.. like you Fluffy eh?

tks for dropping by :)