Angels. I love angels even though i have never seen a real angel with white robe and flappy wings. But... i have angels.. every little step i take and every where i go. I am a lucky one :)

My angels come in many forms.

Mummy... my mummy has always been my angel... watching over our every little step when we were little. Picking us up when we fall... (and i do fall a lot) and taking care of us when we were sick. She's a different angel now..She guides my hands when i cook. She pops ideas in my head... on what to do. She sends me music in our aviary of a garden. Sometimes she sends a whole orchestra :) She looks out for me when i drive alone on long distance... keeping me awake and saving me each time i slip.

My sisters.. though we are all over the place... they never forget to call once in a while to catch up and see how we are coping back home. Everyone is busy with the lives and trying to make good of it. Sometimes we dwindle apart a bit.. but blood will always be thicker than water. They always come back to Piper's Kingdom if they cannot get me... hahhahahaa.. my sisters reads my blog... to know what our papa is up to.

The children in my life... all of them... keeps me in check and make me do silly things with them... so that i will always be a child inside and skip two steps ahead. Children makes you realise that life is not always tough.

My friends and colleagues who always stand by me in whatever i do. No matter how long i have been away... i can still jump back into the crowd with them and still not a miss a beat. Thats what real friends are.

My virtual world... i only started blogging last year.. and met some wonderful people like Emila, Nessa, Marzie, Diya, Ken, Cindy, Bain, Maria, TH to name a few... oh ya.. Spiffy.. hhahahha.. dear Spiffy that cracks me up with his posts... humour never lost with that dear ole man with the zit. Oh ya.. Aki too... my latest addition to my virtual world. These friends are like angels too. Sometimes we are just there for each other... somehow we connect. Even though we don't see each other. Like silent angels, they have somehow made my lonely nights here.. working away.. more enjoyable.

Stormy... in her/his faraway place... she/he has always been my ears for all my rants about life. (i still rant sometimes.. hehe)

My lil poo and pee... PP and Dommy.. what life would be like without them in my life.

My extended family who sends food and more food all the time to my house.

And my Papa... for all the craziness in his rocket driving... he has never falter to love and care for us. Aging slowly and surely, slowing down in some parts of him too. He mentions that everyday is a bonus to him.

So many many angels i have in my life. How not to be the luckiest person alive rite? So do you believe in angels now? Look around you. Angels are everywhere. Even the strangers that gives you a smile sometimes.

I have always been blessed with love everywhere i go.

4 woofs:

Nessa said...

Angels are everywhere... and so are the devils. But be wary of devils in the guise of angels!! Ni nasehat dari Aunty Nessa :)

Unknown said...

There'll always be a balance of both.. hehehe.. i guess i'll try to look for the better in the worse :)

Aunty Nessa? hehhehee... Sista laaa..

yoon see said...

Yeah, angels are here and there Anny...just almost every where...but sometimes those angels will turn into devil get what I mean.
Like you say, there is a smart you look into the better in the worse!!!

Unknown said...

Always try to look for the better in a person... not at the worst. In a way... everyone is built GOOD till circumstances made them BAD.
Maybe i will hit more walls... and meet more devils in disguise.. but what the heck.. i can always ask Spiff to lend me his ray gun and zap them all devils away.. *LOL*