I need some sunnies Anny. Today is Xtremely Xtra HOT... i think i am melting kilos by the minute. I am sweating under my thick curly furry self. In the heat of the evening sun, she still takes so many pictures of me. She was testing grandpa's camera. She says i look great in the sun and it gives a nice tinge to my champange colour. I think grandpa's camera is pretty cool too.

Anny decided to call me Curly today. She never calls me that before. Kinda got me confused suddenly. Boy told Johnny that i might have cataract. Cos i am always barking at the same people that comes to the house. But i am just being careful. I got to take care of my family and their safety. Its better to bark and let them be aware that someone is coming.

I think PP is coming back next week. Yehoo Yehooooooooooo... someone to bark with me and someone to run with me in the garden. And yes... more food for me. Somehow when the little guy is back... we have more varieties for dinner. I think Anny loves him more. Hmmmm.. and i am so loyal to her. Ahh.. nevermind. She has enough love to go around. I am sure she loves me just as much.

By the way.. what is cataract? Is it some carrots in a rack?

The aircon is finally on... i better go catch my 40winks. Goodnite ma furry friends :)


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baincardin said...

ya laa Anny...it's really hot here in Ampang too. am kinda mandi hujan after finishin my futsal! :)

baincardin said...

cantik laa gambar ni. :)

The Golden Sincerity showered by The Golden Zephyr in the sky. ;)

Unknown said...

hahahahaa.. kalu main futsal.. bole mandi hujan kan seronok :) or mandi peluh pon sama jugo..

Unknown said...

The Golden Sincerity showered by The Golden Zephyr in the sky...

thanks for the lovely words.

Nessa said...

Hi Anny! Glad to have you back :D

Yeah, it's hot alright. Been prayin for rain these past few days... the rain god isn't listening tho :*(

BTW, you've been tagged. It's fun, trust me :D

Socks, Elephant, Feet and Lemon

Nessa said...

'The Golden Sincerity showered by The Golden Zephyr in the sky... '

Wahhhh, lovely words... nice!

Unknown said...

Hi Nessa *wavesssssssssss back* hehhehehee..

I wasn't away far.. just away from the blog.. ;)

hmm.. spiffy and i were kinda praying for snow.. rain won't help.. hahaha.. its just too warm.. i go check out ur tag in a wee while :) thanks dear!

Unknown said...

yea.. Bain do have some lovely words.. and poems too.. check out the poems on his side.. they are lovely :)

Spiff, The Spaceman said...

Aiyo Anny, the weather ah, so bloody hot la. I think if this heatwave goes on a few more days, I will melt away to nothingness la ... LOL!

Unknown said...

hehehehe.. hey Spiffy.. if ur gonna melt to nothingness.. u think i cud have ur spaceship then?